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ou, as in our; th, as in thin; Th, as in this; n, nearly like ng. gat, the Skager Rack, and the North Sea; the N. boundary being forined by the r. Eyder (il-der). At present, Jutland comprises the northern portion of the peninsula, extending from 55° 23' to 57° 44' N. Lat., and from 8° 5' to 10° 57' E. Lon. This province, however, is sometimes called North Jutland, while the duchy of Sleswick is termed South Jutland. The length of the whole peninsula is about 240 m.; the greatest breadth, 108 m. The length of North Jutland is above 170 m. Its area is 9,550 sq. m. Pop. about 5:25,900. (P. C.) For South Jutland, see SLESWICK. The name of Jutland is derived from the Jutes, a nation who anciently inhabited this country.—Adj. Jur/-LẠND181; inhab. JUT/-LAND-ER.

Karl-ra or Feodosia, f.-o-do'-se-å, (Anc. Theodo sia,) a t. and free port of Russia, situated on the S. E. shore of the Crimea. Between the 12th and 14th centuries, when this place was in the possession of the Genoese, its commerce was very extensive, and its inhabitants are said at one time to have amounted to 80,000 (P. C.); but at present it does not contain the tenth part of that number. It appears, however, to be slowly rising from its decay. Lat. 45° 2' N., Lon. 35° 13' E.


Kair'-wÅN, a large city of Barbary, in the regency of Tunis, formerly the cap. of the Mahometan dominions in N. Africa, is situated about 80 m. S. of Tunis. Lat. 35° 38' N., Lon. 10° 17' E. Pop. estimated by Balbi at about 40,000, but by some other writers as high as 50,000.

KAYSARIEH, ki-sar-ee-ch, (Anc. Cæsarela,) a t. of Asiatic Turkey, the ancient cap. of Cappadocia, situated on a branch of the Euphrates, 156 m. S. E. of Angora. Previously to its capture by the Persian king Sapor, about 260 A. D., it is said to have contained 400,000 inhabitants; but the present pop. is estimated at only about 25,000. (B.) Lat. 38° 42' N., Lon. 35° 22 E.

KAL'-A-MA-Z00', a r. in the S. W. part of Mich., which flows into L. Michigan.

KALAMAZOO, a co. in the S. W. part of Mich., intersected by the above river. Pop. 7,380. Co. t. Kalamazoo.

Kalisz, kål-lish, one of the handsomest towns in Poland, the cap. of a palatinate of the same name, is situated near the W. frontier of the Russian dominions, 128 m. W. by S. from Warsaw. It is surrounded by walls flanked with towers, and has five gates. The streets are broad and well paved, and the houses are generally good. Kalisz is the seat of numerous manufactures, and contains several important literary and scientific institutions. This city was founded about 655, and was long the residence of the dukes of Great Poland. Lat. 51° 45' N., Lon. 18° 5' E. Pop. estimated at 15,000. (M.)

Kal-o-GA (Kaluga), an important manufacturing and commercial t. in the S. central part of European Russia, cap. of a gov. of the same name, is situated on the Oka, about 100 m. S. W. of Moscow. Lat. 54° 30 N., Lon. 36° 5' E. Pop. in 1836, 32,345. (P. C.)

Fate, får, fall, fåt; mė, mét; plne or pine, pin; no, not; öö as in good;

KAMA, kål-må, an important r. in the E. part of European Russia, the largest of the affluents of the Volga. It rises in the government of Viatka, near 58° N. Lat., and 53° 37 E. Lon., and flowing in a very circuitous course, at length falls into the Volga, below Kasan, bringing with it a volume of water nearly equal to that of the main river. The length is estimated at near 500 m. It is said to be more useful for navigation than the Volga.

KAMIENIEC, kảm-yen/-yets', sometimes written KAMINIETZ, an archieopiscopal t. of Russian Poland, cap. of the gov. of Podolia, on an affluent of the Dniester, about 10 m. from this river. Lat. 48° 41' N., Lon. 27° 1' E. Pop. stated at above 15,000, but this is probably an exaggeration. (M.)

