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Էջ xliii - 1719 1st and 2nd Vols. Repr1nted in the Original London Post or Heathcote's Intelligencer . . . 7 Oct. 1719 to 19 Oct. 1720 Robinson Crusoe. With his Vision of the Angelick World. Written by Himself. London. Printed for W. Taylor at the Ship in Paternoster Row. (8vo. Frontispiece, Title, Preface, and Introduction 8 leaves & pp. 270, and 84
Էջ xlvi - vulgarly called Col. Jack, who was born a Gentleman ; put 'Prentice to a Pickpocket; was six and twenty years a Thief' and then kidnapped to Virginia ; came back a Merchant; was five times married to four Whores ; went into the Wars, behaved bravely, got Preferment, was made Colonel of a
Էջ xlv - the Glorious King of Sweden, till his Death, and after that in the Royal Army of King Charles the First, from the Beginning of the Rebellion to the End of the War. London. Printed for A. Bell, at the Cross Keys in Cornhill, J. Osborn, at the Oxford Arms in Lombard Street,
Էջ 51 - have your Duty laid before you, which 'tis hoped you will think of; but if you continue to neglect it, you may expect to be treated according to the Resentments of an injur'd Nation; for Englishmen are no more to be Slaves to Parliament!!, than to a King. " Our Name is Legion, and we are Many.
Էջ xl - Edition, 31 May, 1715 (8vo. pp. 24.) Reprinted in Dublin by Thos. Humes, 169.* History of the Wars of his present Majesty Charles XII. King of Sweden; from his first Lauding in Denmark, to his Return from Turkey to Pomerania. By a Scots Gentleman, in the Swedish Service. London. A. Bell.
Էջ xlii - delivered by Pyrates. Written by Himself. London. Printed for W. Taylor, at the Ship, in Paternoster Row. (8vo. Frontispiece. Title and Preface 2 leaves & pp. 364.) . 1st Edition, 25 April, 1719 (8vo. Frontispiece. Title and Preface 2 leaves & pp. 364.) 10 Jan. 1719 2nd Edition, 12 May, 1719 3rd Edition, 6 June, 1719 4th Edition, 8 Aug. 1719
Էջ 313 - of Captain Avery, the Mock King of Madagascar. With his Rambles and Piracies ; wherein all the Sham Accounts formerly publish'd of him, are detected. In two Letters from himself; one during his Stay at Madagascar, and one since his Escape from thence. London. Printed for A. Bettesworth in Paternoster Row; C. King, in Westminster Hall;
Էջ 254 - hora, he wanted not Words. It was immediately impressed on his Mind, and the Words flowed upon his Pen in a manner that even charmed himself, and filled him with Expectations of Success. The Letter was so strenuous in Argument, so pathetick in its Eloquence, and so moving and persuasive, that as soon as the
Էջ xxxiv - Edition, 5 July, 1706 (8vo. Title and Preface 2 leaves & pp. 12.) nth Edition. 94. A Letter to a Friend, giving an Account how the Treaty of Union True-Born Englishman. London. Printed in the Year 1706. [8vo. SPURIOUS EDITION. Port. Title and Dedication 2 leaves. Preface, pp. xlii. Contents
Էջ 74 - Although he had, with a consciousness of moral and intellectual superiority, indignantly bid the Pillory— " Tell them the Men that placed him here Are Scandals to the Times; Are at a loss to find his

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