Together with the Arguments and Report of the Committee: Recommending a Loan by the Government in Aid of the Construction of Said Work, June 3, 1872

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Էջ 869 - We learn that the scheme has been very carefully examined by scientific men, and that they unhesitatingly pronounce in its favor on all points — practicability, profit, and great public utility. Mr. Sutro, we presume, is furnished with the necessary documents to make this apparent; and our object in this letter is simply to gain for him, through your kindness, such an introduction as will enable him to present his enterprise to the public fairly and upon its merits. "Commending Mr. Sutro to your...
Էջ 956 - ... company to redeem said bonds, or any part of them, when required so to do by the Secretary of the Treasury...
Էջ 26 - July 25, 18u(J, with special reference to the importance, feasibility, cost, and time required to construct the same; the value of the bullion extracted from the mines on the Comstock lode ; their present and probable future production; also, the geological and practical value of said tunnel as an exploring work, and its general bearing upon our mining and other national interests in ascertaining the practicability of deep mining.
Էջ 939 - Blenkinsop's steam-engine. Such would have been a legitimate motive for overstepping the income of a nation, and the completion of so great and useful a work would have afforded rational ground for public triumph in general jubilee.
Էջ 827 - And the lodes herein excepted, other than the Comstock Lode, shall be withheld from sale by the United States ; and if such lodes shall be abandoned or not worked, possessed, and held in conformity to existing mining rules, or such regulations as have been or may be prescribed by the Legislature of Nevada, they shall become subject to such right of purchase by the grantee herein, his heirs or assigns.
Էջ 875 - States, in hand paid to the said party of the first part, by the said party of...
Էջ 60 - ... than ever. Fellow-citizens, I have come among you to propose to the working people of Nevada to join in together in order to start work on the tunnel itself, and thereby give me that solid indorsement at home, from those who live on the very spot, from the men who work in these very mines, and who are supposed to know most about it, which I have lately sought in vain from the mining companies and from the people which should be most deeply interested. Your solid indorsement will be valued highly...
Էջ 941 - The poisoned air from the locomotives would kill birds as they flew over them, and render the preservation of pheasants and foxes no longer possible. Householders adjoining the projected line were told that their houses would be burnt up by the fire thrown from the engine-chimneys ; while the air around would be polluted by clouds of smoke.
Էջ 62 - What show have you when the cards are stocked on you ? Have you ever seen a cat play with a mouse ? It lets it run a little piece and then catches it again, and repeats the experiment a number of times, to its great delight and amusement; but did you ever know it to fail that the cat ate up the mouse in the long run ? A few of you make a good strike once in a while by sheer accident; that keeps up the excitement, and so you keep all...
Էջ 826 - Lode," so called, in the State of Nevada, the right of way is hereby granted to A. Sutro, his heirs and assigns, to run, construct, and excavate a mining, draining, and exploring tunnel ; also to sink mining, working, or air shafts along the line or course of said tunnel, and connecting with the same at any point which may hereafter be selected by the grantee herein, his heirs or assigns.

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