Christology in Context: The Christian Story, A Pastoral Systematics

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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 05 հլս, 2006 թ. - 265 էջ
Christology In Context, the newest volume in Gabriel Fackre's long-standing Christian Story, relates the classical teaching about Christ to present-day issues that preachers, teachers, and believers face -- religious pluralism, evangelism, the place of angels, the problem of evil, and more. Drawing together reflections on Christology from throughout his life, Fackre moves from specific responses to church ministry and parishioners' questions, through evangelical and ecumenical perspectives, to concluding chapters on Christ's life, death, and resurrection. His Christology in Context solidly locates the incarnation and the atonement within the overarching biblical narrative in a way that will assist those who tell the story of Christ, whether from pulpit, study, or sidewalk.

Praise for previous volumes of The Christian Story -- A Pastoral Systematics

"The Christian Story should be a welcome relief to those who are weary of rationalistic theology. . . . The people who will welcome it are intuitive thinkers who up to now have not had a theology written for them."
-- Robert Webber "Gabriel Fackre is a good theologian and an excellent storyteller at the same time. His narrative interpretation of basic Christian doctrine is a fascinating adventure in Christian doctrine and Christian life."
-- Jürgen Moltmann "A penetrating and illuminating study . . . by a respected ecumenical theologian. While pioneering and innovative, this work nevertheless stands in unmistakable continuity with the basic insights of the Reformation and the apostolic tradition."
-- Donald Bloesch

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The Story of Christ in Our Pluralist World
Christ in Chiaroscuro
Christology Church and Ministry
Jesus Christ and Parishioner Questions
Donald Bloesch
The Galilean Christ
The Crucified Christ
The Risen Christ
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Gabriel Fackre is Abbot Professor Emeritus of ChristianTheology at Andover Newton Theological School. His numerousbooks include Christology in Context and TheChurch: Signs of the Spirit and Signs of the Times.Visit his website at

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