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"the same, in behalf and on the part of this state; and

make report thereof to the United States in Congress “ assembled, in conformity with the resolutions thereto "annexed.

- Resolved, That the sheriffs of the respective coun“ties of this state shall be, and they are hereby requir

ed to give as timely notice as may be, by advertise“ments, to the people of their counties, of the time, “place, and purpose of holding elections as : afore. 46 said."

And whereas, the legislature of this state did also on the first day of November last, make and pass the following act, viz. “ An act to authorize the people 6 of this state to meet in convention, deliberate upon, “ agree to, and ratify the constitution of the United “States, proposed by the late general convention. “ Be it enacted by the council and general assembly 6 of this state, and it is hereby enacted by the authori'ty of the same, that it shall and may be lawful for “ the people thereof, by their delegates, to meet in con“ vention, to deliberate upon, and if approved of by "them, to ratify the constitution for the United States, “ proposed by the general convention, held at Phila

delphia, and every act, matter and clause therein "contained, conformably to the resolutions of the le

gislature, passed the twenty-ninth day of October, i seventeen hundred and eighty-seven, any law, usag " or custom to the contrary in any wise notwithstand“ ing."

Now be it known, that we the delegates of the state of New Jersey, chosen by the people thereof for the purposes aforesaid, having maturely deliberated on, and considered the aforesaid proposed constitution, do hereby for and on the behalf of the people of the said state of New Jersey, agree to, ratify and confirm the same and every part thereof.

Done in convention by the unanimous consent of the members present, this eighteenth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven, and of the independence of the United States of America the twelfth.-lo witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names..

JOHN STEVENS, President, And delegate from the county of Hunterdon.

County of Cape May,




Jesse Hand,
Jeremiah Eldridge,
Matthew Willdin.
David Brearly,
Joshua Corshon.
William Windes,
William Woodbull,
John Jacob Faesch.
David Potter,
Jonathan Bowen,
Eli Elmer.
Robert Ogden,
Thomas Anderson,
Robert Hoops.
John Fell,
Peter Zobriskie,
Cornelius Hennion.
John Chetwood,
Samuel Hay,
David Crane.
John Neilson,





County of Middlesex,



John Beatty,
Benjamin Manding.
Elisha Lawrence,
Samuel Breese,
William Crawford.
John Witherspoon,
Jacob R. Hardenberg,
Frederick Frelinghuysen.
Thomas Reynolds,
Geo. Anderson,
Joshua M. Wallace.
Richard Howell,
Andrew Hunter,
Benjamin Whitall.
• Whitten Cripps,

Edmund Wetherby.







In the name of the people of the state of Connecti.


We the delegates of the people of said state in general convention assembled, pursuant to an act of the legislature in October last, have assented to and ratified, and by these presents do assent to, ratify and adopt the constitution reported by the convention of delegales in Philadelphia, on the 17th day of September, A. D. 1787, for the United States of America.


Done in convention this 9th day of January, A. D. 1788.-In witness - whereof we have hereunto set our hands.


Jeremiah Wadsworth, Jesse Root, Isaac Lee, Selah Hart, Zebulon Peck, jun. Elisha Pitkin, Erastus Wolcott, John Watson, John Treadwell, William Judd, Joseph Mosely, Wait Goodrich, John Curtiss, Asa Barns, Stephen Mix Mitchell, John Chester, Oliver Elsworth, Roger Newberry, Roger Sherman, Pierpont Edwards, Samel Beach, Daniel Holbrook, John Holbrook, Gideon Buckingham, Lewis Mallet, jún. Joseph Hopkins, John Welton, Richard Law,

Amasa Learned, Samuel Huntington, Jedediah Huntington, Isaac Huntington, Robert Robbins, Daniel Foot, Eli Hyde, Joseph Woodbridge, Stephen Billings, Andrew Lee, William Noyes, Joshua Raymond, jun. Jeremiah Halsey, Wheeler Coit, Charles Phelps, Nathaniel Minor, Jonathan Sturges, Thaddeus Burr, Elisha Whittelsey, Joseph Moss White, Amos Mead, Jabez Fitch, Nehemiah Beardsley, James Potter, John Chandler, John Beach, Hezekiah Rogers, Lemuel Sanford,

William Heron,

Aaron Austin, Philip Burr Bradley, Samuel Canfield, Nathan Danchy,

Daniel Everitt, James Davenport,

Hezekiah Fitch, John Davenport, jun.

Joshua Porter, William Samuel Johnson, Benjamin Hinman, Elisha Mills,

Epaphras Sheldon, Eliphalet Dyer,

Eleazer Curtiss, Jedediah Elderkin,

John Whittlesey, Simeon Smith,

Dan. Nath. Bringmade, Hendrick Dow,

Thomas Fenn, Seth Paine,

David Smith, Asa Witter,

Robert M.Cune, Moses Cleaveland, Daniel Sherman, Samson Howe,

Samuel Orton, William Danielson, Asher Miller, William Williams,

Samuel H. Parsons, James Bradford,

Ebenezer White, Joshua Dunlap,

Hezekiah Goodrich, Daniel Learned,

Dyer Throop, Moses Campbell,

Jabez Chapman, Benjamin Dow,

Cornelius Higgins, Oliver Wolcott,

Hezekiah Brainard, Jedediah Strong Theophilus Morgan, Moses Hawley,

Hezekiah Lane, Charles Burrall, : William Hart, Nathan Hale,

Samuel Shipman, Daniel Miles,

Jeremiah West, Asaph Hall,

Samuel Chapman, Isaac Burnham,

Ichabod Warner, John Wilder,

Samuel Carver, Mark Prindle,

Jeremiah Ripley, Jedediah Hubbel, Ephraim Root,

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