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Of human facrifice, and parents tears,
Though for the noise of drums and timbrels loud
Their childrens cries unheard, that pass’d through fire
To his grim idol. Him the Ammonite : 396
Worshipt in Rabba and her watry plain, :-
In Argob and in Basan, to the stream
Of utmost Arnon. Nor content with such


The name Moloch fignifies king, and Ammon, 1 Kings XI. 7. and was he is calld horrid king, because of worshipped in Rabba, the capital the human sacrifices which were city of the Ammonites, which Damade to him. This idol is fup- vid conquer'd, and took from posed by some to be the same as thence the crown of their God Saturn; 'to whom the Heathens fa- Milcom as some render the words crificed their children, and by others 2 Sam. XII. 30. and this Rabba to be the Sun. It is said in Scrip- being called the ory of waters, ture that the children passed through 2 Sam. XII. 27. it is here faid the fire to Moloch, and our author Rabba and her watry plain and employs the fame expreslion, by likewise in Argob and in Bafan, which we must understand not that neighbouring countries to Rabba they always actually burnt their and subject to the Ammonites, as far children in honor of this idol, but as to the stream of utmost Arron, Sometimes made them only leap which river was the boundary of over the flames, or pass nimbly be their country on the fouth. Solotween two fires, to purify them by mon built a temple to Moloch on the that lastration, and consecrate them mount of Olives, 1 Kings XI: 7. to this false deity. The Rabbins therefore called that opprobrions bill; affure us that the idol Moloch was and high places and sacrifices were of brass, fitting on a throne of the made to him in the pleasant valley Jame metal and wearing a royal of Hinnom, Jer. VII. 31. which tay crown, having the head of a calf south-east of Jerusalem, and was and his arms extended to receive called likewise Topbet from the Hete miferable victims which were brew Topb a drum, drums and fuch to be consumed in the flames; and like noisy instruments being used to therefore is very probably ftiled drown the cries of the miferable here his grim idol. He was the children who were offer'd to this God of the Ammonites, and is called idol, and Gehenna or the valley of 1 be abomination of the children of Himnom is in several places of the


Audacious neighbourhood, the wisest heart 406
Of Solomon he led by fraud to build . ;
His temple right against the temple' of God T
On that opprobrious hill, and made his grove ...
The pleasant valley' of Hinnom, Tophet thence is
And black Gehenna calld, the type of Hell. 405
Next Chemos, th' obscene dread of Moab's fons,

From New Testament, and by our. $a- dary of their country to the north, viour himself made the name and afterwards belonging to the tribe type of Hell, by reason of the fire of Gad, to Nebo, a city caltward, that was kept up there to Moloch, afterwards belonging to the tribe and of the horrid groans and out- of Reuben, and the wild of fouthcries of human facrifices. We most Abarim, a ridge of mountains might inlarge much more upon the boundary of their country to each of these idols, and produce a the south ; in Helebon or Hethbon, heap of learned authorities and and Horonaime, Seon's realm, two ciquotations; but we endevor to be ties of the Moabites, taken from as fhort as we can, and say no more them by Sihon king of the Amo. than may serve as a sufficient com- rites, Numb. XXI. 26. beyond the mentary to explain and illustrate flow'ry dale of Sibma clad with our author.

vines, a place famous for vine406. Next Chemos, &c.] He is yards, as appears from Jer. XLVIII. rightly mention'd next after Mo- 32. O vine of Sibmab I will wees. locb, as their names are join'd to- for thee, and Elealé, another city of gether in Scripture 1 Kings XI. 7. the Moabites not far from Heftand it was a natural transition from bon, to th' Afphaltic pool, the Dead the God of the Ammonites to the Sea so calld from the Asphaltus or God of their neighbours the Mo. bitumen abounding in it; the river abites. St. Jerom and several Jordan empties itself into it, and learned men affert Chemos and Baal that river and this fea were the Peor to be only different names for boundary of the Moabites to the the same idol, and suppose him to west. It was this God under the be the same with Priapus or che name of Baal Peor, that the Ilidol of turpitude, and therefore raelites were induced to worship in called here th' obscene dread of Sittim, and committed whoredom Moab's fons, from Aroar, a city with the daughters of Moab, for upon the river Arnor, the boun- which there died of the plague



From Aroan to Nebo, and the wild - Hetti
Of fouthmost Abarim; in Hesebon --" -&?
And Horonaim, Seon's realm, beyond: -
The flow'ry dale of Sibma clad with vines, 410
And Eleäle to th’ Asphaltic pool,
Peor his other name, when he entic'd
Israel in Sittim on their march from Nile :..
To do him wanton rites, which cost them woe.
Yet thence his luftful orgies he inlarg’d... 415
Ev'n to that hill of fcandal, by the grove


twenty fand four thousand, as we a fine moral sentiment has our auread in Numb. XXV. His high thor here introduc'd, and couch'd places were adjoining to those of in half a verse! He might perMoloch on the mount of Olives, baps have in view. Spenser's Mark therefore called here that hill of of Cupid, where Anger, Surife &c scandal as before that opprobrious are represented as immediately folbill, for Solomon did build an bigh lowing Çupid in the proceffion. place for Chemoth the abomination of See Fairy Queen. B. 3. Cant. 12. Moab in the hill that is before Jeru.

