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Egri Somnia, notice of, 215.
Adams, John Quincy, Biographical Sketch
of, (by Rev. Charles W. Upham,) with an
engraving on steel, 543.
American Letters: Their Character and
Advancement (by E. W. Johnson), 575.
Autumn Flowers and other Poems, by
Mrs. Southey, notice of, 437.


Barrett, Miss, review of, (E. A. Duykinck,) 33-Drama of Exile, 41-Vision of Poets, 46-The Dead Pan, 47.

Birds and Audubon, (Charles Winterfield,) 371-first interview with Audubon, 376-Bird of Washington, 380-Corvus Americanus, 381.

Books which are Books, (Wiley & Putnam's Series,) 521-" Eothen," "Undine," "Sintram," Leigh Hunt's " Imagination and Fancy," "Amber Witch," "Lady Willoughby," Hazlitt's "Table Talk," "The Indicator." Boy Lover, the, a Tale, (Walter Whitman,) 479.


Canzonet, (Erleden,) 82. Castes and Occupations of India, (James D. Whelpley,) 394-Institution of the Castes of India, ib.-Imperfect Civilization of the Ancient Hindoos, 395-Physical Characteristics of the Hindoos, ib.Subdivision of the Four Castes, ib.Knowledge of Rank and Pedigree, a Profession, ib.-The Brahmin, 396-The Vedas and Institutes of Menu, ib.-The Soudras, ib.-Castes of the Soudras, 397-The Cities of the Ganges, 398Forfeiture of Caste, 399-The Chastrias, 400-The Brahmins, ib.-Ceremonies and Festivals, 401-Marriage, ib.-The Kooleenas, ib.-Household Economy, 402-Funeral Ceremonies, 403-Superstitions: Manners of the People, ib.Women, 404.

Caw-cus, a Poem, (by J. H. Collier,) 648. Charleston, Book of, 109.

Chaunt of Life and other Poems, 216.

Child's, Mrs., Letters of, notes upon, re-
view, (Donald G. Mitchell,) 60.
City in the Sea, the, a Poem, (Edgar
A. Poe,) 393.

Clark, late Willis Gaylord, Remains of, 112.
Clay, Mr., The Texas Question, (Prof.
Tayler Lewis,) 75.

Commerce, Library of, (Hunt's,) 110. Commercial Intercourse with Eastern Asia,

(William Darby,) 424-Railroad to the Pacific, 432. Congress, Twenty-Eighth, review, (Horace Greely,) 221-Auspices of its commencement, ib -Position of the two Parties, 222-Opening of the Session, ib.-Outrage of the admission of the Non-Districted Members, 223-States that joined in this violence, 224-Attack upon the Tariff, 226-Twenty-First Rule, Re-enactment of, 227-Repeal of the same, ib.-Postage Reform, 228-Indemnity for French Spoliations, ib.-Annexation of Texas, 229. Critical Notices. Charleston Book, 109Hunt's Library of Commerce, 110-Life and Eloquence of Rev. Sylvester Larned, 111-Commerce of the Prairies, ib.Elements of Logic, ib.-Literary Remains of the late Willis Gaylord Clarke, 112-Ellen Woodville, ib.-Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation, 215Ægri Somnia, ib.-Chaunt of Life, 216 -Letters from a Landscape Painter, 218 -Mental Cultivation and Excitement upon Health, 325-Rome as seen by a New Yorker, 326-Eothen, or Traces of Travel brought home from the East, 433-Autum Flowers and other Poems, 437-Life of Smith, 654-History of Germany, 655-Records of the Heart, ib.

D. Death of Windfoot, the, a Tale, (Walter Whitman,) 639. Doing Nothing with Much Ado, (Nosmetipsi,) 195.

Drama of Exile, Miss Barrett's, 41.

E. Egmont, Goethe's Character of, review, (D. P. Noyes,) 183.


Election, Result of the, 114-Tylerism; Parties necessary to the permanency of Liberty; difference between a Party and a Faction; late Election a struggle between a Party and a Faction, 115Rise and Progress of the Faction, its weapons of fraud, 116-Table showing Mr. Clay to have received a majority of the legal votes of the country, and his defeat by violent frauds, 118-Causes for congratulation, renewed hope, and energy, on the part of the Whigs, 120. Emerson, Mr., and Transcendentalism, 233-Definition of the term Transcendentalism, ib.-Mr. Alcott; Extracts from the Dial, 234-Materialism; Pantheism, ib.-Philosophy of Kant, ib.Soliloquy of the Nail-machine, 235Propagation of New Systems; Coteries, 237-The Essay on Experience, 238The Essay on History, 239-Illusion, ib.-Temperament, 240-Succession, ib. -Surface, ib.-Surprise, 241-Reality, ib.-Subject, or the One, 242-Conclusion, ib.

Eothen, or, Traces of Travel brought home
from the East, notice of, 433.
Epigram, 194.

Jack Long, or Lynch Law and Vengeance,
a tale of Texas Life, (Charles Winter-
field), 121.


