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dated the 26th day of June, 1855, and to the further exemption sanctioned by an Order in Council, dated the 12th day of April, 1859.*


BRITISH ORDER IN COUNCIL, approving the Rates and

Duties leviable on British and Foreign Trude in Whitby

Harbour. January 6, 1862. At the Court at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, the 6th day of

January, 1862.


WHEREAS by the 57th section of the “ Harbours and Passing Tolls, &c., Act, 1861,"† it is enacted that the Trustees of Whitby Harbour may, for the purpose of maintaining and improving the harbour, with the consent of Her Majesty in Council, impose rates on vessels using the harbour, and on goods shipped or unshipped in the harbour, not exceeding the rates specified in Schedule A annexed to the “Burgh Harbours (Scotland) Act, 1853,"I and that any rates so imposed may be either in lieu of, or in addition to, any

other rates leviable by the said Trustees. And whereas the Trustees of Whitby Harbour have prepared and submitted for approval a table of rates, as the rates to be levied by them on and after the 1st day of January, 1862. And whereas it has been made to appear to Her Majesty that the said rates do not exceed the rates specified in Schedule A of the “ Burgh Harbour (Scotland) Act, 1853,” and that the same are proper and reasonable.

Now, therefore, Her Majesty, by virtue of the powers vested in Her, and by and with the advice of Her Privy Council, is pleased to approve, and doth hereby approve and signify Her consent to the said schedule of rates submitted as aforesaid by the Trustees of Whitby Harbour, a copy of which is subjoined.


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1. Rates on Vessels entering or learing the Harbour. $For every vessel coastwise of 15 8. d. For every vessel exceeding 10 8. d. tons or upwards, per ton re

tons register, entering or leav. gister

ing the harbour, for the supFor every vessel from or to a

port, maintenance, and imColonial or Foreign port, per

provement of the existing or ton register ( 3 any future tide lights, per ton

003 ŞFor every vessel, boat, yawl, or

Lighters from any vessel in the craft under the burthen of 15

roads shall be exempted from tons, partially or wholly

the rates, but if the vessel do decked, entering the harbouror

not enter the harbour, every precincts thereof with fresh,

lighter shall pay for each trip 0 2 saltad, or dried fish

0 6
* See Page 726.
† See Page 770.

I See Page 773.
§ Altered by Order in Council, June 11, 1863.

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2. Rates on Goods or Merchandize shipped or unshipped at the Harbour.

d Ale, per hogshead 0 4 Guano, per ton

08 Ale bottled, per barrel bulk 0 2 Gunpowder, per barrel... 0 2 Bark, per ton 1 0 Hardware, per barrel bulk

2 Beef or pork, per ton

1 0 Hares and rabbits, per dozen 0 2 Beef or pork, per barrel 0 1 Any less quantity

0 1 Blubber, per ton of 252 gallons

Hay, per ton

08 Bone-dust, per ton

Hemp, per ton Bones of cattle, per ton...

Herrings, fresh per cran

1 Bottles, per gross

Ditto, cured, per barrel

0 2 Bricks, per 1,000...

Hides, ox, cow, or horse, salted Casks, empty, not being returned

or dried, per ton

1 packages, per puncheon ... 0 2 Calf-skins, per 120...

0 10 Other casks in proportion.

Sheep-skins. per 120

0 10 Cattle :

Lamb-skins, per 120 Bulls, each 0 3 Hoops of wood, per 1,500

1 Cows or oxen, each

0 2 Household furniture, new, per Calves, each 0 0 barrel bulk

0 1 Horses, each

0 2 Household furniture belonging Pigs, each

0 02 to parties changing their resiSheep, per score

06 dences only, per 10 barrels Lambs, per score


06 Chalk, per ton

0 6 Husbandry utensils, per ton 1 0 Chimney cans, per 100 1 4 Ditto, per barrel bulk

0 1 Clay, fire, manufactured, per ton 0 6 Iron, bar, bolt, and rod, per ton 0 8 Clay, common, per ton ...

0 2 Ditto, pig or old, per ton Cloth, haberdashery, &c., per

Kelp per ton

0 barrel bulk 0 Lead, all kinds. per ton

8 Coaches :

Leather, tanned, and dressed, per Chaises, and other 4.wheeled


0 carriages, each

08 *Lime, per chaldron of 16 bolls. 08 Gigs, carts, and other 2.

Limestone, per ton

0 1 wheeled carriages, each 0 6 Loam or moulding sand, per ton 01 Coals, Scotch, English, smithy, Machinery, per ton

1 culm, or coke, per ton 0 1 Ditto, per barrel bulk

0 1 Copper, per ton 08 Manure, street, per ton ...

