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punishment not corrective, 545, 6;
author's reasoning from the supposition of
a gradation of desert in good and in
wicked men, 547, 8, 9; his definition of
Divine justice, 550; on the doctrine of
election, 551, et seq.; suggestions to
those who waver in their belief of uni-
versal restoration, 553, 4; indefensi-
ble treatment of the language of Scrip-
ture by theorists, 555, et seq.; certain
Scripture terms examined, with re-
marks on the plain meaning of Scrip-
tural statements, ib.; on the words
hell and Satan, 562; the doctrine of
universal restoration irreconcilable
with even the indirect intimations of
Scripture in regard to future punish-
ment, ib.

Smoke, valley of, in Iceland, 256
Snorro Sturluston's hot baths, 255, 6
Snow's reply to the Rev. J. Simons,
243, et seq.; his reasons for recommending
a perusal of Mr. Simons's letter, 243;
on the union between Christ and his
Church, 244; on justification and sancti-
fication, &c. ib.

Societies, friendly, Mr. Courtenay's propo
sition for the encouragement of, 440
Sonio people, account of them, 457
Soorajees, Turkish post boys, their rapid
mode of travelling, 101, 2
South Africa, Latrobe's missionary visit
to, 401, et seq.

Spence's introduction to Entomology,
see Kirby

Stanzas on a sick child, 485
Subjects, interesting, Campbell's ser-
mens on, 70, 1
Sulphur mountain in Iceland described,
178, 9


Summary view of the report and evidence
relative to the poor laws, published by
order of the House of Commons, 202,
et seq.
Sunday, Icelandic mode of spending it, 175
Surtshallir, cavern of, its heautiful appear-
ance, 258
Surturbrand, or mineralized wood, 190;
extensive bed of, 253, 4

Tiger, Mr. Fereira's dangerous encoun
ter with one at the Cape, 413
Timber, McWilliam's essay on the dry
rot in, 71, et seq.

Temple, Jewish, the design and nature of, 351
Termites, account of the first establishment

of a colony of, 118, 9

Thingvalla, plain of, the supreme court
of justice in Iceland, 25; its destruc-
tion by an earthquake, ib.
Thorlakson, the Icelandic translator of
Milton, 176

Thornton on the best means of promo-
ting the spread of Divine truth, 71
Thorolf's court of justice, 194; stone of
sacrifice, ib.

Timber, annual value of, cut down in
the United Kingdom, 75

Timber of the American back-settle-
ments, 42

Titchbourne, Chidiock, his address to the
populace, prior to his execution, 588, 9;
verses written in the Tower the night be-
fore he suffered, ib.
Tongue of the bee described, 122, 3
Typical relation of the sacrifices, 356

Valley of Smoke, 256

Vaux's domestic pleasures, 61, 2
Vaux's life of Anthony Benezet, 367, et
seq. Benezet's thoughts on education, 368,
9; on the intellectual powers of the
Blacks, 369, 70; mis-statement in re-
gard to the aid derived from Benezet
by Mr. Clarkson, in his efforts to pro-
cure the abolition of the slave trade,
370; his benevolence to a poor widow in
America during the war, 372
Venning's, Mr. visit to the Russian prisons
of Petersburgh and Moscow, 90, 1
Versions, Cherpilloud's book of, 61, 2
Vestries, select, 435, et seq.
Virginian slave, contrasted with the English
labourer, 35, 6

Ward's reformation from popery comme-
morated, 275, et seq.; Mr. Eustace's
real opinion of the Italians unfavourable,
278; author's exhibition of the principles
of the Reformation, ib.; serious reflec-
tions on the changes connected with the
ensuing century, 279
Watson's dissertations, 458, et seq.; au

thor's definition of true and false religion,
461; his remarks on faith, as essential to
salvation, 462, 3; on the inutility of
preaching dark doctrines, 463, 4; his in-
consistency, 464, 5; sudden conversion
declared to be a gross imposition, 465;
his opinion of worldly amusements, 465, 6;
estimate of the author's religious opi-
nions, 467

Wilson on the person of Christ, 373, et
seq.; religious opinion sometimes founded
upon defective evidence, 374; defects in
the writer's reasoning, 375; on the
testimony of the New Testament to the
person of Christ, 376; subjects of the
present work, 377; Unitarian hypothesis
of the poverty of Jesus Christ examined
and exposed, 377, 8
Woodland life, its physical effects exhibited

in the complexion of the American back-
wood's man, 41
Wretchedness, cases of extreme, in the
Off-islands of Scilly, 496, et seq.
Yellala, cataract of, 521


Zaire and Niger, answer to some objec
tions to their identity, 450

Zerni George, his origin and elevation,

Zezidees, a people who deprecate the
devil, 234, et seq.


Page 311, line 9 from top, for it is, read these are.
471, line 9 from bottom for latter, read former.
557, line 10 from bottom for λon, read i§inon.
7 from top, for tx, read ex.

η from top, for ποσήκουσα, read προσήκουσα,
8 from top, for оTHOTE, read оTIOTE.
563, line 2 for profession, read possession.
565, line 3 from bottom for cursus, read ovvioIS.
8 from bottom for ypaper TO, read YPREVIOL
14 from bottom for πs, read της.
568 line 2 for Cæsraea, read Cæsarea.

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