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Стр. 594 - AND is this all ? Can Reason do no more Than bid me shun the deep, and dread the shore ? Sweet moralist ! afloat on life's rough sea, The Christian has an art unknown to thee : He holds no parley with unmanly fears ; Where Duty bids he confidently steers, Faces a thousand dangers at her call, And, trusting in his God, surmounts them all.
Стр. 439 - BHOWN, were elected Vice-Presidents, Dr. DUDGEON, Treasurer, in the room of the late Dr. BLACK, and Dr. HUGHES was re-elected Honorary Secretary. The work of the Session was brought to a close by an interesting address from the President.
Стр. 444 - Company's service. He was educated at the High School of Edinburgh, and afterwards at the University, where he took the degree of MD, in 1840. He subsequently studied in Paris, where he became intimate with Hahnemann, and by him was instructed in .homoeopathy.
Стр. 120 - Defendant made a counter claim of £120, on the ground that the work, being improperly done, sewer air escaped into the house, and caused the illness of six members of the household, and the death of his son. He therefore claimed the doctor's bill and other expenses. — The Judge struck out the Plaintiff's claim and gave judgment for the Defendant.
Стр. 308 - jaw at ease returns, puzzles the will. And makes it rather bear the ills it has Than fly to others that it knows not of. Thus dentists do make cowards of us all. And thus the native hue of resolution Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of fear ; And many a, one, whose courage seeks the door, With this regard his footsteps turns away, Scared at the name of dentist.
Стр. 483 - ... left standing on the top of it. Vaseline is also a good lubricant, and both of these agents make the skin smooth and soft and supple. As soon as a part has been manipulated it should be at once wrapped up. In men who are hairy it is often needful to have the limbs shaved, because the constant pull made on the hairs gives rise to very troublesome and painful boils. The early use of massage is apt in some nervous women to cause increased nervousness and even loss of sleep...
Стр. 388 - The tincture of aconite, administered in a similar manner, is also useful in cases of commencing so-called cold in the head. It is likewise useful in cardiac hypertrophy with palpitation, severe headache, and disturbances of the nervous system due to increased force of the heart-beat.
Стр. 734 - By the liberal use of milk and beef tea, and by keeping the weak and exhausted patient in a prone position both day and night, the subtle and charming effects of Arsenicum, as a restorative medicine, are made manifest in pleasant and abundant sleep at night, and a rapid regaining of health and spirits throughout the coming day. Arsenic has a restlessness and anxiety which rivals that of Aconite. But the former is the restlessness of aiiiipmic irritability, while the latter is the restlessness of...
Стр. 711 - To eighteen adults — fourteen men and four women — we, ordered ten grains of the pure nitrite of sodium in an ounce of water, and of these seventeen declared that they were unable to take it.
Стр. 139 - Aconite is to be the most esteemed for its power, little less than marvellous, of controlling inflammation, and subduing the accompanying fever. It will sometimes at once cut short an inflammation. It will not remove the products of inflammation, but by controlling the inflammation it prevents their formation, so saving the tissues from further injury. It is therefore in the early stage of inflammation...

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