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be credited to the infirmity of human nature, and not attributed to any wilful appropriation of other men's and women's literary valuables. As for the poet himself, I have largely used his actual words and phrases in putting his ideas into plain prose; it has not always been possible, for reasons which every one will understand, to put quotation marks to every few words or portions of lines where this has occurred. When, therefore, a beautiful thought is expressed in appropriate language, it is most certainly not mine, but Browning's. My only aim has been to bring the Author of the vast body of literature to which this book is an introduction a little nearer to the English and American reading public; my own opinions and criticisms I have endeavoured as much as possible to suppress. In the words of Dr. Furnivall, "This is a business book," and simply as such I offer it to the public.

LONDON, November 28th, 1891.

EDWARD Berdoe.



Life of Robert Browning. By MRS. SUTHERLAND ORR. London: 1891.

Life of Robert Browning. By WILLIAM SHARP. London: 1890.

On the whole, Mr. Sharp's Biography will be found the more useful for the student. It contains an excellent Bibliography by Mr. John P. Anderson of the British Museum, and a Chronological List of the Poet's Works.

Robert Browning: Chief Poet of the Age. By W. G. KINGSLAND. London: 1890. Excellent for beginners.

Robert Browning: Personalia. By EDMUND GOSSE. Boston: 1890.


Robert Browning: Essays and Thoughts. By JOHN T. NETTLESHIP. London: 1868. Artistic and suggestive. Stories from Robert Browning. By F. M. HOLLAND; with Introduction by MRS. SUTHERLAND ORR. London: 1882.

A Handbook to the Works of Robert Browning. By MRS. SUTHERLAND ORR. London: 1885.

An Introduction to the Study of Browning. By ARTHUR SYMONS. London: 1886. Intensely sympathetic and appreciative.

A Bibliography of Robert Browning, from 1833 to 1881. By DR. F. J. FURNIVALL. 1881.

An Introduction to the Study of Robert Browning's Poetry. By HIRAM CORSON. Boston: 1888.

Studies in the Poetry of Robert Browning. By JAMES FOTHERINGHAM. London: 1887.

Browning Guide Book. By GEORGE WILLIS Cooke.





The Browning Society's Papers, Part I. Vol. I., 1881-4,
pp. 1-116 (presented by Dr. Furnivall). [1881-2.

1. A Reprint of BROWNING'S Introductory Essay to the 25 spurious

Letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1852: On the Objective and

Subjective Poet, on the Relation of the Poet's Life to his

Work; on Shelley, his Nature, Art, and Character.

2. A Bibliography of ROBERT BROWNING, 1833-81: Alphabetical

and Chronological Lists of his Works, with Reprints of

discontinued Prefaces, of Ben Karshook's Wisdom, partial

collations of Sordello 1840, 1863, and Paracelsus 1835, 1863,

etc., and with Trial-Lists of the Criticisms on BROWNING,

Personal Notices of him, etc., by F. J. FURNIVALL.

The Browning Society's Papers, Part II. Vol. I., 1881-4,

pp. 117-258.

3. Additions to the Bibliography of R. BROWNING, by F. J. FUR-

NIVALL. 1. Browning's Acted Plays. 2. Fresh Entries of

Criticisms on Browning's Works. 3. Fresh Personal Notices

of Browning. 4. Notes on Browning's Poems and my

Bibliography. 5. Short Index.

4. Mr. KIRKMAN'S Address at the Inaugural Meeting of the Society,

October 28th, 1881.

5. Mr. SHARPE's Paper on "Pietro of Abano," and "Dramatic

Idyls, Series II."

6. Mr. NETTLESHIP'S Analysis and Sketch of "Fifine at the Fair."

7. Mr. NETTLESHIP'S Classification of Browning's Poems.

8. Mrs. ORR's Classification of Browning's Poems.

9. Mr. JAMES THOMSON'S Notes on The Genius of Robert Browning.

to. Mr. ERNEST RADFORD on The Moorish Front to the Duomo of

Florence, in "Luria," I., pp. 122-132.

11. Mr. ERNEST RADFORD on The Original of “Ned Bratt's" Dramatic

Lyrics, I., pp. 107-43.

