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States to be vested in a governour, to be elected to serve during good behaviour. ' His election to be made by electors, chosen by electors,' chosen by the people in the election districts aforesaid. His authorities and functions to be as follows :

: 191. Hola To have a negative upon all laws about to be pass." ed, and the execution of all laws passed ; to have the entire direction of war, when authorized, or begun; to have, with the advice and approbation of the senate, the power of making all treaties; to have the sole appointment of the heads or chief officers of the depart. ments of finance, war, and foreign affairs; to have the nomination of all other officers, (ambassadors to foreign nations included) subject to the approbation or rejeco* tion of the senate; to have the power of pardoning all offences, except treagon, which he shall not pardon, without the approbation of the senate.' Dj.,097...10

5. On the death, resignation, or removal of the go. vernour, his authorities to be exercised by the presi? dent of the senate, until a successor be appointed..

.6. The senate to have the sole power of declaring war ; the power of advising and approving all treaties; the power of approving or rejecting all appointments of officers, except the heads or chiefs of the departments of finance, war, and foreign affairs. 017. The supreme judicial authority of the United States to be vested in 17. judges, to hold their offices during good behaviour, with adequate and permanent salaries. This court to have original jurisdiction in all causes of capture ; and an appellative jurisdiction in all causes, in which the revenues of the general government, or the citizens of foreign nations, are concerned.

9. The legislature of the United States to bave power to instituce courts in each state, for the determi; nation of all matters of general concern.

9. The governours, senators, and all officers of the United States to be liable to impeachment for mal and corrupt conduct; and, upon conviction, to be removed from office, and disqualified for bolding any place of trust, or profit. All impeachments to be tried by a court to consist of the chief, or senior judge of the superior court of law in each state ; provided, that such judge hold his place during good behaviour, and have

a permanent salary. I DHERE -- Quad se 10. All laws of the particular states, contrary to the

constitution or laws of the United States, lo be utterly yoid. And the better to prevent such laws being pass; ed, the governour or president of each state shall be appointed by the general government, and shall have a negative upon the laws about to be passed in the state. of which he is governour, or president. ex 1018

11. No state to have any forces, land or naval; and the militia of all the states to be under the sole and ex- . clusive direction of the United States; the officers of which to be appointed and commissioned by them, O SE 7100-2yed: D OB: 002791:64 M 18H

LONGa osipd 1919110


TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 1787.94 bazen
190119 TL 119aas

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The order of the day being read, but G TI

The house resolved itself into a committee of the whole house to consider of the state of the American union.

Pearoad satiramanal de Mr. President left the chair.



Mr. President resumed the chair.
Mr. Gorham reported from the committee,

That the committee, having spent some time in the .. consideration of the propositions submitted to the house by the honourable Mr. Patterson, and of the resolutions heretofore reported from a committee of the whole house, both of which had been lo them referred, were prepared to report thereon ; and had directed him to report to the house,

That the committee do not agree to the proposi.. tions offered by the honourable Mr. Patterson; and that they again submit the resolutions, formerly reported, to the consideration of the house. :


WHOLE house.* 3o3d plenilegi Sandaler


1. Resolved,,That it is the opinion of this com. mittee that a national government ought to be estab. lished consisting of a Supreme Legislative, Judiciary, . and Executive.

2. Resolved, That the national legislature' ought to consist of two branches. . . . . .

* Paper deposited by President. Washington in the Department of State.

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14. Resolved, That the members of the second branch of the national legislature ought to be chosen by the individual legislatures; to be of the age of thirty years at least; to hold their offices for a term sufficient to insure their independency, namely, seven years; to receive fixed stipends, by which they may be compensated for the devotion of their time to publick service, to be paid out of the national treasury : to be ineligible to any office, established by a particular state, or under the authority of the United States, (except those peculiarly belonging to the functions of the second branch) during the term of service, and under the national government, for the space of one year after its expiration. Tog konden

5. Resolved, That each branch ought to possess the right of originating aets.

6. Resolved, That the national legislature ought to be empowered to enjoy the legislative rights vested in Congress by the confederation ; and, moreover, to legislate in all cases to which the separate states are incompetent, or in which the harmony of the United

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