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July 16.

gislature of the United States, and shall not be altered or amended by the second branch; and that no money shall be drawn from the publick treasury, but in

pursuance priations to be originated by the first

branch. xi. Resolved, That in the second branch

of the legislature of the United States,

each state shall bave an equal vote. July 26. XI. Resolved, That a national executive

be instituted, to consist of a single person; to be chosen by the national legislature, for the term of seven years; to be ineligible a second time; with power to carry into execution the national laws; to appoint to offices in cases not otherwise provided for; to be removable on impeachment, and conviction of mal-practice or neglect of duty ; to receive a fixed compensation for the devotion of his time to publick service; to be paid

out of the publick treasury. July 21. wn. RESOLVED, That the national executive

shall have a right to negative any legislative act, which shall not be afterwards passed, unless by two third parts of each branch of the national

legislature. 18. xiv. RESOLVED, That a national judiciary be

established, to consist of one supreme tribunal, the judges of which July 21. shall be appointed by the second

branch of the national legislature ; 18.

to hold their offices during good behaviour; to receive punctually, at stated times, a fixed compensation for their services, in which no diminution shall be made, so as to affect the persons actually in office at the

time of such diminution. xv. Resolved, That the national legislature

be empowered to appoint inferior

tribunals. xvi. Resolved, That the jurisdiction of the

national judiciary shall extend to cases arising under laws passed by the general legislature; and to such other questions as involve the nation

al peace and harmony. xvii. Resolved, That provision ought to be

made for the admission of states lawfully arising within the limits of the United States, whether from a voluntary junction of government and territory, or otherwise, with the consent of a number of voices in the nation

al legislature less than the whole. xvii. Resolved, That a republican form of

government shall be guarantied to each state; and that each state sball be protected against foreign and do

mestick violence. 23. xix. RESOLVED, That provision ought to be

made for the amendment of the arti

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July 23.

cles of union, whensoever it shall seem

necessary XX. RESOLVED, That the legislative, execu

tive, and judiciary powers, within the several states, and of the national government, ought to be bound, by

oath, to support the articles of union. XXI, RESOLVED, That the amendments which

shall be offered to the confederation by the convention ought, at a proper time or times after the approbation of Congress, to be submitted to an assembly or assemblies of representatives, recommended by the several legislatures, to be expressly chosen by the people to consider and decide

thereon. XXI. RESOLVED, That the representation in

the second branch of the legislature of the United States consist of two members from each state, who shall

vote per capita. 26. xxin. RESOLVED, That it be an instruction to

the committee, to whom were referred the proceedings of the convention for the establishment of a national government, to receive a clause or clauses, requiring certain qualifications of property and citizenship, in the United States, for the executive, the judiciary, and the members of both branches of the legislature of the United States.

The propositions offered to the convention on the 29th of May, by Mr. C. Pinckney, and on the 15th of June, by Mr. Patterson, were referred to the committee with the above resolutions.


The house met agreeably to adjournment.

The honourable John Francis Mercer, Esq. one of the deputies from the state of Maryland, attended and took his seat.

The honourable Mr. Ratledge, from the committee to whom were referred the proceedings of the convention for the purpose of reporting a constitution for the establishment of a national government, conformable to the proceedings, informed the house that the committee were prepared to report.

The report was then delivered in at the secretary's table; and being read once throughout, and copies thereof given to the members,

It was moved and seconded to adjourn till Wednesday morning

Which passed in the negative.
Yeas~Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia 3

Nays-New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina

5 The house then adjourned tilt to-morrow morning, at 11 o'clock, A. M.



We the people of the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, do ordain, declare and establish the following constitution for the government of ourselves and our posterity.


The style of this government shall be, " The United "States of America."


The government shall consist of supreme legislative, executive, and judicial powers.


The legislative power shall be vested in a congress, to consist of two separate and distinct bodies of men, a house of representatives, and a senate; each of which shall, in all cases, have a negative on the other. The legislature shall meet on the first Monday in December in every year.

One copy of this printed draft is among the papers deposited by President Washington, in the Department of State. Another copy is among the papers of Mr. Brearly, furnished by general Bloomfield.

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