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The aim of this volume is to supply an acknowledged deficiency, and to provide—in a form simple, concise, inexpensive, and divested as far as possible of technicalities of expression—a statement of the law for the use of members of the legal profession, and of officials, shareholders, and creditors interested in Joint Stock Companies registered in Scotland.

There have been several handbooks published in England dealing with Company Law, but, so far, no similar book has recently been published in Scotland; and it is material to note that the laws of England and Scotland differ in many respects on the subject.

The Acts of Parliament regulating Joint Stock Companies, so far as these are applicable to Scotland, are printed in the Appendix ; and a reference to the more important cases, deciding or bearing on the points dealt with, has been generally given.

A. M‘N.

EDINBURGH, 1st March 1901.

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