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and sheep,* the wolf, the panther or Ame- | Camden, pv. Carroll co. Ind. 74 N of Is. rican tiger, the wild horse, ihe antelope, and Camden, pv. Schuyler co. III. 72 www of Sa. deer. Beavers abound on many of the streams, Camden, pv. Ray co. Mo. on Missouri r. particularly the upper tributaries of the Colo- CAMEL'S RUMP, one of the highest peaks of rado. The birds of this country are gene the Green Mis. Vt. 17 w of Montpelier. rally similar to those of the United States. CAMERON, pt. Steuben co. N.Y. on Canisteo T.

In some of the fertile portions of California, CAMILLUS, pt. ondaga co.N.Y.7w Syracuse wheat of an excellent quality is produced in CAMPBELL, tp. Steuben co. N.Y. 10 sk of Bath. abundance. Indian corn, potatoes, beans, Campbell C. H. pv. Campbell co. Va. 125 peas, &c., grow well. The climate and soil ap Wsw of Richmond. pear also to be exceedingly well adapted io Campbell, ip. Warwick co. Ind. ihe cultivation of grapes.

CAMPBELLSBURG, pv. Henry co. Ky: 30 nw of The white inhabitants of this country, with Frankfort.

[w of Ne. the exception of the American immigrants, CAMPBELLSVILLE, pv. Giles co. Tenn. 67 s by resemble those of the other parts of Mexico, Campbellsville, pv. Greene co. Ky. 77 ssw of being indolent, and fond of outward show; Frankfort.

(on Chattahoochee r. they are said to be much addicted to gambling: CAMPBELLTON, pv. cap. of Campbell co. Ga. They abound in horses, and are generally CAMPBELL TOWN, pv. Lebanon co. Pa. 15 e of fearless and expert riders; in this respect the Harrisburg. women are said to be nearly equal to the men. Camp Branch, tp. Warren co. Mo. 'The chief American setilement in Califor. CAMP CREEK, ip. Pike co. O.

(Cd. nia is NUEVA HELVETIA, in the valley of the CAMPTON, pt. Grafton co. N. H.47 n by w of Sacramento river. The principal towns are Camptowx, pv. Essex co. N.J. 3 sw of NewMONTEREY, San Diego, PUEBLO DE LOS AN


(bec r. GELES, San Francisco, and SANTA BARBARA.CANAAN, pt. Somerset co. Me. on the KenneThese will be noticed under their respective Canaan, pt. Grafton co. N. H. 40 nw of Cd. heads.

Canaan, pt. Essex co. Vt. on Connecticut r.

Canaan, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. on HousaCAL-LA-POO'YA INDIANs, a tribo in Oregon, tonic r. dwelling s of the Columbia, and E of the Canaan, pt. Columbia co. N. Y. 24 SE of Al. Willamette river.

[of H. Canaan, pt. Wayne co. Pa. 160 NE of H. CALLENSBURG, pv. Clarion co. Pa. 190 wnw Canaan, ip. Athens co. O. on Hockhocking r. Calumet, tp. Pike co. Mo. (L. Winnebago. Canaan, ip. Madison co. O. CALUMET VILLAGE, pv. Calumet co. Wis. on Canaan, tp. Marion co. O. CALVARY, tp. Franklin co. Mo.

Canaan, pt. Wayne co. O. CALVIN, tp. Cass co. Mich.

Canaan, tp. Hillsdale co. Mich. CAMANCHE, pv. cap. of Clinton co. Iowa, on Canaan, pv. Jefferson co. Ind. 84 Sse of Is. the Mississippi river.


SE of Albany.

(N.Y. 25 sw of Al. CAMBRIA, pt. Niagara co. N.Y.

CANAAN FOUR CORNERS, pv. Columbia co. Cambria, ip. Cambria co. Pa.

CANADIAN T. See NORTH CANADIANT. CAMBRIDGE, pt. Somerset co. Me. 60 x of A. CANADICE, pt. Ontario co. N.Y. 218 w of Al. Cambridge, tp. Coos co. N. H. on Androscog- CANAJOHARIE. See GAZETTEER. gin river

CANAL, pt. Venango co. Pa. 220 NW of H. Cambridge, pt. Lamoille co. Vr. on Lamoille r. CANAL FULTON, pv. Tuscarawas co. O. on the Cambridge, Mass. See GAZETTEER.

