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ou, as in our; th, as in thin; th, as in this; N, nearly like ng. Yazoo, a co. in the W. part of Miss., between the Yazoo and Big Black rivers. Pop. 10,480. Co. seat, Benton.

YED'-DO (Jeddo), the chief city of Japan, on the i. of Niphon, on a bay to which it gives its name. It is said to be about 20 m. in circumference. Pop. very uncertain: the Japanese writers estimate the number of houses at 280,000. The pop. is probably not less than 1,300,000. (B.)

Yel/-LOW-STONE, a r. of the U. S., which rises in the Rocky Mountains, and, flowing north-easterly, falls into the Missouri, near 48° N. Lat., and 104° W. Lon. It is about 800 yards wide at its mouth. Length, estimated at 1,100 m.; for more than 800 m. of which it is navigable. (Morse.)

YEMEN (Anc. Ara/bia Fellix), a country occupying the S. W. portion of Arabia.

YENisei, yen'-e-sd/e, a large r. of N. Asia, which rises in the Chinese empire, near 51° N. Lat., and 98° E. Lon. At first, its course is W., to near where it leaves the Chinese territories, when it turns to the N., and continues in a general northerly direction, to the Arctic Ocean, which it enters by a wide estuary, in about 72° 30' N. Lat., and 85° E. Lon. Length estimated at 2,600 m. It is of little use for purposes of navigation, in consequence of its flowing through a desolate country, and being frozen over for the greater part of the year.

YEol-yil, a small t. of England, in Somersetshire, on the Yeo or Ivil, an affluent of the Parret, 32 m. S. S. W. of Bath, important for its manufacture of gloves,

Yesso or Jesso. See Japan.

Yezd, a manufacturing and commercial city in the E. part of Persia. Lat, about 32° 40' N., Lon. 55° 40' E. Pop. estimated at 60,000. (B.)

Yonne, a dep. in the N. E. central part of France, intersected by a river of the same name, which flows into the Seine. Pop. 355,237. (B.) Capital, Auxerre.

York (Anc. Ebor/acum), a celebrated city of England, cap. of Yorkshire, on the Ouse, 170 m. N. N. W. of London. Though inferior, in population and importance, to many other English towns, York is regarded, in point of rank, as the second in the kingdom: it is the only city, besides London, whose chief magistrate takes the title of Lord Mayor. The most remarkable building of this city is the Minster or Cathedral, which is regarded as the finest edifice of the kind in Great Britain, and one of the finest Gothic structures in Europe: length, internally, 524. ft.; height of the great tower, 234 ft. Eboracum was an important town under the Romans; several of the emperors temporarily resided, and one (Severus) died here. Several parliaments have been held in York, the first being that summoned by Henry II., in 1160. Lat. 53° 58' N., Lon. 1° 5' W. Pop., including an area of above 4 sq. m., 28,842.

York, a co. forming the S. W. extremity of Maine. Pop. 54,023. Co. t. Alfred. York, a t. and port of entry of Maine, in the above co., at the mouth

Fåte, får, fall, fåt; mé, mét; plne or pine, pin; nd, nốt; öö, as in good: of a r. of its own name. Lat. 43° 10' N., Lon. 70° 40' W. Pop. of the township, 3,111.

York, a co. in the S. S. E. part of Pa., bordering on Md. and the Susquehanna r. Pop. 47,010.

York, a t. of Pa., cap. of the above co., on the Baltimore and Susquehanna railroad, 24 m., in a straight line, S. S. E. of Harrisburg. Lat. 39° 58' N., Lon. 76° 40' W. Pop. 4,779.

YORK, a r. of Va., formed by the union of the Pamunkey and Matta pony, and flowing into the Chesapeake.

York, a co. of Va., on the right side of the above r., at its mouth. Pop. 4,720. Co. t. Yorktown.

YORK, a dist. in the N. part of S. C., on the Catawba r. Pop. 18,383. Seat of justice, Yorkville.

Yorki-shỊRE, the largest and most populous co. of England, lying in the N. E. part of the kingdom, and bordering on the North Sea. It is divided into four portions, called Ridings, which, for extent, may be compared to ordinary counties. Pop. 1,591,480.

Yorktown, a port of entry of Va., and cap. of York co., situated on the $. side of the York r., near its mouth. Lat. 37° 13' N., Lon. 76° 34' W.