i , sport 1 Tbyer. Salem, and for Moloch the abomi. 419. — from the bordring food nation of the children of Ammon, - of old Euphrates &c.] It is rightly 1 Kings XI. 7. But good Josiah called old, being mention'd by the brake in pieces their images, and oldest historian in the earlieft accut down their groves. See 2 Kings counts of time, Gen. II. 14. And XXIII. 13, 14, -a s as it is likewise called the bord'ring • 415. orgies] Wild frantic rites;

food, being the utmost limit or generally by orgies are understood Tand, 'according to Gen. XV. 18.

j border eastward of the promis'd the feafts of Bacchus because they were such, but any other mad ce

y Unto thy feed have I given this land remonies may be so call’d, as here

s from the river of Egypt unto the

great river, the river Eupbrates:

and the Pfalmift speaking of the

Kichardjon, vine that was brought out of Egypt 417. - luft bard by base;] What says Pfal. LXXX. 11. fe fent out


ways of Chemor ichardson, wine that wax XX. 11..4be.]

Of Moloch homicide, luft hard by hate so' mort Till good Josiah drove them thence to Hello

w o With these came they, who from the bordring flood Of old Euphrates to the brook that parts: "707-420 Egypt from Syrian ground, had general names .. Of Baälim and Antaroth, those males(';. These feminine. For Spirits when they please i ispita Can either sex affume, or both; fo foft.15., n oT And uncompounded is their effence purė, ; -425 Not ty’d or manacled with joint or limb, A I


ber bongbs into the sea, and ber about the operation of Demons, branches unto the river, that is from where a story is related of a De the Mediterranean to the river mon's appearing in the shape of a Euphrates : 'to she brook that parts woman; and upon this a doubt is Eggot from Syrian ground, most pro- rais'd whether Tone Demons are bably the brook Befor mention'd males, and others females ; and it in Scripture, near Rhinocolura, is asserted that they can aflume eiwhich city is aflign'd sometimes to ther sex, and take what thape and Syria and sometimes to Egypt. color they please, and contract, or

ü 422. Baälim and Astaroth,] These

susi dilate themselves at pleasure, as

they are of an aery nature. fró roi are properly named together, as

* eraso ye 'Witwr, Tomeowners they frequently are in Scripture; and there were many Baälim and

09; ó dy dje170 gempa MET *7 Umany Aftarotb; they were the ge

' piel y pwjuato in eo neral names of the Gods and God

do opo 70 78 owjet do desses of Syria, Palestine, and the

nga Tepos, 2078 uerais amp neighbouring countries. It is fup

εμφανίζεται, αοτε δε πe9ς γυposed that by them is meant the M

veix per abanne Mopony &c. See

the Mexanas 78 HEX sun and the host of Heaven. ini dan mora

CELL erepgods

drainey G, p. 70.--77. 423. For Spirits when they please. Edit. Lutet. Parif. 1615. Such an

&c.] These notions about extraordinary scholar was Milton, Spirits feem to have beon borrow'd and such use he made of all sorts from Michael Psellus his dialogue of authors. .

437. With

Nor founded on the brittle strength of bones,
Like cumbrous flesh; but in what shape they choofe
Dilated or condens'd, bright or obscure,
Can execute their aery purposes, ::.. 430
And works of love or enmity fulfil..
For those the race of Israel oft forsook ..
Their living strength, and unfrequented left
His righteous altar, bowing lowly down
To bestial Gods; for which their heads as low 435
Bow'd down in battel, funk before the spear


,1437. With these in troop. &c. mountain of corruption, 2 King

foreth or Aftarte was the God XXIII. 13. as here by the poet defs of the Phænicians, and the th? offensive mountain, and before moon was adored under this name. that opprobrious hill, and that will She is rightly said to come in troop of fcandal... .. . with Astaroth, as she was one of 446. Thammuz came xext &c. ] them, the moon with the ftars. The account of Thammng is finely Sometimes the is called queen of romantic, and suitable to what we Heaven, Jer. VII. 18. and XLIV. read among the Ancients of the 17, 18. She is likewise called the worship which was paid to that Goddess of the Zidonians, 1 Kings idol. The reader will pardon me, XI. g. and the abomination of the if I insert as a note on this beadZidonions, 2 Kings XXIII. 13. as tiful passage, the account given us fhe was worshipped very much in by the late ingenious Mr. MaunZidon or Sidon, a famous city of drel of this ancient piece of worthe Phænicians, fituated upon the ship, and probably the first occa. Mediterranean. Solomon, who had fion of such a superftition. “We many wives that were foreigners, “ came to a fair large river -was prevail'd upon by them to in- « doubtless the ancient river Ado. troduce the worship of this God- " nis, fo famous for the idolatrons dess into Israel, 1 Kings XI. 5. « rites performed here in lamenta. and built her temple on the mount « tion of Adonis. We had the of Olives, which on account of “ fortune to see what may be fup. this and other idols is called the “ pored to be the occafion of that

“ opinion

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