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In the year of our Lord, 1787.

An Act for appointing Deputies froin this State to the

Convention, proposed to be holden in the City of Philadelphia, in May, 1787, for the purpose of revising the Federal Constitution.

WAEREAS in the formation of the federal compact, which frames the bond of union of the American states, it was not possible in the infant state of our republick to devise a system which, in the course of time and ex. perience, would not manifest imperfections, that it would be necessary to reform.

And whereas the limited powers, which by the articles of confederation, are vested in the Congress of the United States, have been found far inadequate to the enlarged purposes which they were intended to produce. And whereas Congress hath, by repeated and most urgent representations, endeavoured to awaken this, and other states of the union, to a sense of the truly critical and alarming situation in which they may inevitably be involved, unless timely measures be taken

to enlarge the powers of Congress, that they may be thereby enabled to avert the dangers which threaten our existence as a free and independent people. And whereas this state bath been ever desirous to act upon the liberal system of the general good of the United States, without circumscribing its views to the narrow and selfish objects of partial convenience; and has been at all times ready to make every concession to the safety and happiness of the whole, which justice and sound policy could vindicale.

Be it therefore enacted, by the senate and house of representatives, in general court convened, that John Langdon, John Pickering, Nicholas Gilman, and Ben. jamin West, Esquires, be, and hereby are appointed commissioners; they, or any two of them, are hereby authorized and empowered, as deputies from this state, to meet at Philadelphia said convention, or any other place to which the convention may be adjourned, for the purposes aforesaid, there to confer with such deputies as are, or may be appointed by the other states for similar purposes, and with them to discuss and decide upon the most effectual' means to remedy the defects of our federal union, and to procure, and secure the enlarged purposes which it was intended to effect, and to report such an act, to the United States in Congress, as when agreed to by them, and duly confirmed by the several slates, will effectually provide for the same.

State of New Hampshire. : In the House of Representatives, June 27, 1787.

The foregoing bill having been read a third time: Voted that it pass to be enacted.

Sent up for concurrence.


In Senate, the same day. This bill having been read a third time : Voted that the same be enacted.

JOHN SULLIVAN, President. *** Copy examined," Yup!! no

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By His Excellency James BOWDOIN, Esq. Governour of the (L.s.)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

To the Honourable Francis Dana, ELBRIDGE GERRY, NATAANIEL GORHAM, Rurus King, and CALEB STRONG, Esquires, greeting.

WAEREAS Congress did, on the 21st day of February, A. D. 1787, resolve, “ That in the opinion of Con“ gress it is expedient that on the second Monday in “ May next, a convention of delegates, who shall have “ been appointed by the several states, be held at 6. Philadelphia, for the sole and express purpose of 66 revising the articles of confederation, and reporting 6 to Congress and the several legislatures, such altera“tions and provisions therein, as shall, when agreed to " in Congress, and confirmed hy the states, render the “ federal constitution adequate to the exigencies of go“ vernment and the preservation of the union.” And whereas the general court have constituted and appointed you their delegates, to attend and represent this commonwealth in the said proposed convention, and have, by a resolution of theirs of the 10th of March last, requested me to commission you for that purpose.

Now therefore know ye, that in pursuance of the resolutions aforesaid, I do, by these presents, commission you the said Francis Dapa, Elbridge Gerry, Nathaniel Gorham, Rufus King and Caleb Strong, Esquires, or any three of you, to meet such delegates as may be appointed by the other or any of the other states in the union, to meet in convention at Philadelphia, at the time and for the purposes aforesaid. . .

In testimony whereof, I have caused the publick seal of the commonwealth aforesaid to be hereunto


Given at the council chamber, in Boston, the ninth

day of April, A. D. 1787, and in the 11th year of the independence of the United States of America.

JAMES BOWDOIN. By His Excellency's command.

John AVERY, Jun. Sec'ry.

STATE OF CONNECTICUT. At a General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, in America, (z.s.] holden at Hartford, on the second Thursday of May, A.D

1787. An Act for appointing Delegates to meet in a Conven.

tion of the States, to be held at the City of Philadelphia, on the second Monday of May instant.

WHEREAS the Congress of the United States, by their act of the 21st of February, 1787, have recom

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