02 Corks, per barrel bulk 02 Meal, per bag of 280 lbs.

0 2 Corn, viz. :

Milk, per 3 large pitchers 0 0; Wheat and malt, per quarter.. 0 2 Musical instruments, per barrel Barley, beans, peas, tares, oats,


03 rye, buckwheat, and Indian

Oils, per tun

10 corn, per quarter

02 Ores, copper, iron, lead, and Crystal, per barrel bulk 0 2 other ores, per ton

0 1 Dissolved bones, and other arti

Passengers' luggage, not exceed. ficial manures, per ton 08 ing 4 barrels' bulk

free. Dogs, sporting only, each

02 Ditto, all above 4 barrels' bulk, Drugs. per barrel bulk ... 0 3 per barrel bulk

0 3 Earthenware, per crate.. 8 Peats, per ton

3 Eggs. per barrel bulk 0 2 Pitch, per barrel...

0 2 Fish, dried and salted, per ton... 08 Porter, per hogshead

04 Haddocks, cod, salmon, and all

Porter, bottled, per barrel bulk. 0 2 fresh fish not enumerated, per

Potatoes, per ton barrel bulk

0 1 Poultry, including pigeons, Flax, per ton

game, &c., per dozen ...

0 1 Flour, per sack 0 2 Any less quantity

0 0 Ditto, per barrel... 0 11 Rags, linen, per ton

1 0 Glass. per barrel bulk

Other rags, old ropes, and the Groceries, viz. :

like, per ton Almonds, figs, cinnainon, cur.

Rape cakes, per ton

08 rants, pepper, pimento,

Salt, per ton plums, prunes, raisins, and

Seeds : the like, per barrel bulk ... 01 Flax and rape, per hogshead.. 06

* Altered by Order in Council, June 11, 1863.






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Seeds :

de, Wood, &c. : Flax, per barrel

0 3 Sawn or split, planed or Flax, in bulk, per quarter 0 2

dressed, per load of 50 feet 0 3 Clover, per ton

1 0 Hoops, per load of 50 feet 0 6 Garden, per ton

1 0 Shovel-hilts, per load of 50 Hemp and canary, per ton 1 0

feet ...

0 10 Rye grass, per 8 bushels 02 Staves, per standard 100 1 0 Skins, seal, per 120

08 Birch and fir, not exceeding Slates, undersize, per 1,000 0 6

3 feet in length, imported sizeable, per 1,000

0 10

for the sole purpose of over size, per 1,000

making herring barrels for Spirits, foreign and British, per

the use of the fisheries, per hogshead of 56 gallons

0 6

0 Stones :

Waste-wood, viz., billet-wood Rubble, per ton of 16 cubic

and brush-wood used for feet

0 2
stowage, per load...

0 2 Hewn, Ashlar freestone, perton

For dyeing purposes, per ton

6 of 16 cubic feet

Furniture and hardwoods, Rough, Ashlar freestone, per

viz., amboyna beef, black ton of 16 cubic feet

0 2

box, cedar, cherry, CoPavement, per 16 cubic feet... 0 2

chinella, ebony, king, ligMill-tones, each ...


vitæ, mahogany, Steel, per ton

maple, New Zealand, Sugar, per ton


olive, partridge, purple, Tallow, per ton


rose, Santa Maria, satin, Tar, per barrel

saunders or sandal, white Tea, per chest

0 3

or yellow speckled, sweet Tiles, roofing, per 1,000... 09

tulip, walnut (except gunTiles or pipes for draining, per

stocks), zebra and unenu1,000


merated furniture and hard. Tin of all kinds, per ton

woods (except veneers), not Tobacco, per ton ...

1 0

being ash, beech, birch, Turnips, per ton...

elm, oak, and wainscot, Turpentine, per hogshead 08

0 4 Vegetables, per cart-load

0 2 Wood and timber, the growth of Vinegar, per hogshead

04 Foreign or Colonial possessions, Vitriol, per carboy

0 1 brought or taken coastwise : Whalebone, per ton

1 0
Fir, per load ...

06 Wine, per hogshead

0 6
Oak, per load

0 7 Wine, hottled, per barrel bulk... 0 3

Teak and trenails, per load 0 7 Wood and timber hewn, brought

Greenheart, per load

0 7 from Colonial or Foreign pos

Red and blue gum, per load 0 7 sessions, and wood and timber

Stringy bark, per load 07 the growth of the United King

Mora locust, and other sorts dom, brought or taken coast

used in shipbuilding, per wise :


07 Fir, per load of 50 feet ... 03 Unenumerated, per load 0 7 Oak, per load of 50 feet 0

Firewood, not exceeding 3
Teak and trenails, per load of

feet in length, per load 05
50 feet
0 4 Lathwood, per load...

9 Greenheart, per load of 50 ft. 0 4 Masts, oars, spars, and poles, Red and blue gum, per load

0 6 of 50 feet ...