Ohio canal. Cambridge, pt. Wn. co. N.Y. 34 x by E of Al. CANANDAIGUA, N. Y. See GAZETTEER. Cambridge, pv. cap. of Dorchester co. Md. 60 Canandaigua, v. Lenawee co. Mich. 17 w of SE of Annapolis. [N of Ca. Adrian.

(Ne. Cambridge, pv. Abbeville dist. S. C. 80 w by CANABAUGA, pv. Bradley co. Tenn. 170 se of Cambridge, pv. Dallas co. Ala. 84 s by E of T. CANASTO'TA, pv. Madison co. N. Y. on tho Cambridge, pv. cap. of Guernsey co. 0.77 E Erie canal. of Columbus.

CANDIA, pi. Rockingham co. N. H. 18 se of Cd. Cambridge, pt. Lenawee co. Mich. 66 sw D. CANDOR, pt. Tioga co. N. Y. 8 n of Owego. Cambridge, pv. Wayne co. Ind. 52 E of Is. Candor, pv. Washington co. Pa. 225 w of H. CAMBRIDGEPORT, pv. Middlesex cu. Mass. 2 CANEADEA, pt. Alleghany co. N. Y. 10 n of w of Boston.

(Bay Angelica CAMDEN, pt. Waldo co. Me. on Penobscot CANE Hill, pt. Washington co. Ark. Camden, pt. Oneida co. N.Y. on Fish cr. CANFIELD, pi. Trurnbull co. O. 160 NE of Cs. Carden, city, Camden co. N.J.on the De- CANISTEO, pt. Steunen co. N.Y. on Canisteo r.

laware river, opposite Philadelphia. CANISTEO r. NY. flows into the Tioga. Camden, pv. Kent co. Del. 3 s of Dover. CANXONSBURG, Pa. See GAZETTEER. Camden, pv. cap. of Camdenco. N.C. on Pas CANNOUCHEE (kan-oo'che) r. Ga. the largest quotank river.

(Wateree r. affluent of the Ogeechee. Coinuen, pv. cap. of Kershaw dist. S. C. on CANO'GA, pv. Seneca co. N.Y. near Cayuga L. Camdeni, pv. Madisin co. Miss. 40 N by E of J. CANONICUT I. R. I. in Narraganset Bay. Camden, pv. cap. of Benton co. Tenn. 80 w Ne. CANTERBURY, P1. Merrimack co. N.H.8 Ca. Camden, pv. Shelby co. Ky. 30 w of F. Canterbury, pi. Windham co. Conn. 40 E Hd. Camden, ip. Lorain co. O.

Canterbury, pv. Orange co. N.Y. 1 w of HudCamden, pv. Preble co. 0. 100 Wow of Cs. son river. Carden, pt. Hillsdale co. Mich. 120 SE of D. Canterbury, pv. Kent co. Del. 8 s of Dover.

Canton, pt. Oxford co. Me. on AndroscogThe habit at of these two animals. aperan to be limited Canton, pt. Norfolk co. Mass. 16 8 by w of B. to the northera part of the mountainous regiou.

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Canton, pl. Hartford co. Conn. 13 NW of Hd. Carroll, tp. Pery co. Pa.
Canton, pv. cap. of St. Lawrence co. N.Y. on Carroll, ip. Washington co. Pa.
Grass river.

Carroll, tp. York co. Pa.
Canton, pv. Salem co. N. J. 70 ssw of Tn. Carroll, pv. Carroll co. Ind. on the Wabash r.
Canton, pt. Bradford co. Pa. on Towanda cr. CARROLLSVILLE, pv. Tishamingo co. Miss. 200
Canton, ip. Washington co. Pa.

NE of Jackson.

{www of M. Canton pv. cap. of Cherokee co. Ga. on CARROLLTON, pv. cap. of Carroll co. Ga. 130 Etowah river.

Carrollton, pv. cap. of Pickens co. Ala. 42 w T. Canton, pv. Wilcox co. Ala. 90 s by E of T. Carrollton, pv.cap. of Carroll co. Miss. 90 x). Canton, pv. cap. of Madison co. Miss. 23 Carrollton, pv. cap. of Carroll co. Ark. by E of Jackson.

Carrollton, pv. cap. Carroll co. Ky. on Ohio r. Canton, pv. Lawrence co. Ark.

