A Narrative of Col. Ethan Allen's Captivity: From the Time of His Being Taken by the British, Near Montreal, on the 25th Day of September, in the Year 1775, to the Time of His Exchange, on the 6th Day of May, 1778

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Thomas & Thomas. From the Press of Charter and Hale, 1807 - 158 էջ

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Էջ 143 - ... the completest system of tyranny that ever God, in his displeasure, suffered for a time to be exercised over a froward and stubborn generation.
Էջ 14 - For just experience tells, in every soil, That those who think must govern those that toil And all that freedom's highest aims can reach, Is but to lay proportion'd loads on each.
Էջ 13 - Here dwell no frowns, nor anger ; from these gates Sorrow flies far. See, here be all the pleasures That fancy can beget on youthful thoughts, When the fresh blood grows lively, and returns Brisk as the April buds in primrose season.
Էջ 143 - Arbitrary imprisonment, confiscation of property, persecution and torture, unprecedented in the inquisitions of the Romish church, are among the palpable enormities that verify the affirmative. These are inflicted by assemblies and committees, who dare to profess themselves friends to liberty, upon the most quiet subjects, without distinction of age or sex, for the sole crime, often for the sole suspicion, of having adhered in principle to the government under which they were born, and to which,...
Էջ 142 - The forces entrusted to my command, are designed to act in concert, and upon a common principle, with the numerous armies and fleets which already display in every quarter of America, the power, the justice, and, when properly sought, the mercy of the king.
Էջ 20 - The sun seemed to rise that morning with a superior lustre; and Ticonderoga and its dependencies smiled on its conquerors, who tossed about the flowing bowl, and wished success to Congress, and the liberty and freedom of America.
Էջ 16 - Boys; and it was with the utmost difficulty that I procured boats to cross the lake. However, I landed eighty-three men near the garrison, and sent the boats back for the rear guard, commanded by Col.
Էջ 42 - The irons were so close upon my ancles, that I could not lie down in any other manner, than on my back. I was put into the lowest and most wretched part of the vessel, where I got the favor of a chest to sit on ; the same answered for my bed at night...
Էջ 144 - ... the sole suspicion, of having adhered in principle to the government under which they were born, and to which, by every tie, divine and human, they owe allegiance. To consummate these shocking proceedings, the profanation of religion is added to the most profligate prostitution of common reason; the consciences of men are set at naught; and multitudes are compelled not only to bear arms, but also to swear subjection to an usurpation they abhor.
Էջ 14 - Ever since I arrived at the state of manhood, and acquainted myself with the general history of mankind, I have felt a sincere passion for liberty. The history of nations, doomed to perpetual slavery, in consequence of yielding up to tyrants their natural-born liberties, I read with a sort of philosophical horror...

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