04 Sawn or split, planed or Stringy bark, per load of 50 ft. 0 4


6 Mora locust, and other sorts

Hoops, per load

9 used in shipbuilding, per

Shovel-hilts, per load

2 load of 50 feet 0 4 Staves, per load

09 Unenumerated, per load of

Birch and fir, not exceeding 50 feet

0 4

3 feet in length, imported Firewood, per load of 50 feet 0 lt for the sole purpose of Lathwood, per load of 50 feet 0 6

making herring-barrels for
Masts, oars, spars, and poles,

the use of the fisheries,
per load of 50 feet


per ton



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per load


Wood, &c. :

S. d. Wood, &c.;
Waste wood, viz., billet.

saunders or sandal, white
wood or brush-wood used

or yellow, speckled, sweet for stowage, per load 0 5

tulip, walnut (except gun. For dyeing purposes, per ton 0 9 stocks), zebra, and unenuFurniture and hard woods,

merated furnitureand hard viz., amboyna beef, black

woods (except veneers), box, cedar, cherry, co.

not being ash, beech, chinella, ebony, king, lig

birch, elm, oak, and vitæ, mahogany,

wainscot, per ton...

0 7 maple, New Zealand, Wool, per cwt.

0 2 olive, partridge, purple, Yarn, per ton

1 0 rose, Santa Maria, satin, Zinc, per ton

1 All other goods and merchandise not particularly enumerated in the above Table: Light goods, per barrel bulk ... 0 2 | Heavy goods, per ton ... 10

In charging the rates on goods, the gross weight or measurement of all goods to be taken, and for any more or less weights, measures, and quantities than those above specified, a proportion of the respective rates shall be charged.

5 cubic feet, not exceeding 2 cwt., to be rated as a barrel bulk; but when the weight of cubic feet is greater than 24 cwt., then 2 cwt. to be rated as a barrel bulk. RATES FOR THE USE OF CRANES, WEIGHING MACHINES AND SHEDS.

1. Rates of Craneage. All goods or packages not exceeding 1 ton

0 3 Exceeding 1 ton, and not exceeding 2 tons

04 Exceeding 2 tons, and not exceeding 3 tons

06 Exceeding 3 tons, and not exceeding 4 tons

08 Exceeding 4 tons, and not exceeding 5 tons

0 10 Exceeding 5 tons, and not exceeding 6 tons Exceeding 6 tons, and not exceeding 7 tons

1 2 Exceeding 7 tous, and not exceeding 8 tons Exceeding 8 tons, and not exceeding 9 tons Exceeding 9 tons, and not exceeding 10 tons

2 0 Exceeding 10 tons

3 0 2. Weighing Machines.-For goods weighed, 1 penny for each ton or part of a ton.


3. Shed Dues.-For each ton of goods of 8 barrels' bulk, or for each ton of goods of 20 cwt., which shall remain in the sheds, or on the quays of the harbour for a longer time than 48 hours, the sum of 3 pence, and the sum of 13 penny per ton for each day which such goods shall remain after the first 48 hours.

ACT of the British Parliament, for the Protection of (British and

Foreign) Inventions and Designs exhibited at the International
Exhibition of Industry and Art for the year 1862."

[25 Vict., cap. 12.]

[April 29, 1862.] WHEREAS it is expedient that such protection as is hereinafter mentioned should be afforded to persons desirous of exhibiting new inventions or new designs at the International Exhibition of Industry and Art to be held in the present year, under the direction of "The Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1862:" Be it enacted by the Queen's most excellent Majesty, by and with the

advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

1. This Act may be cited for all purposes as “The Protection of Inventions and Designs Amendment Act, 1862."

Protection of New Inventions. II. The exhibition of any new invention at the said International Exhibition shall not, nor shall the publication, during the period of the holding of such Exhibition, of any description of such invention, nor shall the user of such invention, under the direction of the said Commissioners, prejudice the right of any person to register provisionally such invention, or invalidate any letters patent that may be granted for such invention.

Protection of Designs. III. The exhibition at the International Exhibition of any new design capable of being registered provisionally under the Designs Act, 1850,* or of any article to which such design is applied, shall not, nor shall the publication, during the period of the holding of such exhibition of any description of such design, prejudice the right of any person to register, provisionally or otherwise, such design, or invalidate any provisional or other registration that may be granted for such design.

BRITISH ORDER IN COUNCIL, relative to Light Dues pay

able by British and Foreign Vessels on Holborn Head, Scrabster, Caithness, on the Butt of the Lewis Hebrides. April 26, 1862.

At the Court at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, the 26th day of


WHEREAS by the 410th section of "The Merchant Shipping Act, 1854,"it is enacted, that upon the completion of any new lighthouse, buoy, or beacon, Her Majesty may, by Order in Council, fix such dues in respect thereof, to be paid by the master or owner of any ship which passes the same, or derives benefit therefrom, as Her Majesty may deem reasonable, and may from time to time alter the amount thereof, and that such dues shall be paid and collected in the same manner, by the same means, and subject to the same conditions in, by, and subject to which the light dues authorized to be levied by the said Act are paid and collected. And whereas the Commissioners of Northern Light* See Vol. 8, Page 1053.

† See Vol. 9, Page 777.

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