Carrollton, pv. cap. of Carroll co. 0. (of Sd. Canton, pv. Trigg co. Ky. on Cumberland r. Carrollton, pv. cap. of Greene co. I. 70 sw Canton, pv. cap. of Stark co. O. 120 ne of Cs. Carrollton, pv. Carroll co. Mo. 6 x of Mo. T. Canton, ip. Wayne co. Mich.

CARROLLVILLE, py. Wayne co. Tenn. 110 sw Canton, pv. Washington co. Ind. 97 s of Is. of Nashville. Canton, pv. Fulton co. III. 70 nxw of Sd. CARSONVILLE, pv. Talbot co. Ga. 75 W8W M. CANTON CENTRE, pv, of Canton pt. Conn. CARTERSVILLE, pv. Cumberland co. Va, on CANTONMENT Gieson, or FORT Gibson, pv.

James river. and military slation in the Indian Ter., on CARTHAGE, pl. Franklin co. Me. 40 nw of A.

Neosho r. near its entrance into Arkansas r. Carthage, pv. Jefferson co. N.Y. on Black r. CANTWELL'S BRIDGE, pv. New Castle co. Carthage, v. Monroe co. N.Y. 2 N of RoDel. 24 n by w of Dover.

chester, at the lower falls of the Genesee r. CANYVILLE, pv. Grayson co. Ky. 170 sw of F. Carthage, pv. cap. of Moore co. N C. SO SW CAPE COD, Mass. See GAZETTEER.

of Raleigh. CAPE ELIZABETH, tp. Me. 6 s of Portland. Carthage, pv. Tuscaloosa co. Ala. 17 of T. CAPE FEAR, N. C. See GAZETTEER.

Carihage, pv. cap. of Leake co. Miss. 57 NEJ. Care GIRARDEAU, pv. Cape Girardeau co. Carthage, pv. cap. of Smith co. Tenn. on Cum. Mo. on the Mississippi.

berland river, 52 E of Nashville. (nati CAPE Island, pv. Cape May co. N.J. on the Carthage, pv. Hamilton co. 0.8 N of Cincin

shore of the Atlantic. It is a place of great Carthage, ip. Athens co. O.
resort for the citizens of Philadelphia, Carthage, pv. Rush co. Ind. 32 ESE of Is.
during the warm season.

Carthage, pv. cap. of Hancock co. III. 108
CAPE MAY, the s extremity of N. J. (N. J. www of Springħeld.
Cape May C.H. pv. cap. of Cape May co. CARVER, pt. Plymouth co. Mass. 47 se of B.
CAPE NEDDOCK, York co. Me. a barren head- CASCADE RANGE, a chain of mountains in the
land projecting into the Atlantic.

w part of Oregon, running in general nearly CAPEVILLE, pv. Northampton co. Va. on n and s, at the distance or from 100 10 200 m. Chesapeake bay near Cape Charles.

from the Pacific. It is a continuation of the CAPE VINCENT, N.Y. See GAZETTEER. Sierra Nevada of California. The name is CARBONDALE, pv. Luzerne co. Pa. 160 NNE H. derived from the cascades of the Columbia, CAR'DEN-As, a sea-port on the x side of Cuba, which are formed where this river breaks

28 m. E of Matanzas. A railroad extends through the Cascade Range. from this place s to Bemba, 18 m.

Casco Bay, on the coast of Me. E of Portland. CARDIFF, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y.

It contains several hundred islands. CARDINGTON, pv. Marion co. 0. 36 x of Cs. CASEVILLE, pv. Ulster co. N.Y. 76 ssw of Al. CARLINVILLE, pv. cap. of Macoupin co. II. Cashtown, pv. Adams co. Pa. 43 sw of H. 40 ssw of Springfield.

CASHVILLE, pv. Spartanburg dist. S. C. CARLISLE, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 19 nw B. Cass, pl. Hancock co. O. 100 Nw of Cs. Carlisle, pt. Schoharie co. N.Y. 36 w of Al. Cass, pt. Ionia co. Mich. 133 www of D. Carlisle, Pa. See GAZETTEER.

Cass r. Mich. flows into the Saginaw. (N.Y. Carlisle, pv. Troup co. Ga. 130 w M. (of F. CASSADAGA, a lake and cr. of Chautauque co. Carlisle, pv. cap. of Nicholas co. Ky. 53 ENE CAssoPolis, pv. cap. of Cass co. Mich. on Carlisle, tp. Lorain co. O.

