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Էջ 206 - My boat is on the shore, And my bark is on the sea ; But, before I go, Tom Moore, Here's a double health to thee ! Here's a sigh to those who love me, And a smile to those who hate ; And whatever sky's above me, Here's a heart for every fate. Though the ocean roar around me, Yet it still shall bear me on ; Though a desert should surround me, It hath...
Էջ 85 - Thou record of the votive throng That fondly seek this fairy shrine, And pay the tribute of a song Where worth and loveliness combine — What boots that I, a vagrant wight From clime to clime still wandering on, Upon thy friendly page should write — Who'll think of me when I am gone ? Go plough the wave and sow the sand ; Throw seed to every wind that blows ; Along the highway strew thy hand And fatten on the crop that grows. For even thus the...
Էջ 227 - I have written will be oftener re-read than any novel of the size that I could have written. It is true other writers have crowded into the same branch of literature, and I now begin to find myself elbowed by men who have followed my footsteps; but at any rate I have had the merit of adopting a line for myself instead of following others.
Էջ 267 - Seggendo in piuma, In fama non si vien, ne sotto coltre, Senza la qual chi sua vita consuma, Cotal vestigio in terra di se lascia Qual in in 111.1 in aere, ed in acqua la schiuma.
Էջ 26 - I was very civil to him during his few hours' stay, and talked with him much of Irving, whose writings are my delight. But I suspect that he did not take quite so much to me, from his having expected to meet a misanthropical gentleman, in wolf-skin breeches, and answering in fierce monosyllables, instead of a man of this world. I can never get people to understand that poetry is the expression of excited...
Էջ 26 - I can never get people to understand that poetry is the expression of excited passion, and that there is no such thing as a life of passion any more than a continuous earthquake, or an eternal fever.
Էջ 266 - I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Irving in Spain, and found the author, whom I had loved, repeated in the man. The same playful humor ; the same touches of sentiment; the same poetic atmosphere; and, what I admired still more, the entire absence of all literary jealousy, of all that mean avarice of fame, which counts what is given to another as so much taken from one's self— " And rustling hears in every breeze, The laurels of Miltiades.
Էջ 166 - There are such quantities of these legendary and romantic tales now littering from the press both in England and Germany, -that one must take care not to fall into the commonplace of the day.
Էջ 221 - Well-matured and well-disciplined talent is always sure of a market, provided it exerts itself; but it must not cower at home and expect to be sought for. There is a good deal of cant, too, in the whining about the success of forward and impudent men, while men of retiring worth are passed over with neglect. But it happens often that those forward men have that valuable quality of promptness and activity, without which worth is a mere inoperative property. A barking dog is often more useful than...
Էջ 227 - ... the mere interest of the story, too, carries the reader on through pages and pages of careless writing, and the author may often be dull for half a volume at a time, if he has some striking scene at the end of it ; but in these shorter writings, every page must have its merit. The author must be continually piquant ; woe to him if he makes an awkward sentence or writes a stupid page ; the critics are sure to pounce upon it.

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