Everyman's Religion

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Macmillan, 1911 - 297 էջ
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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 75 - Blessed are the poor in spirit."
Էջ 14 - He sheweth his word unto Jacob : his statutes and ordinances unto Israel. He hath not dealt so with any nation : neither have the heathen knowledge of his laws. PSALM CXLVIII Laudate Dominum. O praise the Lord of heaven : praise him in the height. Praise him, all ye angels of his : praise him, all his host. Praise him, sun and moon : praise him, all ye stars and light.
Էջ 192 - No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another God dwelleth in us, and His love is perfected in us.
Էջ 15 - Whereupon, as I went to Damascus with authority and commission from the chief priests, at midday, O king, I saw in the way a light from heaven, above the brightness of the sun, shining round about me, and them which journeyed with me.
Էջ 14 - But Peter and John answered and said unto them, Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye. For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.
Էջ 14 - Who covereth the heaven with clouds, and prepareth rain for the earth : and maketh the grass to grow upon the mountains, and herb for the use of men ; 9 Who giveth fodder unto the cattle : and feedeth the young ravens that call upon him.
Էջ 105 - They did promise and vow three things in my name. First, that I should renounce the devil and all his works, the pomps and vanity of this wicked world, and all the sinful lusts of the flesh.
Էջ 14 - Young men and maidens, old men and children, praise the Name of the LORD : for his Name only is excellent, and his praise above heaven and earth.
Էջ 38 - The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.
Էջ 14 - He sendeth out his word, and melteth them : he bloweth with his wind, and the waters flow.

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