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Cory, in New York World.


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shores no less than the Americans turn the part of the great New York companto the cartoon; and if it be something ies. Sometimes a man who is the masterstriking, it is carefully studied until its representative of some evil aspector meaning is comprehended even by the tendency of life is presented in a drawing slow-thinking artisan whose early oppor- so typical that ever after the evil genius tunities for education have been meager. who is responsible for so much misery is To the more intelligent the cartoon, if it associated in the public mind with his be the work of a bright and strong mind, wrong-doing, much as in olden times means much, for here in a few strokes of criminals who were branded ever bore the pen a whole situation is summed up the sign of their infamy. Sometimes and presented. Sometimes it is the un- the indifferent and slothful public that masking of a colossal wrong or a glaring idly permits itself to be victimized by the and infamous scandal, such as the recent bold, cunning and daring criminals in revelations of insurance corruption on broadcloth who pose as the pillars of

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Cory of the New York World.


Mr. Cory's success affords
another illustration of what
pluck and perseverance can

achieve in this land, when THE POLICY-HOLDER

there is present a fixed de-

termination to succeed along
some special line, accompanied
by industry and application.
It is amazing, when one looks
the field over, to find how
many successful men in Amer-
ica have risen to the foremost
ranks or have achieved a large
measure of success without a
college education or the special

training supposed to be essen-

tial to success on special lines. Cory, in New York World.

This is said, not for the pur-

pose of disparaging collegiate

education or specialization in society, is pictured as the pitiful incom- work, when such advantages are within petent that it has actually demonstrated the reach of the aspiring youth, but rather itself to be. But it matters not what as a fact that cannot fail to impress any perimportant lesson is emphasized by the son who makes a wide study of the long list talented cartoonist; he impresses the important truth on the mind with great distinctness, and in an age when men do not read slowly and carefully and in a land where there is all the time a vast influx of persons who can understand pictures better than they can comprehend labored arguments, the cartoonist becomes a powerful aid to the editor as an opinionforming influence and an important factor in the furtherance of moral integrity in business and political life, as well as a true educator of the people on questions that are of vital moment to them.

One of these popular educators whose work is appeal

Cory, in New York World. ing to hundreds of thousands of our people is J. Campbell


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of successful lives in the annals of our nation. And



ASSURANCE ASN this fact is further dwelt upon because we wish to

\J.H. (CALEQ) HYDE , stimulate and encourage those who have the strength of will, courage, determination and the application necessary to success, but whose circumstances render impossible extended special training or collegiate education. Mr. Cory is one of thousands, aye, and tens of thousands, of men who have risen to success without the advantages of special training or academic education, by improving the talents given them through pluck, persistence and patient industry.

He was born at Waukegan, Illinois, in 1867.

Cory, in New York World, When twenty years of age he began to earn his living

NOTHING LEFT BUT THE HYDE. by making pictures, al

though he never received any artistic education. For many years the drawing of horses was his specialty, his

success being so marked that his work brought him in a good income, not, however, as much as that being earned by successful cartoonists, so he at length turned his attention to caricature. During the Spanish-American war he launched a weekly periodical of his own, with the usual result: kindly reception and criticism, but financial failure. After eleven weeks of precarious livelihood the weekly expired

and Mr. Cory became reguCropper

larly associated with the

New York World. There Cory, in New York World.

his best cartoons have ap“ HIGH LIFE INSURANCE."

peared and there he has

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convictions among those who mould
opinions and shape the course of govern-
ment and civilization. No nation can
rise, aye, or can escape a steady moral
decline, where a careless opportunism
dominates in state, in church, in the col-
lege and the press, taking the place of an
aggressive moral rectitude or character;
for the great moulding influences that
operate through them environ the indi-
vidual and exert a regal or determining
sway over the nation or civilization,
writing the fateful words “glory” or
“decay” across the pathway of the future.
This does not mean that individual
growth or unfoldment does not come
from within, but it does mean that when

sordid, egoistic and selfish interests domi-

nate in society, they act as prison-bars
for the spiritual ego and as a canopy
shutting the soul from the freedom, light
and warmth that are as essential to the
evolution of the divine or perfected char-

acter as are the light and warmth of the A CARICATURE OF CORY BY DAN. SMITH.

physical sun and the pure air of heaven worked steadily, excepting during a per- necessary to the unfoldment of the divine iod of four years, when, under the infec- potentialities in the seed—the fruition of tion of the Western mining-fever, he gath- flower and fruit that are empearled in the ered his savings together and with pick and life-germ, but whose perfect expression shovel went to Montana, where, to use his is dependent upon freedom and normal own words, he“ achieved some small suc- environment. cess and some greater failures.” That the A great work confronts the really great "treasure state” of the northwest still and true men and women of to-day-the holds him in thrall, however, may be in- work of so awakening the latent moral ferred from this recent remark: "I like or spiritual energies of the people that the the (mining) business, and having paid spell of the golden god shall be broken the price for my education in that line, and a democratic renaissance shall come, it is my intention some day to resume instinct with the same irresistible moral operations with pick and shovel.” enthusiasm that more than a century ago

In speaking of his aims and convictions broke the age-long scepter of arbitrary Mr. Cory says: “While I have no polit- privilege and dogmatic authority, desical affiliations, I always strive to favor troying the prison-walls of ignorance, the best man and the most worthy cause.” superstition and unreasoning adherence

One of the most unfortunate aspects to hoary error that had stifled growth, of newspaper life, and indeed of life in bound freedom, dwarfed the popular general, since the ominous shadow of the mind and enslaved the people for the encommercial autocracy has fallen over richment and the

richment and the power of the privileged government, college, church and press, few. is the absence of strong, clearly-defined

B. O. FLOWER. and bravely-adhered-to moral ideals and Boston, Mass.

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