YouGHALL, pronounced yaul, a small but ancient t. and seaport of Ireland, near ihe mouth of Black Water r., 25 m. E. by N. from Cork.

YpREs, cepr, (Flem. Ypern, il-pern), a fortified manufacturing t. of Belgium, in W. Flanders, 30 m. Š. W. of Bruges. It was, in the 14th century, far more flourishing than at present, and was formerly famous for its manufacture of woollen and linen clotha. The fabric called diaper (originally d'Ypres) derives its name from this town. (M.) Lat. 50° 51' N., Lon. 2° 53' E. Pop. 15,000. (P. C.)

YSSEL, il-cel, a r. in the N. E. part of Holland, flowing into the Zuyder Zee.

Yu'-CA-TAN or yoo-kå-tån', a peninsula forming the most eastern part of Mexico, between 16° and 21° 40' N. Lat., and 86° 45' and 91° W. Lon. It is principally included in the Mexican state of Yucatan. The southern portion, lying on the Bay of Honduras, is occupied by an English colony, and is denominated English Yucatan, or British Honduras.

YVERDUN, e'-vér'-dux', a t. of Switzerland, in the canton of Vaud, at the W. extremity of the lake of Neufchâtel, 17 m. N. by W. of Lausanne. Pop. 3,460. (P. C.)

Yvetot, eev'-to', a t. of France, in the dep. of Lower Seine, 20 m. N. W. of Rouen. Pop. 7,923. (M.)

ZAANDAM, zlån-dảm', often written SAARDAM, a t. and former celebrated naval arsenal of Holland, on the Zaan, an affluent of the Y. It is remarkable for the great number of windmills in its vicinity. Lat. 52° 26' N., Lon. 4° 50' E. Pop. near 12,000. (P. C.)

ZACATECAS, såk-i-tal-kås, a city of Mexico, cap. of a state of the same


ou, as in our; th, as in thin; th, as in this; n, nearly like ng.

Lat. about 22° 50' N., Lon. 102° 30' W. Pop. estimated at 25,000. (B.)

Zahara. See SAHARA.

ZAM-o'-rẠ or thả-mo'-rå, an ancient city of Spain, cap. of a prov. of the same name, on thc Douro, 34 m. N. W. of Salamanca. Pop. 10,000. (B.)

ZANESİ-VILLE, a t. of Ohio, cap. of Muskingum co., on the r. Muskingum, 48 m. E. of Columbus. Pop. 4,766.

ZANGUIBAR, zang'-ge-bar!, the name of a region on the E. coast of Africa, of which very little is known. It appears to extend from about 4° N. to 17° or 18° S. Lat.

Zant-se (Anc. Zacyn/thus), one of the Ionian Islands, about 10 m. from the W. coast of the Morea. It is about 20 m. long and 10 broad. Pop. 35,348. (M.)

Zante, the cap. of an archiepiscopal town, is on the E. side of the island. Lat. 37° 47' N., Lon. 20° 54' 32" E. Pop. about 19,000. (B.)

Zan'-Z-BAR', au i. on the E. coast of Africa, belonging to the Imâm of Muscat. Lat. about 6° S., Lon. 39o E.

ZANZIBAR, the cap. of the above, is said to be a flourishing commercial town, and has a pop. estimated at above 10,000. (B.)

Zara, zål-rå, (Anc. Jaldera.) an archiepiscopal t., cap. of Dalmatia, on the Adriatic, 150 m. S. E. of Venice. It is fortified, is the centre of an active commerce, and has some important manufactures. Lat. 44° 6' N., Lon. 15° 10' E. Pop. about 5,000. (B.)

Zaragoza. See SARAGOSSA.

ZEALAND, zeel-lạnd, (Dan. Sjæland, sell-lånd, i. e. “sea-land,") the largest and most important of the Danish Islands, situated between 54° 55 and 56° 10' N. Lat., and 10° 50' and 12° 35' E. Lon. Length 80 m.; greatest breadth about 65 m. Area estimated at 2,800 sq. m. Pop. 400,000. (P. C.)

ZEALAND (Dutch, Zeeland', zal-lånd, i. e. “sea-land"), a prov. in the W. part of Holland, situated partly between the two great branches of the Scheldt, and bordering on the sea. Area 580 sq. m. Pop. 155,593. (P. C.)

