Monthly Homoeopathic Review, Том 27

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Стр. 593 - A day, an hour, of virtuous liberty, Is worth a whole eternity in bondage.
Стр. 707 - ... is like the play of Hamlet with the part of Hamlet left out.
Стр. 367 - I am sorry to say that it will not be in my power to attend the meeting on Friday.
Стр. 439 - MEDICAL BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. THE Annual General Meeting of this Society was held at the London Homoeopathic Hospital on the 7th inst., Dr. YELDHAM, Treasurer, in the chair. The financial statement for the year ending May 31st, showed that the total assets of the Society amounted to £272 15s. 7d. Of this sum £90 18s. 2d. is on deposit at the Union Bank of London ; the remainder forming the running accouot.
Стр. 372 - ... opportunity might occur for again starting such a scheme with fair chances of success. Now that the Hospital was in such an efficient state the Honorary Architect would have less to do. He did not know whether the Honorary Solicitors had much to do, but if they had he felt sore that it was well done.
Стр. 304 - State : — With no idea of lowering in any manner the standard of right and honor in the relation of physicians to the public and to each other, but, on the contrary, in the belief that a larger amount of discretion and liberty in individual action, and the abolition of detailed and specific...
Стр. 472 - A peculiar symptom now showed itself : deprivation of sight. The patient, who retained perfect consciousness, stated that in the horizontal position he could perceive a feeble ray of light, but that when he sat up he could not see at all; the pupils were so dilated that only a narrow ring of the iris was visible ; they were influenced by the light. He now complained of darting pains in the eyeballs.
Стр. 669 - ... of vaseline. In three days the polypus had dwindled from the size of a grain of wheat to that of a pin's head, in a week there was no trace of it, though a thin dark looking discharge remained. This was dressed with boracic acid, and a paraffin plug, while kali hydriod, followed by hydrastis Q was given internally.
Стр. 483 - ... muscular masses, which for this purpose are put in a position of the utmost relaxation. The grasp of the muscles is momentary, and for the large muscles of the calf and thigh both hands act, the one contracting as the other loosens its grip.
Стр. 388 - The tincture of aconite, administered in a similar manner, is also useful in cases of commencing so-called cold in the head. It is likewise useful in cardiac hypertrophy with palpitation, severe headache, and disturbances of the nervous system due to increased force of the heart-beat.

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