Forget-me-Not, the, from the Danish, 59.
Fragment, a Poem, (Erleden,) 243.
Frelinghuysen, Mr., Biographical Sketch
of, 99.


I am Sir Oracle, (Nosmetipsi,) 405.
Inscription on a Ruined Temple, 616.
Introductory Address to Vol. I., 1.



Gesta Romanorum, review of, 651.
Goethe, Imitations from, Poetry, 289.


Hindoos, the, their Laws, Customs, &c., (J. D. Whelpley,) 290-Origin of the Hindoo Race, ib.-The Hindoo Chronicle, 294-Soudras, 396-Voishyas, 400Chastrias, ib.-Brahmins, ib.-Their Funeral Ceremonies, 403-Superstitions, ib. -Manners, ib.

History of Europe, Alison's, Review of, (J. T. Headley,) 151.

History of Germany, by Frederick Kohl-
rausch, notice of, 655.

Horace, Translation from, Ode III., Book I.,
(Hermeneutes,) 596.

How are we Living? 21.
How shall Life be Made the Most of, (Rev.
O. A. Peabody,) 413.

Hymn of Callimachus, "in Lavacrum Pal-
ladis," (Hermeneutes,) 596.
Hymn to the Virgin, from the German of
Novalis, 362.

Letter to Madeline, (William Wallace),
Landscape Painters, Letters from, notice


of, 218.

Larned, Rev. Sylvester, Life and Elo-
quence of, notice of, 111.
Last Chief Executive, the, 331-Harris-
burg Convention in 1839, 332-Mr. Ty-
ler at the Convention, ib.-Mr. Tyler
the supporter of Mr. Clay, 333-Mr.
Clay set aside, ib.-Mr. Tyler's grief, ib.
-Mr. Tyler's tears through the ensuing
night, ib.-General Harrison nominated,
ib.-John Tyler proposed, ib.-Mr. Ty-
ler's accession on the death of General
Harrison, 334-Mr. Tyler's Whig Ad-
dress to the People, ib.-Mr. Tyler's
message indicating a change, ib.-Mr.
Tyler's abandonment of the Whig Party,
335-Mr. Tyler's veto of the Bank Bill,
ib.-statement of Senator Berrien,
(note), ib.-memorandum of Mr. Sar-
gent, (note), 334-Mr. Tyler's intrigues
for a reelection, ib.-pleasant contrast
of the opinions of the Democratic Re-
view respecting Mr. Tyler in 1842, with
those of that journal about the same gen-
tleman in 1845, (note), 337-Mr. Tyler's
corrupt patronage, 339-Mr. Tyler's
character, 340.

Laws of Menu, (James S. Whelpley), 510
Leila, George Sand's, review of, 624.
Lighthouse System, our, (H. J. Raymond),
314-System of Lighthouses in Great
Britain and France, 315-primary defect
in the organization of our own Light-
house Establishment, ib.-Construction
of lights along our coast, 314-visitation
and inspection of Lighthouses, 318-
scientific men needed in the establish-
ment, 219-Dr. Brewster's Lenses, 320
-Polyzonal lenses, ib.-French light at
Barfleur, 321-Lenticular system, 323.
Literature, Old Northern, (Hon. George P.
Marsh), 250.

Literary Prospects of 1845, (E. A. Duyckinck), 146.

Logic, Elements of, (Henry P. Tappan), notice of, 111.


Love and Friendship, Poetry, (James D.
Whelpley), 194.


Machiavel, Nicholas, Opinions of, concern. ing Popular Governments, (James D. Whelpley), 643.

Manufactures, American, Infancy of, 49

Position of Parties, 6-earliest Division of
Parties, 6-Federalists, and Anti-Feder-
alists, ib.-Republicans, ib.-obliteration
of Party distinctions under Monroe, 7-
Election of 1824, ib.-Letter of General
Jackson to Mr. Monroe, ib.-Intrigues of
Martin Van Buren and Silas Wright, ib.
-Political strife stirred up again, 9—
Title of Democrat exclusively assumed
by the Jackson Party, ib.-Sketch of
General Jackson, 10-his Administra-
tion, ib.-adoption of the motto "to the
victors belong the spoils," ib.-effects of
wholesale removals from office, ib.-
War upon the United States Bank, 12-
secret influence of Martin Van Buren, 13
-Policy of the Whig Party at that time,
14-Sketch of Mr. Van Buren, ib.-
Systems of Party Drilling, 15-Increase
of Local Banks, ib.-Speculations, ib.—
Commercial Ruin, ib.-Sub-Treasury,
17-Election of General Harrison, ib.-.
Democracy of the Day, 18.
Post-Office Reform, 199-grievances of the
old Post-Office system in England with
the abuses entailed, 200-Rowland Hill's
system, 202-actual expense of transpor-
tation, 204-nett amount of Revenue
from the new system in England, 205—
same system demanded for this country,
ib.-Postage to be charged by weight,
207-principles of pre-payment, 208-
abolition of Franking privilege, 209-
Postage on printed matter, ib.-on news-
paper, 210-Post-Office contracts, 212-
Local Post-Offices, ib.-(Note.)

