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THE OLD MAN'S COMFORTS, And by him sported on the green His little grandchild Wilhelmine.


You are old, Father William, the young

man cried,

The few locks that are left you are

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Repine not, O my son!

In wisdom and in mercy Heaven inflicts, Like a wise leech, its painful remedies.


THEN did the damsel speak again,
"Wilt thou go on with me?
The moon is bright, the sea is calm,
And I know well the ocean paths;
Wilt thou go on with me?—
Deliverer! yes! thou dost not fear!
Thou wilt go on with me!"
"Sail on, sail on!" quoth Thalaba,
"Sail on, in Allah's name!"

The moon is bright, the sea is calm,
The little boat rides rapidly

Across the ocean waves;
The line of moonlight on the deep
Still follows as they voyage on;
The winds are motionless;
The gentle waters gently part
In murmurs round the prow.

He looks above, he looks around,
The boundless heaven, the boundless sea.
The crescent moon, the little boat,
Nought else above, below.

The moon is sunk, a dusky grey
Spreads o'er the eastern sky,
The stars grow pale and paler ;-
Oh beautiful! the godlike sun

Is rising o'er the sea!
Without an oar, without a sail,
The little boat rides rapidly ;-
Is that a cloud that skirts the sea?
There is no cloud in heaven!
And nearer now, and darker now-
It is it is the land!
For yonder are the rocks that rise
Dark in the reddening morn,
For loud around their hollow base
The surges rage and roar.

The little boat rides rapidly,
And now with shorter toss it heaves
Upon the heavier swell;

And now so near, they see

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