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Entered, according to act of Congress, in the year A. D., eighteen hundred and


In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

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Hon. GUY C. H. CORLISS, of Grand Forks, Chief Justice.

Hon. J. M. BARTHOLOMEW, of Bismarck, and

Hon. ALFRED WALLIN, of Fargo, Judges.

R. D. HOSKINS, Bismarck, Clerk.
EDGAR W. CAMP, Jamestown, Reporter.

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SEC. 101. When a judgment or decree is reversed or confirmed by the supreme court, every point fairly arising upon the record of the case shall be considered and decided, and the reasons therefor shall be concisely stated in writing, signed by the judges concurring, filed in the office of the clerk of the supreme court and preserved with a record of the case. Any judge dissenting therefrom, may give the reasons of his dissent in writing over his signature.

SEC. 102. It shall be the duty of the court to prepare a syllabus of the points adjudicated in each case, which shall be concurred in by a majority of the judges thereof, and it shall be prefixed to the published reports of the case.




Page. Aikin, Braithwaite v... 475 Halley v. Folsom..

325 Argus Company in re. 434 Harris, State ex rel v.

190 Aultman & Co. v. Ginn, 402 | Hazen, Jasper v...

75 Hazen, Jasper v..

210 Baker v. Marsh.. 20 Hennessy v. Griggs..

52 Bank v. Willow Lake School Township..... 26 | In re Argus Company.

434 Bauer, State v.

273 Insurance Co., Johnson V....... 167 Beecher, Morris v.

130 Bode v. N. E. Inv. Co..

121 Jackson v. LaMoure Co.... 238 Bowman v. Eppinger 21 Jasper v. Hazen.

75 Bowne v. Wolcott..

415 Jasper v.

210 Bowne v. Wolcott. 497 Job, Moe v..

140 Bradley, Lavin v

291 Johnson v. N. P.R.R. Co.. 354 Braithwaite v. Aikin. 475 Johnson v. Ins. Co...

167 Braithwaite v. Power.. 455 Jordan v. Frank.

206 Bruns, Northwestern Fuel Co. v 137 Budge v. Grand Forks...... 309 Keeney, R. I. Hosp. Trust Co. v. 411

Kidd v. McGinnis...

331 Cal. Ins. Co., Travelers Ins. Co. v 151 Capital Bank v. School District. 479 LaMoure Co., Jackson v...

238 Cass Co., Tyler v. 369 Larison v. Wilbur....

284 Clarke v. Wallace.. 404 Lavin v. Bradley..


Lovejoy, Nashua Bank v... 211 DeLendrecie v. Peck.. Devore v. Woodruff. 143 Mackenzie, Fox v.

298 Donnelly, Slattery v. 264 Marsh, Baker v.

20 McGee, Sarles v..

365 Ell v. N. P. R. R. Co..... 336 McGinnis, Kidd v.

331 Eppinger, Bowman v.. 21 McKnight, Morris v..

266 Miller v. Sunde....

1 Farrington v. N. E. Inv. Co..... 102 Moe. v. Job....

140 Folsom, Halley v.. 325 | Morris v. Beecher.

130 Fox v. Mackenzie. 298 Morris v. McKnight..

266 Frank, Jordan v...

206 Fraser, State ex rel v 425 Nashua Bank v. Lovejoy...

211 Freeman, Red River Valley N. E. Inv. Co., Bode v...

121 Bank v.....

196 N. E. Inv. Co.
, Farrington V....

102 Nelson Co., State ex rel v...

88 Ginn, Aultman & Co. v.... 402 Newell v. Wagness.

62 Gram v. N. P. R. R. Co..

252 Northwestern Fuel Co. v. Bruns 137 Grand Forks, Budge v. 309 N. P. Elevator Co., Short v.

... 159 Griggs, Hennessy v., 52 N. P.R. R. Co., Ell v......

336 Gull Riv. L. Co. v. School Dis. N. P. R. R. Co., Gram V.....

252 trict..

408 N. P. R. R. Co., Johnson v.. 354 Gull Riv. L. Co. v. School District.....

500 O'Hara v. Park River..... 279


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