Alexander III of Russia

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Էջ 328 - And he gathers the prayers as he stands, And they change into flowers in his hands, Into garlands of purple and red ; And beneath the great arch of the portal, Through the streets of the City Immortal Is wafted the fragrance they shed.
Էջ 129 - that it is an essential principle of the law of nations that no power can liberate itself from the engagements of a treaty, nor modify the stipulations thereof, unless with the consent of the contracting powers, by means of an amicable arrangement.
Էջ 203 - Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we : come on, let us deal wisely with them ; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the land.
Էջ 203 - Joseph. And he said to his people, "Behold, the people of the children of Israel are...
Էջ 233 - Pity mad with passion, anguish mad with shame, Call aloud on justice by her darker name ; Love grows hate for love's sake; life takes death for guide. Night hath none but one red star — Tyrannicide. in " God or man, be swift ; hope sickens with delay : Smite, and send him howling down his father's way...
Էջ 82 - I tell you the name of the intriguing intruder? — it is the German. I repeat it, and entreat you never to forget it — the German is the enemy. A struggle is inevitable between the Teuton and the Slav ; it cannot be long deferred. It will be long, sanguinary, and terrible, but I hold the faith that it will terminate in favour of the Slav.
Էջ 34 - Should this, however, not be achieved, and should I see that we cannot obtain such guarantees as are necessary for carrying out what we have a right to demand of the Porte, I am firmly determined to act independently, and I am convinced that in this case the whole of Russia will respond to my summons, should I consider it necessary and should the honour of Russia require it.
Էջ 125 - We don't want to fight, but by jingo if we do We've got the ships, we've got the men, we've got the money, too; We've fought the Bear before, and while Britons shall be true The Russians shall not have Constantinople.
Էջ 320 - Save for brief periods of holiday-making with his family, he works till two or three o'clock in the morning examining papers, reading suggestions, and signing papers. No man in the empire is busier than he. The misery of it is that all this irksome labour is of no use whatever. So far as the real Government of Russia is concerned, he might as well be employed in wheeling bricks from one end of a yard to the other and then back again. Even when one tries to realise what " Russian Government " is like...
Էջ 52 - Let tyrants govern with an iron rod, Oppress, destroy, and be the scourge of God; Since he who like a father held his reign, So soon forgot, was just and mild in vain...

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