Policy of Great Britain towards the Colo-
nies, ib.-early acts of Parliament repress-
ing manufactures in America, 50-same
policy continued to this day, 52-necess
sity of a counter-policy on our part, 53-
views of American Statesmen on this
subject, 54-of Jefferson, ib.-of Adam
Smith, ib.-of Judge Cooper, 55-of
John C. Calhoun, 56-of Daniel Web-
ster, 57-Grounds of Protective Theory,

Marshal Murat, (J. T. Headley), 600.
Mental Cultivation and Excitement upon
Health, by G. Amariah Brigham,
M. D., notice of, 325.

Miscellany, Foreign, 219, 327, 430.
Mocking Bird, the, an Indian Legend,
(Charles Winterfield,) 497.
Modern Criticism, George Sands, (J.
O'Connell,) 617.

Mystery of Iniquity, (D. F. Bacon,) 441,
-continued, 551.


Natural History of Creation, Vestiges of,
Critical Notice, 215-Review of, (Prof.
Taylor Lewis,) 525.


Old, a Poem, (Rev. Ralph Hoyt,) 477.
Ornithology, American, (Charles Winter-

field,) 262-European Progress of the
Science, 263-Linnæus, 254-Buffon,
265-Rise of the Science in America-
Wilson, contrasted in the Audubon, 248
-Audubon in Edinburgh, 271-Gould's
work, ib.-Gould and Audubon, 272.
Our Country, (by a Marylander,) 275.



Rangers, My First Day with the, a sketch
of Texas Frontier Life, (Charles Win-
Past and Present of the Indian Tribes, (Fay Raven, The, a Poem, (Edgar A. Poe,)
terfield.) 280.
Robinson,) 502.


Records of the Heart, by Mrs. Sarah Lewis,
notice of, 655.

Pan is Dead, Miss Barrett's, 47.
Patent Property, 137-Questions growing
up under the laws for its protection,139
case of Emerson, 140,
Petrarch, (Henry F. Tuckerman,) 468.
Poetry. How are We Living, 21-Hymn
of Callimachus, (in Lavacrum Palladis,)
36-Miss Barrett's Poems, 33-Drama of
Exile, 41-Vision of Poets, 46-The
Dead Pan, 47-The Forget-me-not, from
the Danish, 59-Who shall lead the Na-
tion, 81-Canzonet, 82-The Soliloquy,
105-The Raven, 143-Sonnet, 177
Love and Friendship, 194-Epigram, ib.
-Winter, 221-A Fragment, 243-Imi-
tations from Goethe, 289-Road Song of
Earth's Travelers, 362-Hymn to the
Virgin, ib.-Valley of Unrest, 392-The
City in the Sea, 393-Song of a Country
to a City Bird, 404-Letter to Madeline,
453-Old, a Poem, 477-Translation from
Horace, 596-The Vision of the Wings,
597-The Caw-cus, 648.

Reviews. Miss Barrett's Poems, 38-Notes
upon Mrs. Child's Letters, 60-School-
craft's Oneota, 90-Simm's Life of Ma-
rion, 101-Alison's History of Europe,
151-Goethe's character of Egmont, 183
-Emerson's Essays, 233-Thiers' Revo-
lution, 341-Thiers' Consulate and Em-
pire, 455-Vestiges of the Natural History
of Creation, 525-George Sand's Lelia,
617-Gesta Romanorum, 651.

Road Song of Earth's Traveler, Poetry,

(by J. S. Babcock,) 362.

Rome as seen by a New Yorker, notice of,



Sand, George, 621.
Schoolcraft's Oneota, review of, 90.
Simm's Life of Marion, review of, 104.
Single Speech Poets, (A. W. Jones,) 258.

Smith, Life of, literary notice of, 654.
Snow, a Poem, (Rev. Ralph Hoyt,) 217.
Soliloquy, The, a Poem, (- Erleden,)


Some Words with a Mummy, (Edgar A.
Poe,) 363.

Song of a Country to a City Bird, (Her-
meneutes,) 404.

Sonnet, (by Penseroso,) 177.
Steam Navigation, 22-Watt, Trevithink,
Fulton, 22-First Steamboat launched on
the Hudson, 22-Advantages of American
Continent for Inland Steam Navigation,
23-Establishment of Steamers on the

Irish Channel, ib.-from English ports
to those of France, Belgium and Holland

ib.-to the Islands of the Mediterranean,
&c., ib.-East India Steamers, 24-Diffi-
culties of Steam Navigation on the Ocean,
24-Great Western begun, 25-Opinion
of Dr. Lardner, 26-First Trip of the
Great Western, 26-Cunard Company
organized, 36-Table of Steamer passages,
29-Improvements to be looked for, 30-
Sub-aqueous Propellers, 30-Construc-
tion of the Great Britain, 31-United
States Steamship Princeton, 32-Erics-
son's Propeller, 33.


Texas Question, Clay's position on the, 54.

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