Kamt-chaTl-or KAMTSCHATKA (often pronounced in English kamskat/-ka*), a large peninsula near the N. E. extremity of Asia, situated .between the 51st and 62d parallels of N. Lat., and the 155th and 170th meridians of E. Lon. It is near 800 m. in length, and about 290 m. in its greatest breadth ; while the narrowest part of the isthmus is rather less than 100 m. wide. Cape Lopatka, in 51° 0' 15'' N. Lat., and 156° 42' 30" E. Lon. forms the S. extremity of Kamtschatka. From near this point, a chain of volcanic mountains appears to extend through the whole length of the peninsula. The Klioo'-tchev-skoil (Kliutschevskaja), the most formidable of the active volcanoes, is about 16,000 ft. in height. Avatchka, another, near Avatchka (or Awatska) Bay, on the S. E. coast, has an elevation of 9,594 ft. The height of the peak of Klintchevska is stated by Balbi at 3,134 toises, or about 20,040 English ft. The principal inhabitants of this country are the Kamtschadales, who belong to the Mongolian race. They occupy the S. portion of the peninsula, as far as 58° N. Lat., and have fixed habitations. Their chief employment is hunting and fishing; dogs are used to draw their sledges in winter. The Koriaks, a wandering tribe who possess the N. part of Kamtskatka, and who are scattered over a con." siderable tract of country between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Polar Sea, travel on sledges drawn by reindeer. Kamtschatka forms a district of the Russian dominions, of which Petropaulovsk (called also Awatska or Avatchka) is the capital. --Adj. and inhab. KAMT-CHAT. KẠN and KATCHA-DALE.

KANAWHA, kən-awl-wa, (Great,) a r. in the W. part of Va., which rises in N. C., and, flowing northerly, empties itself into the Ohio r., in about 38° 50' N. Lat. In the upper part of its course, it is sometimes called New River.

KANAwua, a co. in the N. W. part of Va., intersected by the above river. Pop. 13,567. Seat of Justice, Kanawha c. h.



* It may be remarked, that Kamtschatka is the German, while Kamtchatka is the French spelling. Tch in French being equivalent to lsch in German, or ch in English, it will be perceived that, in either case, the name should be pronounced Kamchatka.

ou, as in our ; th, as in thin; TH, as in this; n, nearly like ng. Kane, a co. near the N. E. extremity of Ill. Pop. 6,501. KAN-zẠs or Kon-zas, a r. of the U. S., in the Indian Territory, which joins the Missouri r. at the western border of the state of Missouri.

KARA-Hissar, kå-rå/-his-sarl, i. e. the “black castle," or AF-EE-OOM! (Afium), KARA-HISSAR, the “ black castle of opium,” an important manufacturing t. of Asiatic Turkey, remarkable for the immense quantities of opium cultivated in its vicinity. Lat. 38° 45' N., Lon. 30° 43' E. Pop. estimated at 60,000. (B.)


KARLS-BURG, or karls/-bóórg, (Lat. Al/ba-Jullia; Hung.Gyula Fejérvár, dyoo-lõh fa-yair-våår,) a fortified t. of Transylvania, situated on the right bank of the Marosch, 32 m. N. W. of Hermanstadt. It contains a mint, and an observatory: in its vicinity, at the distance of a few miles, are the richest gold mines in the Austrian empire. Pop. 6,000. (B.)

Kasan or Kå-z\n', an archiepiscopal city in the E. part of European Russia, cap. of a gov. of the same name, is situated about 4 m. from the left bank of the Volga. This t. has increased very rapidly of late; though destroyed by fire in 1774, and again half burnt down in 1815, it bas arisen more flourishing and beautiful than ever. It is the seat of numerous manufactures, and the commercial entrepôt between European and Asiatic Russia. It contains a university, which was first opened in 1814, with a library of above 28,000 vols. (M.), and various other literary and scientific institutions. Lat. 55° 48' N., Lon. 49° 21' E. Pop. in 1833, 57,000. (M.)

