The Newspaper Press: Its Origin--progress--and Present Position, Հատոր 1

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Էջ 218 - The folio of four pages, happy work, Which not even critics criticise, that holds Inquisitive attention while I read Fast bound in chains of silence, which the
Էջ 37 - we find what is there headed— A True Relation of the Strange Appearance of a ManFish about three miles within the River Thames, having a Musket in one Hand and a Petition in the other, credibly reported by Six Sailors, who both saw and talked with the Monster, whose names here following are inserted.
Էջ 5 - It thundered, and an oak was struck with lightning in that part of Mount 1—2 Palatine called Summa Velia, early in the afternoon. A fray happened in a tavern at the lower end of the Banker Street, in which the keeper of the Hog-inArmour tavern was dangerously wounded. Tertinius, the
Էջ 78 - whenever it happened in my way, having been affronted by Mrs. Stokes, styled the European Championess, do fairly invite her to a trial of her best skill in boxing for £10, fair rise and fall; and question not but to give her such proofs of my judgment that shall oblige her to acknowledge me
Էջ 428 - and calls for the Register, upon which the waiter tells him he cannot have it as he is not a subscriber ; or presents him with the " Court and City Register," the " Old Annual Register," or the " New Annual Register;
Էջ 90 - to half the Compass to save the Publick at least half the Impertinences of Ordinary Newspapers." In fact, the Courant consisted of one leaf only, like the London Gazette of the time, and of this leaf only one page contained printed matter, the other presenting a " universal blank," on the principle, probably, of the
Էջ 428 - being formed of and possessing qualities of opposite and heterogeneous natures, cannot be classed either in the animal or vegetable genus, but like the Polypus is doubtful, and in the discussion, description, and illustration, will employ the pens of the most celebrated amongst the literati. The heads of the Times, as already has been said,
Էջ 78 - I do assure her I will not fail meeting her for the said sum, and doubt not that the blows which I shall present her with will be more difficult for her to digest than any she ever gave her asses.
Էջ 399 - relation to the poet's doing so, expressed himself in these terms: "We hear much of purse-proud insolence, but poets can sometimes be insolent in the conscious power of talents, as well as vulgar upstarts can be in the conscious power of their purse. The employment offered Burns by my brother would surely have been more honourable than that of
Էջ 456 - which itself again distributes, to meet the ensuing sheet, now advancing for impression ; and the whole of these complicated acts is performed with such a velocity and simultaneousness of movement, that no less than 1100 sheets

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