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Not worse than by his shield and spear,
Defended Israel from the Ammonite-
Had not his prowess quelled their pride
In that sore battle, when so many died,
Without reprieve adjudged to death,
For want of well pronouncing Shibboleth.



Of such examples add me to the roll.
Me easily indeed mine may neglect,
But God's proposed deliverance not so.


Just are the ways of God,
And justifiable to men ;
Unless there be who think not God at all.
If any be, they walk obscure;
For of such doctrine never was there school,
But the heart of the fool,
And no man therein doctor but himself.

Yet more there be who doubt his ways not just,
As to his own edicts found contradicting;
Then give the reins to wandering thought,


'Αμμονήτας είτ' ελέγξας είτε νικήσας δορι,
κακά ποιεϊν έμελλον" οι δε τούμπαλιν δεδμημένοι
άθρίοις κλόνοις αφύκτου τ' έθανον εν στάσει δορός,
Σιββόλητον αποτυχόντες ώστε μη σκεβρώς φράσαι.

ΣΑΜΨΩΝ. κάμε δή τούτοισι πρόσθες, τους μεν οικείοις ξένον, 290 της δε του Θεού προνοίας οποτε σφαλήσομαι.

τα Δαίμονος θέσφαταιέν
ένδικ' ήν, τούτ' έστι και γνώναι βροτοίς,
πλήν εί τις ήν το θείον ες το πάν άρ-

-νούμενος μηδε γενέσθαι.
τω δε κατεσβήκασιν οι φρενών οφ-

-θαλμοί, διάγειν τυφλόν:

τα δ' ουκ εδιδάξατ' ου-δείς, μη ου καθ' αυτόν αυτοδίδακτος φρενόπληκτός τ' ών,

κού ξυμμέτοχον λάβε τάσδε παιδείας. 300

πλείους δ' έτλησαν παρανόμων Δαίμον' ών έδρασεν, ως αυτού παρέκ θεσμούς, γράφεσθαι, νούν αδέσποτον πλα

-νώμενοι, έλασσωθέντος


Regardless of his glory's diminution;

Till, by their own perplexities involved,
They ravel more, still less resolved,
But never find self-satisfying solution.

As if they would confine the Interminable,
And tie him to his own prescript,
Who made our laws to bind us, not himself,

And hath full right to exempt


Whom so it pleases him by choice

From national obstriction, without taint

Of sin or legal debt;

For with his own laws he can best dispense.

He would not else, who never wanted means,

Nor in respect of the enemy just cause

To set his people free,

Have prompted this heroic Nazarite,
Against his vow of strictest purity,
To seek in marriage that fallacious bride,


Unclean, unchaste.


Θεού αμνήμονες" εν δε το τελευτών

αμηχανίας περι

-πλοκαίς απόροισιν αυ-τοι δεινόν έμπεπλεγμένοι, είσαεί αυταρκείας απέτυχον· αργός κατέχει νιν ασάφεια,

σχολή τον απείροναυτόν

αυτός οίς εψήφισεν είρξοντας, ος ου καθ' αυτού θέσμ' έθηκε τοϊς βροτοίς: παρόν τον αεί δοκoύνθ' οι,

ως άγος λύοντι τω, ελευθερούν ποθ', οίς πέφυκε, δεσμών.

πως, ός και εκύρωσ', αυτός ου κάρισταναιρεϊν αν δύναιτο ταυτά;

πρόχειρον όν τώ Θεώ θέλοντι, πρός τ' εχθρών δίκαιον, την πόλιν σώζειν, όμως τον γεννάδαν

υποσχόμενόν περ βίον αγνότατον διαζής,

ανοσίων δόλω γάμων ώτρυν' αγάμων μιγήναι.

προς ταύτα ματαιόκομπα


Down reason then, at least vain reasonings down,

[blocks in formation]

With mention of that name, renews the assault.

Brethren and men of Dan—for such ye seem,

Though in this uncouth place—if old respect,

As I suppose, toward your once-gloried friend,

My son, now captive, hither hath informed

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