Dream House

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Newton Compton Editori, 29 հնվ, 2015 թ. - 288 էջ
The Youtube star CutiePieMarzia wants to scare to death the whole world! Amethyst knows that something is different as soon as she sees it: the house of her dreams is right in front of her, yet she can’t bring herself to move a single muscle - until the Blooms kindly invite her inside. That sweet, elderly couple is so welcoming, just like their home, but after Amethyst has spent her first night there, everything suddenly changes. She finds herself alone, but her path is continuously crossed by strange people: Alfred, the gardener; Avery, the neighbour, and even that sinister woman who comes over at night... Would they happen to know where The Blooms are? Soon enough, what began like a dream turns into a nightmare for Amethyst, who tries to uncover the mystery hidden between the walls of this gorgeous house in White Hills. CutiePieMarzia's first horror novel 4 millions fans over the world are waiting to read it.Marzia Bisognin was born in 1992 in Veneto, Italy. Has soon as she turned 18 and obtained her school-leaving certificate in tourism from her high school in Vicenza, Marzia packed her loyal red suitcase and set off to travel the world: her only source of income was CutiePieMarzia, the Youtube channel she opened in 2012. CutiePieMarzia is devoted exclusively to Marzia’s passions, and it allowed her to choose an alternative path for herself - one which soon enough turned into an ongoing source of new opportunities and discoveries and which drives Marzia to keep experimenting in new fields like fashion, beauty and literature.

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