Stone Lake. Carlisle, pv. Sullivan co. Ind. 100 sw of Is. Cassville, pv. Oneida co. N.Y. 86 NNW of Al. CARLTON, pt. Orleans co. N.Y.on L. Ontario. Cassville, pv. cap. of Cass co. Ga. 140 NW M. CARLYLE, pv. cap. Clinton co. III. 95 s of Su. Cassville, pv. Grant co. Wis. on Mississippi r. CARMEL, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 61 Ne of A. CASTILE, Pt. Wyoming co.N.Y.on Geneseer. Carmel, pv. cap. of Putnam co. N.Y. 100 s AI.CASTINE, Me. See GAZETTEER. Carmel, pv. St. Joseph co. Ind. 130 N of Is. CASTLEMAN's r. Pa. an aflluent of the YoughCarmel, pt. Eaton co. Mich. (Wabash r. jogheny.

(river. CARMI, pv. cap. of White co. III. on Little CASTLETON, pt. Rutland co. Vt. on Castleton CARNESVILLE, pv. cap. of Franklin co. Ga. 110 Castleton, pv. Rensselaer co. N. Y. on the N of Mille. Igeville.

Hudson river. CAROLINE, pt. Tompkins co.N.Y.12 se Ithaca. Castleton, tp. Richmond co. N. Y. on end CARONDELET, pv. St. Louis co. Mo. on the of Staten Island. Mississippi river.

CASTOR, Ip. Madison co. Mo. (of San Antonio. CARPENTER'S LANDING, pv. Gloucester co. CASTROVILLE, a v. of Bexar co. Texas, 15 w

N. J. on Mantua cr. 4s of Woodbury. CataHOOLA, r. and lake of La communicating CARRITUNK, pv. Somerset co. Md. 75 Sše An. with the Washita. CARROLL, pt. Coos co. N. H. on nw base of CATAWBA 1. N. C. See GAZETTEER. the White Mountains.

CATAWBA SPRINGS, pv. Lincoln co. N. C. 158 Carroll, pt. Chautauque co. N.Y.

w by s of Raleigh.

(quehanna r. Carroll, ip. Cambria co. Pa.

Catawissa, pt. Columbia co. Pa. on the Sus

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CATAWISSA FORGE, pv. Columbia co. Pa, 87, CENTRE HARBOUR, pt. Belknap co. N. H. 41
NNE of Harrisburg.

x of Concord,
CATHARINE, St. an important t. of Canada W.

CENTRE HILL, pv. Bucks co. Pa. (NNE H. at the junction of the Welland canal with CENTRE MORELAND, pv. Luzerne co. Pa. 136

Lake Ontario. Pop. estimated at 6,000. CENTRE Port, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. on Great
CATHARINE's, pl. Chemung co. N.Y. 16 n of Cow harbour.

CENTRE VILLAGE, pv. Camden co. Ga. (B.
CATHARINE's, St. an i. of Liberty co. Ga. CENTREVILLE, pv. Barnstable co. Mass. 78 SE

10 m. long. North of it is St. Catharine's Centreville, pv. Kent co. R. I. on Pawtuxet r.

(Ohio r. Centreville, pt. Alleghany co. N.Y. 265 w Al.
CATLETTSBURG, pv. Greenup co. Ky on the Centreville, v. Butler co. Pa.
CATlin, ip. Chemung co. N. Y. 10 Elmira. Centreville, pv. Crawford co. Pa. 240 NW H.
CATO, pt. Cayuga co. N. Y. 12 N of Auburn. Centreville, v. Wayne co. Pa. (Doyer.
CATO, Tp. Sieuben co. N, Y. 25 SE of Bath. Centreville, pv. New Castle co. Del. 54 n of
CaTONSVILLE, pv. Baltimore co. Md. 36 x An. Cenireville, pv. cap. Queen Anne co. Md. 40
CAT-OR'CE, a t. of Mexico, about 150 m. s of E of Annapolis.

Monterey, famous for its rich silver mines. Centreville, pv. Fairfax co. Va. 110 N of R.