Kaschau, kåsh'-ou, (Hung. Kassa, kosh-shoh,) a flourishing manufacturing and commercial t. of Hungary, with a royal academy containing a library of 10,000 vols., and several other literary and scientific institutions. Lat. 48° 38' N., Lon. 21° 16' E. Pop. 13,600. (M.)

Kas-KASI-KL-a, a r. which rises in the E. central part of Ili., and flowing south-westerly, falls into the Mississippi r. a little S. of the 38th parallel of N. Lat. On this river, near its mouth, is the village of Kaskaskia, which was founded by the French, in 1683, and is the oldest settlement in the valley of the Mississippi.


KATRINE, Loch, lok ka-trin, a lake of Scotland, in the S. W. part of Perthshire, 5 m. E. of Loch Lomond, about 104 m. in length, and from 11 m. to 2 m. in breadth. It is surrounded by lofty mountains, divided by deep ravines, and exhibits every variety of wild and picturesque scenery.

KECSKEMÉT, kech'-kem-ait, a t. of Hungary, about 50 m. S. E. of Pesth. Lat. 46° 54' N., Lon. 19° 43' E. Pop. estimated at above 34,000. (B.)

Keighlev, usually pronounced keeth!-le, a t. of England, in the W. Riding of Yorkshire, 16 m. W. N. W. of Leeds. Pop. 9,255. KEITH, keeth, a t. of Scotland, 42 m. N. W. of Aberdeen. The

Fate, får, fåll, fåt; mė, mét; pine or pine, płn; no, nðt; do, as in good ; parish, which is partly in Banffshire, and partly in the co. of Elgin, contains 4,456 inhabitants.

KELAT, kịl-åt, or KÆL-ÂT'H, the chief t. of Beloochistan, situated on an elevated plain, in about 29° 5' N. Lat., and 65° 45' E. Lon. It is surrounded by a mud wall, with bastions, and contains about 20,000 inhabitants. (P. C.)

KEL/-so, a beautiful t. of Scotland, in the co. of Roxburgh, situated on the Tweed, 38 m. S. E. of Edinburgh. Over the river there is a bridge, 494 ft. in length. Pop. 4,594.

Kemp-TỆN, a t. of Bavaria, situated on the Iller, an affluent of the Danube. Lat. 47° 44' N., Lon. 10° 19' E. Pop. about 6,000. (B.)

KEN-DẠL or KIRBY KENDAL, a manufacturing t. of England, in the co. of Westmoreland, situated at the termination of the Lancaster canal, 40 m. S. of Carlisle, and 20 m. N. of Lancaster. Pop. 10,225.

KEN-DẠLL, a co. in the N. E. part of III., S. W. of Chicago.

Kenen, ken-ěh!, or QENÉ, (Anc. Cænep'olis* or Neapolis,) t. of Upper Egypt, near the right bank of the Nile, with a celebrated manufacture of water-jars. Lat. 26° 11' N., Lon. 32° 45' E.

Pop. estimated at 5,000. (B.)

Ken'-NE-BECK', a r. of Maine, which rises from two sources; the eastern and principal branch originates in Moosehead Lake, and, after a course of about 20 m., is joined by the W. branch or Dead r., which rises near the borders of Canada. After this union, the river flows nearly due S. in its general direction, and falls into the Atlantic abont 25 m. E. of Portland. The whole length is above 200 m.; it is navigable for boats only about 60 m.

KENNEBECK, a co. in the S. part of Maine, intersected by the above river. Pop. 55,823. Co. t. Augusta.

KEN-NE-BUNK', a port of entry in York co., Maine, 25 m. S. W. of Portland.

Kens/-ING-TỌN, a parish of England, in the co. of Middlesex, forming a part of the suburbs of London.

KENSINGTON, a district N. E. of Philadelphia, which forms one of the suburbs of that city.

KENT, a co. in the S. E. part of England, bordering on the sea. Pop. 548,337.

KENT, a co. in the middle of R. T., bordering on Conn. and Narraganset Bay. Pop. 13,083. Co. t. East Greenwich.

Kent, the middle co. of Del.; it extends from the Delaware Bay to the borders of Md. Pop. 19,872. Co. t. Dover.

