The White Rose of York: A Midsummer Annual

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George Hogarth
J. Murray., 1834

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Էջ 208 - But let my due feet never fail To walk the studious cloister's pale, And love the high-embowed roof, With antique pillars massy proof, And storied windows richly dight, Casting a dim religious light : There let the pealing organ blow, To the full-voiced quire below, In service high and anthems clear, As may with sweetness, through mine ear, Dissolve me into extasies, And bring all heaven before mine eyes.
Էջ 43 - ... thirdly, that this polished condition of society, -which should naturally with the evils of a luxurious repose have counted upon its pacific benefits, had yet, by means of its circus and its gladiatorial contests, applied a constant irritation, and a system of provocations to the appetites for blood, such as in all other nations are connected with the rudest stages of society, and with the most barbarous modes of warfare...
Էջ 301 - I know it — the grave which to me you assign, Is black in the shade of your dreary church-wall, Where nettle and hemlock their rankness combine, And the worm and the sullen toad loathsomely crawl. O ! where is the primrose, so meet for adorning The grave of a Minstrel cut off in his bloom ? O ! where is the daisy, to shed in the morning The tears it had gathered by night for my doom ? And dearer — O, dearer than anguish can tell, Where, where are the friends that have loved me so well ? III.
Էջ 210 - ... a relaxation from toil, more attractive than the haunts of intemperance. All music of an elevated character is calculated to produce such effects ; but it is to sacred music, above all, that they are to be ascribed. Music may sometimes be the handmaid of debauchery ; but this music never can. Bacchanalian songs and glees may heighten the riot of a dissolute party; but that man must be profligate beyond conception, whose mind can entertain gross propensities while the words of inspiration, clothed...
Էջ 203 - The birth of Joseph did not alter the habits of this peaceful family. The little domestic concert returned every week, and the child, standing before his parents, with two pieces of wood in his hands, one of which served him as a violin, and the other as a bow, constantly accompanied his mother's voice. Haydn, loaded with years and with glory, has often, in my presence...
Էջ 293 - The town knowing, the lord to slo for them, and twenty such. 92 William of Lockwood was adread the town should rise indeed ; He shot the knight quite thro' the head, and slew him then with speed.
Էջ 238 - Brig house , they took measures for waylaying him as he came home. " The day was set, the turn was kept At Brighouse by Sir John, Full little wist he was beset Then at his coming home. Dawson and Haigh had played their parts. And brought from Brereton Green Young gentlemen with hardy hearts As well were known and seen.
Էջ 241 - Beaumont is more curious and interesting than that of any of the other persons concerned in those tragedies. He had lived for some time in security at Crossland Hall, and was in expectation that the storm would blow over. But, hearing of the fate of Lockwood, he began to fear for his own safety, especially as he found that he had many enemies in the country, and that precepts were sent from London to the sheriff, to arrest him. He therefore resolved to leave his native land, and patrimonial possessions,...
Էջ 203 - Frankforton-the-Mayne, he learned to play a little on the harp: and in holidays, after church, he used to take his instrument, and his wife sung. The birth of Joseph did not alter the habits of this peaceful family. The little domestic...
Էջ 294 - I wis a woeful house there was, The lord lay slain, and dead, Their foes then eat before their face Their meat, ale, wine, and bread. Two boys sir Robert Beaumont had There left alive unslain ; Sir John of Eland he then bade To eat with him certain.

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