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OUP Oxford, 14 հլս, 2005 թ. - 456 էջ
Herons and their close relatives, the egrets and bitterns, comprise sixty species in total and are found all over the world except in polar regions, and are a strikingly beautiful part of the wetlands they inhabit. They are particularly abundant and popular in South West USA, especially Florida. Herons are a diverse group, easily recognised by their long legs, necks and bills. Many species are notable for their sociality as they feed, roost, and nest together in single or mixed species assemblages. The authors have extensive experience of research and observation of these birds and this book provides an up to date comprehensive review of the herons of the world. Covering their biology, distribution, description, systematics, breeding, feeding, and conservation, James Hancock and James Kushlan have distilled their lifetimes' research on the heron into one volume. This volume is complemented by beautiful colour paintings especially painted for the book, colour photographs, and distribution maps.

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James Kushlan is currently the senior science advisor for the US Geological Survey and Research Associate at the Smithson Environmental Research Centre. The late James Hancock was an Honorary Doctor of Science at Southampton University and a Corresponding Fellow for the American Ornithologists Union. He passed away in February 2004, while this book was in production.

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