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By T. Gillet, Salisbury-Square.

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P R E F A C E.

THE Proprietors and Editor, in submitting the present Volume to the Literary Public, that great tribunal to which critics as well as authors are ultimately amenable, gladly avail themselves of the customary indulgence of a preface. They regret the necessity that compels them, in the very outset of their undertaking, to have recourse to the language of apology, for the length of time that has elapsed since the period which they fixed upon for publication. Part of the delay is owing to the unfortunate loss of a con: siderable portion of manuscript, and the rest to the inexperience of the Editor, in not foreseeing and making proper allowances for the interruptions, which must necessarily happen to the completion of so extensive a work. These causes, however, it is confidently hoped, will not occur again: the details of business will become more and more familiar ; and our preparations for the second volume being already commenced, will, we doubt not, enable us to fulfil for the future, our engagement to the Public. To what extent we have succecded, in the execution of the plan laid down in our Prospectus, is not for us to determine ; but we hope that it will be considered as a respectable effort, and the earnest of greater and still more meritorious exertions.

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With the Prices at which the various Works are sold in Boards,

unless otherwise expressed,
By Messrs. LONGMAN & REES, Paternoster-Row.


6 Remarks on Marsh's Michaelis, 8vo 25 od

7 Letters to the Anonyinous Author of Re-

Voyages and Travels

marks, &c. by Marsh, 8vo is

1 MARCHAVD'S Voyage, 2 vol. 4to.

8 Letters to Marsh, on the Apocalypse, sro


with an Atlas, 31' 13s 6d and 2 vol.

870 il ils 6d

9 Whitaker's Commentary on the Revela-

? Saver's Account of Billings's Expedition, 10 Galloway's briel Commentaries on the

tion of St. John, 8vo 8s
4t0 21 %
3 Mackenzie's Voyages in North America,

Prophecies, 8vo 98

4to il ils 6d

11 J. Moore, Prophetiæ de Septuaginta,

hebdomadis, &c. 8vo 2 s

4 Collins's Account of New South Wales,

12 Burder's Oriental Custorns, 8vo. 93

vol. ij. 4to 11 55

5 Fischer's Travels in Spain, 8vo. 75

13 Poster's Essay on the Method of Ilus-

Journal of a Party of Pleasure to Paris,

trating Scripture, 8vo ls 6d

14 Paley's Natural Theology, 8vo 9s

8w0 10s Od

7 Voyage Pittoresque dans le Jura, par Le-

15 Lindsey's Conversations, 850_45

quinio, 8vo 2 vol. 155.

16 Maltby's Illustrations of the Truth of the

Acerbi's Travels in Sweden, 2 vol. 4to.

Christian Religion, 8vo 5s 6d

17 Wrangliam's Abridginent of Leslie's short

sl 3s.
9 Travels in the Crimea, hy a Secretary to

and easy Metliod, &c. Is Od

the Russian Embassy, 8vo 75 od

18 Simpson's Plea for Religion, 8vo 63 64

10 Mrs. Guthrie's Tour in the Taurida, 4to

19 Daubeney's Discourses, 8vo. 85

20 Pearson's Letter to Overton, on Justifi.
il 11s 61

11 Pallas's Travels, vol, i: 4t0 31 383

cation by Faith, 8vo Is 6d

12 Kotzebue's Account of his Exile to Sibe-

21 Pearsón's Second Letter to Do. Svo 2, 61

ria, 3 vol. 12mo 123

22 Kipling's, Articles of the Church of Eng.

13 Barthelemy's Travels in Italy, Svo 8s

land not Calvinistic, 35.

14 Wolff's Sketches, 4to 18s

23 An Original Letter from a Gentleman ta

15 Sonrini's Travels in Greece and Turkey,

his Friend, &c. 8vo 33

with an Atlas, 4to 21 12s 6d and 2

24 Remarks on the Design and Formation

vol. Svo 11 63 6d

of the Articles, by the Bishop of Ban-

16 Olivier's Travels in the Ottoman Empire,

gor, 8vo Is

52 Dodwell's Vindication of the Athanasisn

with an Atlas, 410 21 12s 6d and %

vol. 8vo 11 6s 6d

Creed, 12mo es 6d

18 Hornemann's Travels, 410 155

26 Plumptree's Christian Guide, 850.75
19 Priest's Travels in the United States, svo

27 Fuller's Calvinistic and Socinian Systems


compared, 8vo 55

20 Willyams's Voyage up the Mediterranean, 28 M.Lean's Reply to Fuller's Appendis,
40 91 133 6d

12mo 2s
21 Aikin's Denon's Travels, 3 vol. 8vo el 28. 29 Prietley's Letter to an Antipædobaptist,
12 Kendal's Denon do. 2 vol. 8vo. 189

8vo Is Od

30 Owen's Methodism unmaskel, svo 3s 61


31 Christ the Sinner's Surety, 1200 6d

32 Edmonds on the Sabbatarians, 12100 4d

Theology, &c

33 Bishop of London's Lectures, 2 vol. 8v@


1 Reeves's Bible, 9 vol. crown 8vo SI 33 34 Zollikoffer's Sermons, 2 vol. 8voll is

Scenic Arrangement of Isaiah, by Scarlett, 35 Hunter's Sacred Biography, vol. vii. 8vo

4to 3s

10s 6d

3 Cappe's critical Remarks, 2 vol. 8vo 165 35 Sandford's Sermons, 12mo 4s 6d
4 i betu's Triumphs of Christianity,8ro bis 36 Basely's

Do. 8vo Os
Marsh's Translation of Michaelis's Intro- 37 Scott's Four Sermons, 8vo % 6d

duction to the New Testament, and 88 Simeon's Helps to Composition, yo!
Edit. 6 vol. 8vo el is

Syo 11 103

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