A Series of Original Portraits and Caricature Etchings, Հատոր 1,Մաս 1

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Black, 1838
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Էջ 174 - Mechanical exercises were the favourite employments of his infant years. At a very early age he made himself acquainted with the use of edged tools so perfectly, that notwithstanding his entire blindness, he was able to make little windmills ; and he even constructed a loom with his own hands, which still show the cicatrices of wounds he received in the execution of these juvenile exploits.
Էջ 213 - ... began his discourse, and informed me, that I had been long and impatiently expected in France ; and that he himself expected soon to have great satisfaction from the reading of my fine history. But what is more curious ; when I was carried thence to the count d'A. who is but four years of age, I heard him mumble something, which, though he had forgot it in the way, I conjectured, from some scattered words, to have been also a panegyric dictated to him. Nothing could more surprise my friends,...
Էջ 124 - From the readiness with which you make the offer, Mr Dundas, I have no doubt that the gown is a gown made to fit any party; but however short my time in my office may be, it shall never be said of Henry Erskine that he adopted the abandoned habits of his predecessor.
Էջ 57 - Nevertheless, if they looked with disgust on the snails, they retained their awe for each other ; so that each, conceiving the symptoms of internal revolt peculiar to himself, began with infinite exertion to swallow, in very small quantities, the mess which he internally loathed. Dr Black, at length, " showed the white feather," but in a very delicate manner, as if to sound the opinion of his messmate : —
Էջ 90 - Lennox said, he could not possibly fire again at the Duke, as his Royal Highness did not mean to fire at him. On this, both parties left the ground. The seconds think it proper to add, that both parties behaved with the most perfect coolness and intrepidity.
Էջ 90 - THE ANCIENTS HAD OF INDIA ; and the Progress of Trade with that Country prior to the Discovery of the Passage to it by the Cape of Good Hope. With an Appendix, containing Observations on the Civil Policy, the Laws and Judicial Proceedings, the Arts, the Sciences, and Religious Institutions of the Indians.
Էջ 20 - He esteemed it as-degrading to the dignity of human nature to be dragged at the tails of horses instead of being mounted on their backs.
Էջ 129 - I was taken Notice of by two Fellows belonging to a Vessel in the Harbour, employed (as the Trade then was) by some of the worthy Merchants of the Town, in that villainous and execrable Practice call'd Kidnapping; that is stealing young Children from their Parents and selling them as Slaves in the Plantations abroad.
Էջ 57 - It chanced that the two doctors had held some discourse together upon the folly of abstaining from feeding on the testaceous creatures of the land, while those of the sea were considered as delicacies. Wherefore not eat snails ? — they are well known to be nutritious and wholesome — even sanative in some cases. The epicures of olden times enumerated among the...
Էջ 48 - ... he was so careless as to have for some time (as he used pleasantly to tell) only two books of accounts, viz. his right and left hand pockets. In the one he received, and from the other paid ; and this too with a want of circumspection which may be readily supposed from- such a mode of book-keeping. His losses on this occasion roused his latent talents: with a good classical education he united a fine taste for drawing, which he now began again to cultivate; and encouraged by his -friends, he...

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