Zebu or CEBU, se-boo', (Sp. pron. tha-bool) one of the Philippine Islands, intersected by the 10th parallel of N. Lat., and the meridian of 123° 30' E. Lon. It is above 120 m. long, and from 10 to 30 m. wide.

Zerroun, (Zeïtov,) zaë-toon', a small fortified t. of Greece, near a gulf of the same name. Lat. 38° 58' N., Lon. about 22° 40' E.

Zeitz, tsites, a t. of Prussian Saxony, on the Elster, 22 m. W. S. W. of Leipsic. Pop. above 7,000. (B.)


ZERBST, tserbst, a manufacturing t. of Anhalt-Dessau, formerly the residence of the duke of Anhalt-Zerbst, 22 m. S. E. of Magdeburg. Pop. about 8,000. (B.)

Zuit -O-MEER' (Jitomir or Schitomir-in Polish, Žitomirz, zhit-o. meer zh), a t. of European Russia, cap. of Volbynia, 75 m. S. W. of Kief. Pop. 17,434. (M.)

Fate, får, fall, fåt; mė, mėt; pine or pine, pin; nó, ndt; oo as in good.

Zittau, tsit-tou, a manufacturing and commercial t. of Saxony, 50 m. E. S. E. of Dresden. Pop. 9,000. (B.)

ZOLLVEREIN, tsoll/-fer-ine', or “Customs-Union," a commercial league recently formed in Germany for the purpose of establishing a unform rate of custom3. It includes Prussia, Bavaria, Baden, Würtemberg, Saxony, and several smaller states.

ZoMl-Bor', a royal free t. of Hungary, cap. of the county of Bács (båảch), 118 m. S. by E. of Pesth. Pop. estimated at above 18,000. (B.)

Zug, zoog or tsoog, a canton in the N. central part of Switzerland, on a lake of its own name. It is the smallest state in the confederation. Area 85 sq. m. Pop. 15,300. (P. C.) Also the cap. of the above, on the N. E. side of the L. of Zug. Pop. about 2,500. (M.) The L. of Zug is about 9 m. long and 3 wide.

ZULLICHAU, tsüll-le-kou, a manufacturing t. of Prussia, near the right bank of the Oder. Lat. 52° 10' N., Lon. 15° 37' E. Pop. 4,700. (B.)

ZÜLPICH, tsüll-pik, (Anc. Tolbiacum,) a small t. of the Prussian States, 20 m. S. W. of Cologne, remarkable for its historical associations. Here Clovis, the king of the Franks, gained a great victory over the Alemanni, A. D. 496.

ZÜRICH, zul-rik, (Ger. pron. tsül-rik,) a canton in the N. E. part of Switzerland, bordering on the Rhine. Area 690 sq. m. Pop. 231,576. (P.)

ZÜRICH (Anc. Tulricum), the cap. of the above, is beautifully situ. ated on the Limmat, at its egress from the L. of Zürich, 60 m. N. E. of Bern. It is a distinguished seat of literature and science. Among its various institutions, we may name the Academy, which, with the admirable Institute of Medicine and Surgery, forms a complete university (B.); and the Town Library, with 45,000 vols. Here, also, is a topographical model in relief, representing the whole of Switzerland; it was executed by Müller, and is regarded as one of the most admirable works of its kind. Lat. 47° 23' N., Lon. 8° 31' E. Pop. 14,500. (P. C.)

ZÜRICH, LAKE OF, situated principally in the N. part of the canton of Zürich, is about 24 m. in length, and from 1 to 2 m. in breadth.

ZUT/-PAỆN, a fortified t. of Holland, on the Yssel. Lat. 52° 8' N., Lon. 6° 12° E. Pop. 11,000. (P.C.) Zuyder (or Zuider) ZEE, zil-der zee, (Dutch pron. zoil-dęr zay,

i. e. “South Sea,") a bay of the North Sea, in the N. W. part of Holland. Length about 90 m.; greatest breadth 50 m.

ZWEIBRÜCKEN or ZwEYBRÜCKEN. See Deux-PONTS. ZWICKAU, tswik/-kou, a t. of the kingdom of Saxony, on the Mulde, 58 m. S. W. of Dresden. Pop. 7,400. (B.)

Zwoll, a fortified t. of Holland, cap. of the prov. of Overyssel, about 60 m. E. N. E. of Amsterdam. Pop. 13,000. (B.)

