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The Society, 1873
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Էջ 102 - Caledonia ! stern and wild, meet nurse for a poetic child, • land of brown heath and shaggy wood, land of the mountain and the flood, land of my sires!
Էջ 56 - We were now treading that illustrious island, which was once the luminary of the Caledonian regions, whence savage clans and roving barbarians derived the benefits of knowledge, and the blessings of religion. To abstract the mind from all local emotion would be impossible, if it were endeavoured, and would be foolish, if it were possible. Whatever withdraws us from the power of our senses ; whatever makes the past, the distant, or the future predominate over the present, advances us in the dignity...
Էջ 5 - But bring a Scotsman frae his hill, Clap in his cheek a Highland gill, Say, such is royal George's will, An' there's the foe, He has nae thought but how to kill Twa at a blow.
Էջ 6 - King's regard, Can give a bliss o'ermatching thine, A rustic Bard. " To give my counsels all in one, Thy tuneful flame still careful fan ; Preserve the dignity of Man, With soul erect ; And trust, the Universal Plan Will all protect. "And wear thou this...
Էջ 54 - But what says a Scandinavian called Donald Mac-Mhorchie-ic-eoin-mhoir of himself? Here it is —" Donald Mack, here lyis lo ; vas ill to his frend and var to his fo, true to his maister in veird and vo. 1623.
Էջ 117 - us caol ri caol " — broad to broad, and small to small ; ie — that in polysyllables the last vowel of one syllable, and the first vowel of the next syllable, must be of the same quality. " It is owing to the rigid observance of this rule, that so many diphthongs appear where the sound is expressed by a single vowel — and that the homologous vowels — when used in their quiescent capacity are interchanged or written indiscriminately for each other.
Էջ 111 - Gaelic woixi, and was formerly represented by a simple point or dot, its chief use being to modify the sound and value of letters, by affixture and combination with them. Arranged according to the Roman method, the letters in use in the Gaelic language are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, / L, M, N, 0, P, R, S, T, U; eighteen in alL In the English orthography, besides, there are J, K, Q, V, W, X, Y, Z ; eight more, making twenty-six altogether. These letters are divided into vowels and consonants. The vowels...
Էջ 55 - ... giving them the justice they have not hitherto received. In reference to our own peaceful state and immunity from crime of any magnitude, not merely in the country, but in our northern towns and villages, is it unjustifiable to notice what has been said a few days ago of the assizes of the south?—"A succession of murders and minor outrages has presented a picture of drunken brutality such as might be more fitly expected in some savage island in the far Pacific, where the natives have just tasted...
Էջ 89 - The sun had opened golden yellow From his case, Though still the sky wore dark and drumly A scarr'd and frowning face ; Then troubled, tawny, dense, dun-bellied, Scowling and sea-blue ; Every dye that's in the tartan O'er it grew. Far away to the wild westward Grim it lowered, Where rain-charg'd clouds on thick squalls wandering Loomed and towered.'* With a grim shake of the head, Hamish got out spirit-lamp, kitchener, etc., and proceeded to make breakfast.
Էջ 117 - Orthography, it has been remarked that "our utterance is warped the moment we set ourselves to observe and examine or note it;" and that " Orthography is always in the rear of pronunciation." Both of these dicta are true; but the standard that certainly determines Orthography is the Press. Hence, since the invention of Printing in the 15TH Century, the variations of spelling are comparatively small and insignificant. determining the broad or small sound of the adjoining consonants. Now, a consonant...

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