Centreville, pv. Laurens dist. S.C. 90 sw Ca.
CAUGHNAWAGA, kau nă-wau'gà, v. Montgo- Centreville, pv. Wilkes co. Ga. 77 NNE of M.

mery co. N.Y. on the Mohawk r. (98E T. Centreville, pv. cap. of Bibb co. Ala. on Ca-
CAULEYSVILLE, pv. Covington co. Ala. 200 hawba river, 32 se of Tuscaloosa. (cr.
CAVENDISH, pt. Windsor co. Vt. on Black r. Centreville, pv. Amite co. Miss. on Dawson's
CAVE HILL, ip. Washington co. Ark.

Centreville, pv. $1. Mary's par. La. on Bayou
CAVETOWX, pv. Wn. co. Md. 107 NW of An. Teche.

(54 sw of Ne. CAYES. See Aux CAYES.

Centreville, pv. cap. of Hickman co. Tenn.
CAYMAN (Lake), ki-man', i. e." alligator," a Centreville, pv. Bourbon co. Ky. 28 E of F.

Jake of Mexico, lying partly in the state of Centreville, pv. Montgomery co. 0.9 $ by B
Chihuahua, and partly in that of Durango, of Dayton.

(on Prairie r. about 230 m. wnw of Monterey. Its length Centreville, pv. cap. of St. Joseph co. Mich. is perhaps 40 m.

(Lake. Centreville, pv. cap. of Wayne co. Ind. on CAYUGA, pv. Cayuga co. N. Y. on Cayuga White-water s. 62 e Is. IN.Y. 39 NE AL. CAYUSE (kah-yucel) Indians, a tribe of Ore Centre WHITE CREEK, pv. Washington co. gon, dwelling s of the Columbia, and E of CERES, tp. M'Kean co. Pa. 16 nw Smithport. Fall river.

CERESTowx, py. M'Kean co. Pa. on a branch CAYUTA, pt. Chemung co. N.Y. 12 NE Elmira. of the Alleghany.

(Cadiz. CAZExovia, pt. Madison co. N. Y. 113 w by CERULEAN SPRINGS, pv. Trigg co. nof N of Albany

CHAGRES, chah'gres, a sea-port of New GraCEARCY, tp. Phillips co. Ark.

nada, on the N side of the isthmus of Pana. CECIL, Tp. Wn co. Pa. 10 NE Washington, Pa. ma. The American and British Pacific CECILTOWN, pv. Cecil co. Md. 78 NE of An. mails are transmitted through this place to CEDAR, Tp. Boone co. Mo.

Panama, from which it is distant abont 60 Cedar, ip. Callaway co. Mo.


(w of Ne. CEDAR BLUFF, pv. cap. Cherokee co. Ala. 152 CHALK LEVEL, pv. Humphreys co. Tenn. 70 NB of Tuscaloosa.

CHAMBERLAND, pv. M'Nairy co. Tenn. 146 > CEDAR CR. pv. Sussex co. Del.

w by w of Nashville. Cedar Cr. tp. Cooper co. Mo.

CHAMBERS C.H. or LA FAYETTE, pv. cap. of Cedar Cr. tp. Allen co. Ind.

Chambers co. Alabama, 164 E by s of T. CEDAR SWAMP, pv. Queen's co. Long Island. CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. See GAZETTEER. (of Cs. CEDARTOWN, pv. cap. of Paulding co. Ga. on Chambersburg, pv. Montgomery co. 0. 75 SW Tallapoosa river.

Chambersburg, v. Columbia co. o. CEDARVILLE, pv. Herkimer co. N.Y.79 w by Chambersburg, pv. Pike co. III. 63 w of Sd. n of Albany,

(cr. CHAMBLISSBURG, pv. Bedford co. Va. 156 w Cedarville, py. Cumberland co. N.J. on Cedar

by s of Richmond. CELINA, pv. cap. of Mercer co. O. on the grand , CHAMBLY T. See GAZETTEER. reservoir of the Miami canal.

CHAMPIon, pt. Jefferson co. N.Y. on Black r. CENTRAL, !p. St. Louis co. Mo. (43 E HD. Champion, ip. Trumbullco. 0.5

x of Warren. CENTRAL VILLAGE, pv. Windham co. Conn. CHAMPLAIN, pt. Clinton co. N.Y. on Chazy r. CENTRE, tp. Butler co. Pa.

CHANCEFORD, pt. York co. Pa. 47 sse of H. Centre, tp. Greene co. Pa.

CHANDLERVILLE, ip. Somerset co. Me. on SeCentre, tp. Indiana co. Pa.

bosticook riyer. Centre, pt. Perry co. Pa. 36 nw of H.

