The Memory Book of Starr Faithfull: A Novel

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Knopf, 1994 - 309 էջ
In June 1931, the battered body of a stunningly beautiful girl-about-town with the unlikely name of Starr Faithfull washed up on a New York beach. She was twenty-five years old when she died, and had lived with her family on fashionable St. Luke's Place in Greenwich Village, three doors away from the home of Mayor Jimmy Walker. The tabloids had a field day: Had Starr been murdered? Had she fallen overboard during a bon voyage party on the Cunard liner then heading out to sea? Had she committed suicide? Sensation turned to scandal when, in the course of their investigations, the police discovered Starr's "Memory Book, " a diary containing passages of eroticism that even the tabloids did not dare to print - and, starting when Starr was eleven years old, the initials AJP, which proved to belong to Andrew J. Peters, Starr's rich and aristocratic cousin, a former mayor of Boston who was more than thirty years her senior. Now, penetrating with extraordinary sensitivity the mind of the young Starr and the woman she became, Gloria Vanderbilt creates her own version of the lost Memory Book, offering us her own truths about the love between the child and the man, and her own resolution of the enduring mysteries surrounding Starr's life and death. Deepfelt, erotic, tragic - here is a novel that will be read compulsively and will linger in the mind.

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Հեղինակի մասին (1994)

Heiress and socialite Gloria Vanderbilt was born in New York City, New York in February 1924. She studied art at the Art Students League of New York and successfully worked in oil, watercolor, and pastel. Vanderbilt designed for linens, china, glassware, and flatware, and in the 1970s she began licensing the use of her name in fashion lines of scarves, eyeglasses, perfume, and clothing. In 1979 her designer jeans debuted, and she later began her own company in New York. Vanderbilt has written books including "A Mother's Story" and several novels. Gloria Vanderbilt was married 4 times and had 4 sons. Her husband's included Pat DiCicco, Leopold Stokowski, Sidney Lumet and Wyatt Cooper. She lost 1 son, Carter Cooper, to suicide in 1988 at the age of 23. She claimed in an interview in 2012 that she thought about that tragedy every day. One of her memoirs told of her romances with Hollywood figures such as Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Gene Kelly and Howard Hughes (she was a teenager at the time), as well as various married men. In 2009 at age 85 she published an explicit erotic novel, "Obsession." Gloria Vanderbilt passed away on 06/17/19 at the age of 95.

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