12. Mr. SHARPE'S Analysis and Summary of Fifine at the Fair.

The Browning Society's Papers, Part III. Vol. I., 1881-4, pp. 259-380, with Abstract, pp. 1*-48*.

13. Mr. BURY on Browning's Philosophy. 14. Prof. JOHNSON on Bishop Blougram.


15. Prof. CORSON on Personality, and Art as its Vice-agent, as treated by Browning.

16. Miss BEALE on The Religious Teaching of Browning.

17. A Short Account of the Abbé Vogler (“ Abt Vogler"). By Miss E. MARX.

18. Prof. JOHNSON on Science and Art in Browning.

The Monthly Abstract of such papers as have not been printed in full, and of the Discussions on all that have been discussed. Nos. I.-X.

Illustrations to Browning's Poems. Part I.: Photographs of (a) Andrea del Sarto's Picture of Himself and his Wife, in the Pitti Palace, Florence, which suggested Browning's poem Andrea del Sarto; (b) Fra Lippo Lippi's 'Coronation of the Virgin,' in the Accademia delle belle Arti, Florence (the painting described at the end of Browning's Fra Lippo); and (c) Guercino's 'Angel and Child,' at Fano (for The Guardian Angel); with an Introduction by ERNEST Radford. [1882-3. Illustrations to Browning's Poems. Part II. (d) A photoengraving of Mr. C. Fairfax Murray's drawing of Andrea del Sarto's Picture named above. (e) A Woodburytype copy of Fredelle's Cabinet Photograph of ROBERT BROWNING in three sizes, to bind with the Society's Illustrations, and Papers, and Browning's Poems: presented by Mrs. Sutherland Orr. () Reductions in fcap. 8vo, to bind with Browning's Poems, of d, b, c, above, and of (g) the engraving of Guercino's First Sketch for his "Angel and Child." [1882-3. The Browning Society's Papers, Part IV. Vol. I., 1881-4, pp. 381-476, with Abstract, pp. 49*-S4* i-xvi.

*Out of print at present.

and Reports,


19. Mr. NETTLESHIP on Browning's Intuition, specially in regard to Music and the Plastic Arts.

20. Prof. B. F. WESTCOTT On Some Points in Browning's View of


21. Miss E. D. WEST on One Aspect of Browning's Villains.

22. Mr. REVELL on Browning's. Poems on God and Immortality as bearing on Life here.

23. The Rev. H. J. BULKELEY on "James Lee's Wife.”

24. Mrs. TURNBULL on "Abt Vogler."

The Monthly Abstract of the Proceedings of Meetings Eleven to

First and Second Reports of the Committee (1881-2 and 1882-3).

The Browning Society's Papers, Part V. Vol. I., 1881-4, pp. 477-502, with Abstract and Notes and Queries, pp. 85*-153*, and Report, pp. xvii-xxiii.


25. Mr. W. A. RALEIGH on Some Prominent Points in Browning's Teaching.

26. Mr. J. CoTTER MORISON on "Caliban on Setebos," with some Notes on Browning's Subtlety and Humour.

27. Mrs. TURNBULL on "In a Balcony."

The Monthly Abstract of the Proceedings of Meetings Nineteen to Twenty-six, including "Scraps" contributed by Members. Third Report of the Committee, 1883-4.

Illustration, Part III. Presented by Sir F. Leighton, P.R.A., etc., Vice-President of the Browning Society. A Woodburytype Engraving of Sir Frederick Leighton's picture (in the possession of Sir Bernhard Samuelson, Bart., M.P.) of "Hercules contending with Death for the Body of Alkestis" (Balaustion's Adventure).

[Part VI. of the Browning Society's Papers, a Second Supplement to Parts I. and II., with illustrations, is in the press.]

The Browning Society's Papers, Part VII. Vol. II., 1885-90, (being Part I. of Vol. II.), pp. 1-54, with Abstract and Notes and Queries, 1*-88*, i.-viii., and Appendix, 1-16. [1885-6.

28. Mr. ARTHUR SYMONS' Paper, Is Browning Dramatic?
29. Prof. E. JOHNSON on "Mr. Sludge the Medium,”
30. Dr. BERDOE on Browning as a Scientific Poet.

*Out of print at present.

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