Daniel Defoe: his life, and recently discovered writings: extending from 1716 to 1729, by W. Lee, Հատոր 1

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Էջ 286 - Modesty, with Seriousness, and with a religious Application of Events to the Uses to which wise Men always apply them, (viz.), to the Instruction of others by this Example, and to justify and honour the Wisdom of Providence in all the Variety of our Circumstances, let them happen how they will.
Էջ 362 - AN IMPARTIAL HISTORY OF THE LIFE AND ACTIONS OF PETER ALEXOWITZ, The Present Czar of Muscovy: From his birth down to this present time.
Էջ xxxv - The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe; being the second and last part of his life, and of the strange surprizing accounts of his travels round three parts of the globe. Written by himself.
Էջ xxiv - The Consolidator : or, Memoirs of sundry Transactions from the World in the Moon, translated from the Lunar Language, by the Author of The True-born English Man.
Էջ 394 - The Complete English Tradesman, In Familiar Letters, Directing him in all the several Parts and Progressions of Trade — viz.
Էջ 410 - The History of the Principal Discoveries and Improvements in the several Arts and Sciences; particularly the great branches of Commerce, Navigation, and Plantation, in all parts of the known World. London : printed for W.
Էջ xxxi - Kemedy worse than the Disease ; or, Reasons against passing the Bill for preventing the Growth of Schism. To which is added a brief Discourse of Toleration and Persecution, shewing their Unavoidable Effects Good or Bad ; and Proving that neither Diversity of Religions, nor Diversity in the Same Religion are Dangerous, much less Inconsistent with good Government.
Էջ xxxvii - The History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. DUNCAN CAMPBELL, a Gentleman, who though Deaf and Dumb, writes down any Stranger's Name at first sight, with their future contingencies of Fortune. Now living in Exeter Court, over against the Savoy in the Strand.
Էջ 317 - I spake again, and it answered, in a voice neither very audible nor intelligible. I was not in the least terrified, and therefore persisted until it spake again, and gave me satisfaction. But the work could not be finished at this time ; wherefore, the same evening, an hour after sunset, it met me again near the same place, and, after a few words on each side, it quietly vanished ; and neither doth appear since, nor ever will more, to any man's disturbance.
Էջ 349 - Religious Courtship : being Historical Discourses on the Necessity of marrying Religious Husbands and Wives only ; as also of Husbands and Wives being of the same Opinions in Religion with one another. With an Appendix, of the Necessity of taking none but Religious Servants, and a Proposal for the better managing of Servants.

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