KENT, a co. in the N. E. part of Md., bordering on the state of Del. and Chesa peake Bay. Pop. 10,842. Co. t. Chestertown.

KENT, a co. in the W. part of Mich., intersected by Grand r. Pop. 2,587. Co. t. Grand Rapids.

Gr. Kantolis. This, as well as Neapolis, signifies “new city." Keneh ap pears to be a corruption of Karn, “new."

ou, as in our; th, as in thin; th, as in this; n, nearly like ng. KENT'-on, a co. in the N. N. E. part of Ky., bordering on the Ohio r. Pop: 7,816. Co. t. Covington.

KEN-TUCK'-y, one of the U.S., situated between 36° 30' and 39° 10' N. Lat., and 82o and 89° 30' W. Lon.; bounded on the N. W. and N. by the Ohio r., which separates it from Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, E. and S. E. by Virginia, S. by Tennessee, and W. by the Mississippi r., which divides it from Missouri; and divided into 97 counties.* Length, from E. N. E. to W. S. W., about 395 m.; greatest breadth, from N. to S., about 170 m. The area is estimated at 40,000 sq. m. Total pop. 779,828, of whom 590,253 are whites, 7,317 free coloured, and 182,259 slaves. Frankfort is the capital. Kentucky originally formed a part of Virginia. A separation took place, and it was admitted into the Union, in 1792.-Inhab. KEN-TUCK'-1-AN.

KENTUCKY, a r. of the above state, which rises near the borders of Va., and, flowing in a general north-westerly course, falls into the Ohio, about 37 m. N. N. W. of Frankfort. It is about 200 m. long, and is navigable for boats about 150 m.


KER/-Ry, a co. in the S. W. part of Ireland, in the prov. of Munster, bordering on the sea. Pop. in 1831, 263,126. (P. C.)

KER-SHAWI, a dist. in the N. central part of S. C., intersected by the Wateree r. Pop. 12,281. Seat of justice, Camden.

KESZTHELY, kest'-heil, a t. of Hungary, near the W. end of the Platten See; the seat of a celebrated school of agriculture, called the Georgicon, founded by Count Festetits. Lat. 46° 46' N., Lon. 17° 18' E. Pop. 4,000. (B.) McCulloch, however, states it at 7,000.


Key West, a t. and port of entry of Florida, cap. of Monroe co., situated at the W. extremity of an island of its own name, with a fine harbour.

KUAR-KOF' (Kharkow), a t. in the S. part of European Russia, cap. of a gov. of the same name. It contains a flourishing university, erected in 1803, with a library of 20,000 vols., and several other institutions for education. Lat. 50° N., Lon. 36° 26' E. Pop. about 18,000. (P. C.)

KHAR-TOOM! (Khartum or Khartoum), a t. of Nubia, situated at the confluence of the White and Blue Nile. Lat. 15° 34' N., Lon. 32°

Adair, Allen, Anderson, Ballard, Barren, Bath, Boone, Bourbon, Boyle, Breathitt, Brecken, Breckenridge, Bullit, Butler, Caldwell, Calloway, Campbell, Carroll, Carter, Casey, Christian, Clark, Clay. Clinton, Crittenden, Cumberland, Daviess, Edmonston, Estill, Fayette, Fleming, Floyd, Franklin, Galatin, Garrard, Grant, Graves, Grayson, Greene, Greenup, Hancock, Hardin, Harlan, Harrison, Hart, Henderson, Henry, Hickman, Hopkins, Jefferson, Jessamine. Johnson, Kenton, Knox, La Rue, Laurel, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Livingston, Logan, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Mason, McCracken, Meade, Mercer, Monroe, Mont. gomery, Morgan, Muhlenburg, Nelson, Nicholas, Ohio, Oldham, Owsley, Owen, Pendleton. Perry, Pike, Pulaski, Rockcastle, Russel, Scott, Shelby, Simpson, Spencer, Todd, Trigg, Trimble, Union, Warren, Washington, Wayne, Whitley, Woodford.

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