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Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the ECLECTIC REVIEW, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works; which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its Plan.

An interesting MSS. has been lately received from America, containing a Narrative of the Wreck of the Ship Oswego, on the coast of South Barbary, and of the sufferings of the Master and the Crew while in bondage among the Arabs, interspersed with numerous remarks upon the country and its inhabitants, and concerning the peculiar perils of that coast. By Judah Paddock, her late Master. The work is now in the press, and will be published in the course of the present month.

The second edition of Miss Lucy Aikin's Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, will appear on Wednesday, the 2nd of September.

In a few days will be published, a translation of M. P. Orfilla's directions for the treatment of persons who have taken poison, and those in a state of suspended animation, together with the means of detecting poisons and adulterations in wine; also of distinguishing real from apparent death.

The Rev. S. Clapham, of Christ Church, Hants, will shortly publish the Pentateuch of Five Books of Moses illustrated; containing an Explication of the Phraseology, incorporated with the Text, for the use of Families and Schools.

Mr. Brougham is preparing for pub lication, a Letter addressed to Sir S. Romilly, on the abuse of public charities.

Miss Trimmer is preparing a sequel to Mrs. Trimmer's Introduction to the knowledge of Nature and the Scriptures.

No. VI. of Lives of Illustrious Men, is nearly ready for publication.

In the press, Death, an essay. Proposals are issued for publishing by subscription, a new edition of the works of the Rev. John Flavel, one volume to be published every three months, price 10s. 6d. each.

Dr. Jones's new translation of the Four Gospels into Welsh, will be publisned in a few days, in a 12mo. volume.

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The Cathedral Antiquities of England, By J. Britton, F. S. A. No XVII. being No. III. of York Cathedral.

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Also, by the same author, No. I. of Chronological and Historical Illustrations of ancient English architecture.

This Number contaius the follow

extemporaneous pharmacopoeia; to which is added, an Appendix, containing an account of the diffent medic nal institutions in the metropolis, scientific and charitable

Shortly will be published in 8vo, the Nativity of H. R H. the late Princess Charlot e Augusta, calculated from the astro nomical Tables of Dr. Edmund Halley,late Regius Professor of Astronomy at Greenwich, including every Arc of Direction in the Zodiac, with their genuine and natural effects, combined with the measure of Tinie, used and practised by the learned Claudius Ptolemy, and adjusted in proportion to the Sun's Geocentric Motion in the Ecliptic. To which is ́`* added an important and interesting_calculation of seven remarkable nativities, the parties being now living. By John Wortdale, senior.

Mr. J. Robertson will shortly publish, Religious Liberty, in its application to the case of the Old Meeting' House, Wolverhampton; with Remarks on the conduct of the Editors of the Congregational Magazine.

In a few days will be published in 8vo. An Inquiry into the influence of situation on Pulmonary Consumption, and on the duration of life. Illustrated

by statistical reports. By John G. Mansford, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London.


ing engravings of early specimens of the
circular stye: 1. Ground Plan and
Plans at large of Iffey Church, Oxford-
shire. 2. Elevation of the west front of"
the same. 3. Western door-way of the
same. 4. Door-way to the south porch
of Malmsbury Abbey Church. 5. Ele-
vation of the east end of St. Cross
Church. 6. Tower of Earl's Barton'
2 benul

In the course of September will be published (dedicated to the youth of the British Isles) The Fables of Esop and others, with designs on wood, by Thomas Bewick.


In the course of the present month will be published, in two handsome vols. 8vo, Sermons on miscellaneous subjects. selected from the MSS. of the late Rev. E. Robson, M. A. for 37 years Curate and Lecturer of St. Mary, Whitechapel. By the Rev. H. C. O'Donnoghue, A. M.

Church, Northamptonshire. 7. Door. way and parts at large of the same. 8. View of the Crypt of St. Peter's Church, Oxford.

The History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster; including Notices and Biographical Memoirs of the Abbots and Deans of that foundation. By Edward Wedlake Brayley. With graphical Illustrations (consisting of plans, views, elevations, sections, and details) by the proprietor, John Preston Neale. Vol. I. imperial quarto, 71. 4s. royal quarto, 41. 16s.


A List of the Numbers and Prices of the valuable Library, and collection of Prints, Drawings, &c. of W. Roscoe, Esq. which were sold at Liverpool in 1816. 8vo. 7s.

Ford (of Manchester)'s Catalogue of a curious and valuable collection of books, 1s. 6d.


Advice to the Teens; or Practical Helps towards the formation of one's own Character. By Isaac Taylor, Minister of the Gospel at Ongar, 12mo. 5s.

Outlines of Philosophical Education, illustrated by the method of teaching the logic, or first class of philosophy, in the University of Glasgow. By George Jardine, A. M. F. R. S. E. Professor of Logic and Rhetoric in that University. 8vo. 12s.

A Sequel to the French Exercises of Chambaud, Hamel, Perrin, Wanostrocht, and other Grammars being a practical guide to translate from English into good French. On a new plan, with grammatical notes. By G. H. Poppleton. 12mo. 3s. bound.

A Key to Poppleton's French Exercises, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

Conversations on Algebra; designed for those who have not the advantage of a tutor, as well as for the use of students in schools. By William Cole, 12mo. 7s.

