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sule Planco, that is to say in days when icism too often meant savage hostility, and it held but milksop censure that contented itself showing that an author had written a bad k, or a politician had made a bad speech, and not infer that this author or politician was a l father, son, husband, friend, trustee, and Chris-in these days a certain journalist had the misune to write a paragraph which excited the wrath a certain officer. I do not recollect whether article was excusable or not. In our time such ing would be unpardonable, because, as we all ow, (and as they particularly know at Chelsea,) officer ever makes a blunder of any kind. But is just possible that the censor in question may ve pointed out a real error on the part of the Idier. Be this as it may, the latter waxed furious, d proceeded to the office of the journal, with e view of refuting argument by whipcord. The iter, however, had received a hint that this gical process was to be performed at the expense his personal comfort, and had provided for the ception of his enemy. The military gentleman rode into the office, demanded to see the Editor,


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