Summary Termination of Employment of Civilian Employees and to Equalize Retirement Benefit Among Members of Army-Navy Nurse Corps, Hearing Before a Subcommittee of ... 80-2, on S. 1561 ... S. 1570 ... , February 27, 1948

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Էջ 10 - Such revenues shall be appropriated and expended by such town or city, in such manner as is now or may hereafter be provided by law...
Էջ 10 - ... of service in the Regular Army or Regular Navy, as the case may be: Provided, That nothing contained in this Act shall be construed to deprive any person of any higher retired grade or rank, or any greater retired or retirement pay, to which entitled under any other provision of law.
Էջ 12 - ... prescribed by law for officers of the Regular Navy of corresponding rank and length of service, which shall include, on and after October 1, 1944, all allowances and benefits on account of dependents as provided in section 4 of the Pay Readjustment Act of 1942, as amended. (b) In computing the service for all pay purposes of members of the Navy Nurse Corps, such persons shall be credited with...
Էջ 11 - ... retired with the commissioned rank of lieutenant commander, lieutenant, lieutenant (junior grade), or ensign, respectively. Their retired pay would then be computed on the same basis as for other officers of the Regular Navy. Retired pay of those nurses retired for age or length of service would be computed at the rate of 2% percent of the base and longevity pay which they would receive while serving on active duty in the rank in which retired, multiplied by the number of years of active service,...

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