ZwORI-NIK (Turk. Iz'-vor'-neek!,) a t. of European Turkey, in Bosnia, cap. of an inferior pashalik (sa njak) of its own name. Lat. 44° 30'N., Lon. 19° 10' E. 'Pop. estimated at 14,000. (B.)



[Extracted from the American Almanac, for 1845.]




Foun- Stu Volumes in Name.


ded. dents. Libraries. 1 Bowdoin


1794 182 24,860 Waterville

Waterville, do. 18:20 70 7,000 Dartmouth


N. H|1769 331 16,500 4 University of Vermont..


1791 109

9,200 5 Middlebury.

Middlebury, do. 1800 56 7,054 6 Norwich University.

Norwich, do.

1234| 104 7 Harvard University

Cambridge, Mass. 1630 250 61,000 Williams...

Williamstown, do. 1793 144 7,500 9|Amherst

Amherst, do. 1821 142 15,000 10 Holy Crossę.



1843 11 Brown University".

Providence, R. I. 1764 169 17,700 12 Yale ......

New Haven, Conn. 1700 383 34,000 13 Washington

Hartford, do. 1824 72 7,900 14 Wesleyan Universityi.

Middletown, do. 1831) 110 11,000 15 Columbiat..

New York,

N. Y. 1754

95 14,000 16 Union....

Schenectady, do. 1795 222 13,000 17 Hamilton


do. 1812 113 7,000 18 Hamilton Literary and Theological*. Hamilton, do, 1819 74 4,600 19 Genevat.



66 5,400 20 University of New York..

New York, do. 1831 151 2 St. John'sg.

Rose Hill, do. 1843 22 College of New Jersey.

N. J. 1746 190

12,500 23 Rutgers ...

N. Brunswick, do. 1770 21 12,000 24 University of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia, Penn. 1755 111 5,000 25 Dickinsont



1783 92 11,200 26 Jefferson ..

Canonsburg, do. 1802 164 4,500 27 Washington.

Washington, do. 1806 76 3,300 2- Alleghanyi.


1815 100 8,000 29 Pennsylvania..


do. 1832 76 2,270 30 Lafayette



1832 130 5,000 31 Marshall


do. 1836' 49 32 Western University of Pennsylvania. Pittsburg,


1219 64 33 Newark


Del. 1833 100 3,500 34 St. John's.

Annapolis, Md. 1784 27 4,000 35 St. Mary'sg.


do. 1799 160 12,000 36 Mount St. Mary'sg.

Emmetsburg, do,

1830 130 3,500 37 Georgetowng

Georgetown, D. C. (1789 140 25,000 3 Columbian


do. 1821 25 4,200 39 William and Maryt

Williamsburg, Va. 1693 98 5,000 40 Hampden-Sidney.

Prince Ed. Co. do. 1783 65 8,000 41 Washington

Lexington, do. 1812 136 2,700 42 University of Virginia.

Charlottesville, do. 1819 170 16,000 43 Randolph-Macont

Boydton, do.

1832 73 44 Emory and Henryi.

Glade Spring, do.

1839 46 2,800 45 Rector.

Harrison Co., do. 1839 50 46 University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, N. C. 1789 160 10,000 47 Davidson

Mecklenburg, do. 1838

1,150 4 Wake Forest.

Wake Forest, do. 18:38 24 4,700 49 Charleston ..

Charleston, S. C. 1795 50 3,000 50 South Carolina.

Colunbia, do. 1804 134 13,000 51 Franklin..


1785 116 11,000 52 Oglethorpe..

Midway, do. 1836 65 2,000 53 Emory!


do. 1837 70 54 Mercer University.


55 Christ College and Episcopal Institutiont. Montpelier, do. 1839 35
56 University of Alabama.

Ala. 1828 0

6,000 57 La Granget.

La Grange. do. 1831 106

2,200 54 Spring Hills

Spring Hill, do. 1630 70 59 Centenary i

Brandon Spings, Miss. 1841 170 60 Oakland ...

Oakland, do. 1831 160 61 Louisiana.

Jackson, La. 1825 109 1,850 62 Jefferson

Bringiers, do. 1831 122 5,500 63 sı. Charless

Grand Coteau, do.

65 64 Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge,

do. 1838 45 300 05 Franklin.

Opelousas, do. 1839 70 66 Greenville

Greenville, Tenn. 1794 41 3,000 67 Washington

Washington Co. do. 1794 43 1,000





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