The Edinburgh Gazetteer, Or Geographical Dictionary ...: Accompanied by an Atlas, Հատոր 5

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A. Constable and Company, 1822

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Էջ 414 - The tides are very regular, flowing and ebbing six hours each. The flood comes from the eastward; and it is high water at the full and change of the moon, forty-five minutes past three, apparent time. Their greatest rise is two feet seven inches : and we always observed the water to be four inches higher when the moon was above the horizon than when it was below. The quadrupeds in these, as in all the other islands that have been discovered in the South Sea, are confined to three sorts, dogs, hogs,...
Էջ 146 - The largest of the above said islands is about a mile in length, and half a mile in breadth ; and...
Էջ 409 - Soon after the explosion commenced a number of meteorites fell to the ground over an area a mile and a half in length and half a mile in breadth.
Էջ 415 - Notwithstanding the irreparable loss we suffered from the sudden resentment and violence of these people, yet, in justice to their general conduct, it must be acknowledged that they are of the most mild and affectionate disposition, equally remote from the extreme levity and fickleness of the Otaheiteans, and the distant gravity and reserve of the inhabitants of the Friendly Islands. They appear to live in the utmost harmony and friendship with one another.
Էջ 415 - Otaheitans, and they are not altogether so handsome a people. However, many of both sexes had fine open countenances, and the women, in particular, had good eyes and teeth, and a sweetness and sensibility of look, which rendered them very engaging. Their hair is of a brownish black, and neither uniformly straight, like that of the Indians of America, nor uniformly curling, as amongst the African negroes, but varying in this respect like the hair of Europeans. One...
Էջ 142 - Singapore is an island about twenty-seven miles long by fourteen wide, with an area of 206 square miles, situated at the southern extremity of the Malay Peninsula, from which it is separated by a narrow strait about three-quarters of a mile in width. There are a number of small islands adjacent to it, which form part of the settlement.
Էջ 126 - These various evils the German commissioners sent over by the king of Spain to inspect the mines, endeavoured to remove. For this purpose they contrived machinery for draining them of water ; and they constructed a new laboratory, according to the most improved...
Էջ 509 - Korro, and Sego See Korro. They are all surrounded with high mud- walls; the houses are built of clay, of a square form, with flat roofs ; some of them have two stories, and many of them are whitewashed. Besides these buildings, Moorish mosques are seen in every quarter ; and the streets, though narrow, are broad enough for every useful purpose, in a country where wheel carriages are entirely unknown.
Էջ 463 - VI. under which the government is constituted of a mayor, recorder, ten aldermen, ten common-councilmen, a town-clerk, and two sergeants-at-mace. The borough sends two members to Parliament, and has done so since the 23d of Edward I. The right of election is in the mayor, aldermen, and resident burgesses, not receiving parochial relief. The sons of burgesses, and those who have served apprentice seven years in the borough, have a right (upon the demand thereof) to be made burgesses. Though the electors...
Էջ 489 - Southern division we find every variety — verdant plains, well watered, and covered with cattle ; gently-rising hills and bending vales, fertile in corn, waving with wood, and interspersed with meadows ; lofty mountains, craggy rocks, deep narrow dells and tumbling torrents ; nor are there wanting, as a contrast, barren moors and wild, uncultivated heaths. In this district...

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