Symbols: A Universal Language

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Michael O'Mara Books, Limited, 18 մյս, 2017 թ. - 224 էջ
From logos to flags to punctuation marks, symbols are all around us. But we're so used to seeing them that we never question why, for instance, the heart symbol is anatomically incorrect or why the Bluetooth symbol is named after a 10th-century Danish king in need of dental work. Symbols shows just how much importance has been attached to the smallest and simplest of ideas, and features over 40 of the most significant symbols from religion, politics and popular culture down the centuries. Did you know that 15% of all tweets on twitter contain the hash tag symbol? That's over 41 million uses of # each day. Or that the "smiley face" originated in Massachusetts in the 1960s? This fascinating book highlights the roles symbols have played throughout history and how they have shaped our understanding of the world.

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Հաճախորդի կարծիքը  - nova_mjohnson - LibraryThing

A decent, quick little book. Had some interesting history behind various symbols and signs, but wish it could have been a little bit more in depth. A good starter book on ideas and symbols. Read full review

LibraryThing Review

Հաճախորդի կարծիքը  - martensgirl - LibraryThing

Piercy picks several symbols and goes through the history of each one. It was a fascinating read and my only grumble is that there weren't more symbols studied. Read full review

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Joseph Piercy is a freelance writer who holds a Master of Philosophy degree in English Studies and is a regular contributor to various magazines and journals. He lives in Brighton with his wife and daughter.

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