The Pronouncing Instructor; or, General Readers' Assistant in the pronunciation of difficult Greek, Latin, and Scripture proper names; the names of eminent modern artists, and men of science; distinguished characters and notorious, who have appeared on the theatre of Europe within the last thirty years; and geographical names of places. To which are added, Latin and French words and phrases, with their

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Arithmetic in Theory and Practice: in which every example is original; and mercantile computation rendered more easy and concise by the application of decimals, including the principles of mensuration, and a concise system of algebra. By John Matheson, Royal School, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square. 3s. bound.

Theory and Practice of Book-keeping, adapted to the capacity of youth; also, remarks on bills and promissory notes; the nature and origin of trade, and other information for persons intended for business. By John Matheson, author of Arithmetic in Theory and Prac tice, 1s. 6d.

The Juvenile Class Book; or, Sequel to the Child's Companion; in four parts, methodically arranged and adapted to the capacities of children who have made some progress in reading. By B. W. Putsey, Master of the Classical and Mathematical School, Picke-. ring. 2s. bound.


On the Nature and Treatment of Tetanus and Hydrophobia; with some Observations on a natural classification of diseases in general. By Robert Keid, M. D. Licentiate of the King and Queen's College of Physicians in Dublin, Member of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh, &c. 8vo. 7s. 6d.


A Concise Description of Endowed Grammar Schools in England and Wales. By Nicholas Carlisle, F. R. S. M. R. I. A. & F. & S. S, A. Very ele


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Histrionic Topography; or, the birthplaces, residences, and funeral monuments of the most distinguished actors. Illustrated by engravings, executed by J. and H. Storer, and by historical and descriptive notices, written by J. Norris Brewer. 8vo. 12s.

On the Safety Lamp for Coa! Miners; with some Researches on Flame. By Sir Humphry Davy. 8vo. 8s.

The Musical Tour of Dr. Minim, A. B. C. & D. E. F. G. With a description of a new-invented instrument, a new mode of teaching music by machinery, and an account of the Gullabaic system in general. 12mo. 2s.


The Elements of Conchology according to the Linnæan System, illustrated by 28 plates, drawn from nature by the Rev. E. I. Burrow, A.M. F. R. S. F. L. S. Member of the Geological Society. Second edition.


An Elegy. Supposed to be written in a Field of Battle. 8vo. price 2s.

Fashionable Fudges in London; or, Sketches of Public Characters, a Poem, with historical and explanatory notes. By Benjamin Flaccus, Esq. &c. 8vo. 6s.

The Recluse of the Pyrenees ; a Poem. Inscribed to H. R. H. Prince Leopold. 8vo. 4s. 6d. sewed.

The Warning Vo.ce; a sacred poem, in two cantos; addressed to infidel writers of poetry. By the Hon. and Rev. Edward John Turnour, A. M. 4to. 3s. 6d. sewed.


The Scripture Testimony to the Messiah an Inquiry with a view to a satisfactory determination of the doctrine taught in the Holy Scriptures concerning the person of Christ, including a

careful examination of the Rev. Thomas Belsham's Calm Inquiry, and of other Unitarian works on the same subject. By John Pye Smith, D. D. Vol. I. 14s.

Lectures on the principal Evidences and the several Dispensations of Revealed Religion; familiarly addressed to young persons; with select references to some of the most valuable treatises on each subject. By W. Roby, 8vo. 8s. fiue paper, 10.

A complete Survey of Scripture Geography: containing an Historical Account of Primitive Nations, and of all the countries and people mentioned in sacred history. To which is prefixed, an introductory essay concerning the origin, occasion, character, and meaning of each book or writing in the Holy Bible; wherein also the most difficult subjects of the Mosaic history are clearly and fully confirmed by physical reasons and proofs, deduced from the present improved state of science; with a list of texts, versions, paraphrases, and targums, in all languages into which the holy writings have been translated or converted. By Thomas Heming, of Magd. Hall, Oxon. Illustrated by a set of maps and a chart of the world. Royal 4to. S1. 10s. half-bound

*** The Survey of Ser pture Geography is sold separately from the Atlas, price 11. boards, and 11. 5s. halfbound.

Plain Remarks on the Four Gospels, adapted to the use of the poorer classes, and chiefly designed for the benefit of schools and families. By the Rev. James Slade, M. A. Vicar of Bolton, and Prebendary of Chester. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

More work for Dr. Hawker, in a Reply to his Misrepresentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By the Rev. Tho. Smith, of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Master of Gordon House Academy, Kentish Town, Middlesex. 8vo.

Nautical Essays; or, a spiritual View of the ocean and mar time affairs: with reflections on the battle of Trafalgar and other events. By the author of the Retrospect, &c. 12mo. 5s.


Narrative of a Journey in the interior of China, and of a Voyage to and from that country, in the years 1816 and 1817; containing an Account of the most interesting Transactions of Lord Amherst's Embassy to the Court of Pc


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trocht, and ot practical guide into good Fren grammatical no ton. 12mo. 3s. t A Key to Po cises, 12mo. 2s. Conversations for those who ha a tutor, as well a in schools. By W The Pronounci neral Readers' As ciation of difficul Scripture proper u eminent modern science; distinguia notorious, who hav

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Thanet and the Cinque Ports: n/ maing of Views of all the Chur Castles. Vestiges of Antiquity, su Jenteca,&e in Margate, Broas Ramsgate, Sandwich, Dore, i Homoney. Rge, Winchelsea, and sa ampaased with bistona grapcal, and antiquanas des anme, as well as particulars of the a matturna, products and natural histor be tart described. The descrip

1. W. Brayley, and the engar, # V. Jeene With vignette mo, a 45 elegant engrave Jona 1 18s. 6d. demy ý

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