CHANNING, pt. Lenawee co. Mich. Centre, tp. Union co. Pa.

CHAPALA, chab-pah'lă, a lake of Mexico, in Centre, tp. Carroll co. 0.

Jalisco, 70 m. long and 30 wide. Centre, ip. Columbiana co. O. on Beaver r. CHAPEL HILL, pv. Orange co.N.C. 28 nw Rh. Centre, tp. Guernsey co. O.

Chapel Hill, pv. Marshall co. Tenn. 38 s Ne. Centre, tp. Monroe co. O.

CHAPLIN, pt. Windham co. Conn. 37 E by x Hd. Centre, ip. Morgan co. O.

CHAPMAN, pt. Union co. Pa. 42 n by w of H. Centre, tp. Rush co. O.

Chapman, ip. Clinton co. Pa. Centre, ip. Hancock co. Ind.

CHAPTICO, pv. St. Mary's co. Md. 75 s of An. Centre, ip. Marion co. Ind. See INDIANAPOLIS. CHAR'CAS, a t. of Mexico, in the state of San Centre, tp. Wayne co. Ind.

Luis Potosi. In its vicinity are rich silver CENTREBURG, pv. Knox co. O. 36 NE of Cs. mines. Lat. 23° 10' N, Lon. 1000 40 w. CENTREFIELD, pv. Ontario co. N.Y. 200 w by Pop. estimated at 5,000. N of Albany.

CHARDON, py. cap. of Geauga co. O. 170 NE Cs.

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CHARITON r. Mo. flows into the Mississippi r., CHAUMONT, pv. Jef. co. N.Y. on Chaumont Chariton, tp. Howard co. Mo.


son Chautauque er. Chariton, pv. Chariton co. Mo. on Missouri r. CHAUTAUQUE, tp. cap. of Chautauque co. N.Y. CHARLEMONT, pt. Franklin co. Mass. on Deer- Chautauque, L. in the centre of Chautauque field river.

(bour. co. N.Y. is about 18 m. long, and from I to CHARLES r. Mass. empties into Boston har. 3 miles wide. CHARLES CITY C. H. cap. Charles City co. Chazy, pt. Clinton co. N.Y.on L. Champlain Va. 45 sk by E of Richmond.

Chazy r. Clinton co. N.Y. flows into L. ChamCHARLES, ST. pv. cap. of St. Charles co. Mo. plain. 20 yw of St. Louis.

CHELMSFORD, pv. Middlesex co. Mass, on the CHARLESTON, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 98 NE A. Merrimack river.

(Montpelier. Charleston, tp. Orleans co. Vt. 55 NNE Mır. CHELSEA, pv. cap. of Orange co. Vi. 21 SE of Charleston, pi. Montgomery co. N.Y. 40 wxw Chelsea, tp. Suffolk co. Mass. 4 SE of B. of Albany.

CHELTENHAM, tp. Montgomery co. Pa. Charleston, pt. Tioga co. Pa. 146 x of H. CHEMUNG I. N. Y. forined by the junction of Charleston, S. C. See GAZETTEER. (of J. the Conhocton and Tioga-flows into the Charleston, pv. Tallahatchee co. Miss. 136 x Susquehanna

(mang r. Charleston, pv. Bradley co. Tenn. 167 se Ne. Chemung, tp. Chemang co. N. Y. on CheCharleston, pr. Kalamazoo co. Mich. 127 w D. CHENANGO r. of N. Y. Howing into the Sus. Charleston, pv.cap. of Clarke co. Ind. 100 SSE quehanna at Binghamlon. (quehanna r. of Indianapolis

Chenango, tp. Broome co. N. Y. on the Sea Charleston, pv. Peoria co. III. 90 n of Sd. (1. Chenango, pt. Beaver co. Pa. CHARLESTOwx, pt. Sullivan co. N. H. on Conn. CHENANGO FORKs, pv. Broome co. N. Y. on Charlestown, Mass. See GAZETTEER. Chenango river. [of New Orleans. Charlestiwn, pt. Washington co. R. I. 45 ssW CHENEYVILLE, pv. Rapides par. LA. 265 27 of Providence.

CHEPACKET, pv. Providence co. R. I. 16 w by Charlestown, pv. Cecil co. Md. 70 NE of An. N of Providence.

