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[blocks in formation]

6. Ng, as in Si-ng; [or n, before g hard or k.]

[blocks in formation]

Hanging Ringing Lancing Mangling Haranguing twanging winging glancing dangling prolonging swinging bringing dancing wrangling besprinkling

7. B, as in B-a-be.

The forcible execution of this, and the two following elements, in a very clear and compact form, is often indispensable to the full effect of vivid emotion.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

12. Z, as in A-z-ure, [or s, as in measure.]

Seizure Measure Vision Composure Derision

[blocks in formation]

[All" atonics," from their utter want of vocality, need great force and precision in their articulation.]

* Yay, not "ye." + Yes, not "yiss." In these and a few other words, the style recommended by Walker, is now obsolete.

[blocks in formation]

3. C, hard, and K, as in C-a-ke; and Q, as in Q-ueen.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

5. S, (sharp,) and C, soft, as in C-ea-se.

Mass Source

[blocks in formation]




[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

The common faults in the enunciation of syllables, consist in a slack, obscure articulation of the single elements of which they are composed, and, in addition, the fault of negligently allowing a vowel sound to intervene between the consonants; thus "bălă" for bla. True taste will never allow a slovenly style of articulation, but will always maintain a neat, clear, and exact sound of every element, in whatever combination it may occur.

Bl, cl, f, gl, pl, sl, spl.

Blame, bleed, blow, blew, black, bled, bliss, blot, blind, blest.

Claim, clean, clime, close, clew, clap, cleft, clip, clot. Flame, flee, fly, flow, flew, flat, flock, flit.

Glare, gleam, glide, glow, gloom, glad, glim, gloss.

Place, plea, ply, plow, plat, plot, please.

Slay, sleep, slide, slow, slack, slept, slip, slew.

Br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, spr, tr, str, shr.

[The following words need attention to a clear, distinct enunciation of the hard r,-free, however, from prolongation.]

Brave, bread, brink, broke, brisk, brow, brook, brink. Crave, creep, cried, croak, crest, crook, crop, crust. Drain, dream, dry, drove, drag, dread, drip, drop.

Frame, free, fro, fruit, fret, froth, frown, freeze.
Grain, green, grind, groan, grand, grim, ground.
Pray, preach, pry, prone, pride, prove, proud.
Spray, spring, sprung, sprang.

Trace, tree, try, trust, track, tread, trip, true.

Stray, street, strife, strown, struck, stream, stress, strength. Shrine, shroud, shrub, shriek.

Sm, sn, sp, st.

Small, smite, smoke, smooth, smile, smote.

Snare, sneer, snow, snug.

Space, speed, spike, spoke, spare, sped, spear.

Stay, steer, stile, store, stack, step, stop.

2. Final Syllables.

Ld, If, lk, lm, lp, ls, It, lve.

Bold, hailed, called, held, filled, tolled.

Elf, wolf, gulf, sylph.

Milk, silk, bulk, hulk.

Elm, helm, whelm, film.

Help, gulp, Alp, scalp.

Falls, tells, files, hills, feels, tools, howls, toils.

Fault, melt, bolt, hilt.

Elve, delve, helve, shelve, twelve, valve, devolve, revolve.

M'd, ms, nd, ns, nk, nce, nt.

Maim'd, claim'd, climb'd, gloom'd.

Gleams, streams, climes, stems.

And, band, hand, land, lined, moaned.

Gains, dens, gleans, vines, groans, screens, wins, suns.

Bank, dank, drink, link.

Dance, glance, hence, whence, once, since, ounce.

Ant, want, gaunt, haunt, went, joint, point.

Rb, rd, rk, rm, rn, rse, rs (rz,) rt, rve, rb'd, rk'd, rm'd, rnd, rst, rv'd.

Barb, orb, herb, curb, barb'd, orb'd, curb'd, disturb'd.

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