Spain: Paradox of Values/Contrasts of Confusion: A Foreigner's Personal Perspective

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iUniverse, 1 окт. 2003 г. - Всего страниц: 296
Like a modern day Alexis de Tocqueville, Frank A. Arencibia reaches into the most profound facets of Spanish culture and reveals little known truths behind the myth of Spain. His insightful book shows Spain and its people in a new light; boldly and honestly unmasking the realities of its society.

You will learn why the Spanish electric company refuses to discontinue service upon request and why customer service in Spain does not exist. You will understand the roots of Spanish behavior and why Spain has become the most anti-American nation of Western Europe.

Unlike tourists books, Arencibia's work shows what it is like to live in Spain and how it may be difficult for foreigners to adjust to Spanish ways.

If you think Spain is about happy, carefree, gentle people who dance Flamenco and drink Sangria--think again. "Spain: Paradox of Values/ Contrasts of Confusion" will awaken you to the real Espana.

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