(Pedee 1. Charlestown, pv. cap. of Jefferson co. Va. CHERAW, pv. Chesterfield dist. S.C. on Great 168 N of Richmond.

CHEROKEE, pv. Logan co. O. 75 xw of Cs. Charlestown, tp. Chester co. Pa.

CHEROKEE CORNER, pv. Oglethorpe co. Ga. Charlestown, pt. Portage co. O. 145 NE of Cs. 77 N of Milledgeville. CHARLOE, pv. cap. Paulding co. O. 137 nw Cs. CHEROKEE IRON Works, pv. York dist. S. C. CHARLOTTE, pt. Washington co. Me.

104 x of Columbia.
Charlotte, Chittenden co. Vt. 54 w of Mtr. CHEROKEES. See GAZETTEER.
Charlotte, ip. Chautauque co. N.Y.

CHERRY, tp. Butler co. Pa.
Charlotte, pv. Monroe co.N.Y. on Genesee r. CHERRY CREEK, pt. Chautauque co. N. Y.
Charlotte C. H. pv. cap. of Charlotte co. Va. E of Mayville.

(Narraguagus r. 98 Wsw of Richmond. [on Sugar r. CHERRYFIELD, tp. Washington co. Me. oa Charlotte, pv. cap. of Mecklenburg co. N.C. CHERRY GROVE, v. St. Clair co. 1.8 SE of Charlotte, pv. cap. of Dickson co. Penn. 38 w Belleville.

(Harrisburg, by x or Nashville.

CHERRY RIDGE, pv. Wayne co. Pa. 167 NE of Charlotte, pt. Eaton co. Mich. 116 w by s D. CHERRY TREE, Pi. Venango co. Pa. (AL CHARLOTTE HARBOUR, Flor. See GASPARIL- ' CHERRY VALLEY, pt. Otsego co. N. Y. 55 W LA SOUND.

(s of An. ! Cherry Valley, pv. Ashtabula co. O. CHARLOTTE Hall, pv. St. Mary's co. Md. 68 CHERRYVILLE, pv. Northampton co. Pa. 107 CHARLOTTEVILLE, pv. cap. Albemarle co. Va. ENE of Harrisburg. (Chesapeake Bay.

on Moore's creek, 85 xw of Richmond. CHESAPEAKE CITY, pv. Cecil. co. Md. on CHARLOTTESVILLE, pv. Hancock co. Ind. 28 ! CHESHIRE, pt. Berkshire co. Mass, on HooE of Indianapolis. (w of B. sick river.

(Hartford. CHARLTON, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 53 sw by Cheshire, pl. New Haven co. Conn. 25 ssi Charlton, pt. Saratoga co. N.Y.25 NNW of Al. Cheshire, pv. Ontario co. N. Y. 200 w of Al. CHARTIERS cr. a small river of Pa. flows into Cheshire, pt. Gallia co. O. on the Ohio r.

the Ohio river, 4 miles below Pittsburg. CHESNUT Hill, pv. Philadelphia co. Pa. 9 xw Chartiers, tp. Wn. co. Pa. 6 n of Wn. Pa. of Philadelphia. CHATEAUGUAY, pt. Franklin co. N.Y.on Cha- Chesnut Hill, ip. Monroe co. Pa, on Head's er. teauguay r.

Chesnut Hill, pv. Hall co. Ga. 107 NNW of M. Chateaugnay s. See GAZETTEER. (cr. CHEssut RIDGE, a branch of the Alleghany CHATFIELD, pt. Crawford co. O. on Sycamore Mouutamus, exiending from Md. NE through CHATHAM, pt. Barnstable cu. Mass. On se point Fayette and Westmoreland counties, Pa. of Cape Cod.

CHEST, pt. Clearfield co. Pa. 150 xw of H. Chatham, tp. Middlesex co. Conn. 16 s of Hd. CHESTER, *p. Penobscot co. Me. (Concord. Chatham, pt. Columbia cu.N.Y. 18 s by E Al. Chester, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. 22 sss of Chatham, pt. Morris co. N. J. on Passic r. Chester, pt. Windsor co. Vt. 83 8 of Mir. Chatham, pv. Chester co. Pa. 68 ESE of H. Chester, pt. Hampden co. Mass. 116 w by s B. Chatham, ip. Tioga co. Pa.

Chester, pl. Middlesex co. Conn. 31 s by & Hd. Chatham, pv. Licking co. O.

Chester, pv. Orange co. N.Y. 100 s by w Al. Chatham, ip. Medma co. O.

Chester, Tp. Burlington co. N. J. 9 sw of Chatham, a i. of Canada West, on the Tharnes, Mount Holly. 50 m. E of Detroit.

(N.Y. 23 s Al. Chester, pt. Morris co. N. J. 50 n by E of Tm. CHATHAM Four CORNERS, pv. Columbia co. Chester, pv. cap. of Delaware co. Pa. 14 sw CHATTAHOOCHIEE r. Ga. See GAZETTEER. of Philadelphia. Chattahoochee, pv. Gadsden co. Flor. on the Chester, tp. Wayne co. Pa. on Delaware r. Appalachicola river.

(Nw of M. Chester C.H. pv. cap. of Chester dist. S.C 57 CHATTOOGAVILLE, pv. Chattooga co. Ga. 186 N by w of Columbia.

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Chester, pv. Gwinnett co. Ga. 82 nw of M. Chilts or Cirkailis, cnik-kä'lis, an Indian Chester, ip. Butler co. O.

Tribe x of the mouth of Columbia river. Chester, tp. Clinton co. O.:

CHINA, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 21 E of A. Chester, ip. Geauga co. O. 19 E of Cleveland. China, pt. Wyoming co. N.Y. on Clear cr. Chester, tp. Knox co. O.

China, pt. St. Clair co. Mich. 50 NNE D. Įlar. Chester, pt. Meigs co. O. 95 SSE of Cs. CIIIPOLA r. Flor. and Ala. enters AppalachicoChester, pr. Eaton co. Mich.

CHIPPEWA or CHIPPEWAY T. of Wis. flowing Chester, ip. Wabash co. Ind.

into the Miss. r. at L. Pepin, in Lat. 44° 30' N. Chester, pv. Randolph co. III. 150 SE of Sd. Chippewa, ip. Beaver co. Pa. 7 Nw Beaver. Chester f. rises in Kent co. Del. and flows Chippewa, pt. Wayne co. O. Igara Falls. through Md. into Chesapeake Bay.

Chippewa, a v.of Canada West, 2 above NiaCHESTER Cross Roads, pv. Geauga co. O. CHIPPEWAY INDLANS. See GAZETTEER. CHESTER FACTORY, pv. Hampden co. Mass. CUTTENANGO Cr. N.Y. flows into Oneida L. 113 w of Boston.

(necticut r. Chittenango, pv. Madison co. N.Y. on the CHESTERFIELD, pt. Cheshire co. N. H.on Con Syracuse and Utica railroad, 120 WNW Al. Chesterfield, pi. Hampshire co. Mass. 106 w CHITTENDEN, pt. Rutland co. Vt. 12 N of of Boston. (se of Hd. Rutland.

(Yalabusha r. Chesterfield, pv. New London co. Conn. 36 CHOCCHUMA, pv. Tallahatchee co. Miss. on Chesterfield, tp. Essex co. NÀY. on L. Cham-1 CHOCONUT, pt. Susquehanna co, Pa.189 NNEH. plain.

CHOCTAW INDIANS. Sce GAZETTKER. Chesterfield, tp. Burlington co. N. J. [s R. CHOC-TAW-HATCH'EE T. rises in Ala. and flows Chesterfield, pv. cap. Chesterfield co. Va. 16 mto a bay of the same name in Flor. Chesterfield, pv. cap. of Chesterfield dist. S.C. CHOPTANK T. Md. flows into a large estuary

on Thomson's creek, 105 NNE of Columbia, in Chesapeake Bay. Chesterfield, pl. Lucas co. O.

CHOWANT. N. C. See GAZETTEER. CHESTERFIELD FACTORY, Cheshire co. N. H. CHRISTIAN, tp. Independence co. Ark. 56 sw of Concord.

(of Al. CHRISTIANA, r. or cr. Del. flows into the CHESTERTOWN, pv. Warren co. N. Y. 80 x Delaware below Wilmington. (tiana cr. Chestertown, pv. cap. of Kent co. Md. on Christiana, pv. New Castle co. Del. on Chris

Chester river, 54 XE of An. (of A. CHRISTIANSBURG, pv. cap. of Montgomery co. CHESTERVILLE, pi. Franklin co. Me. 26 NW Va. 200 wow of Richinond. (Frankfort. Chesterville, pv. Gibson co. Tenu. 119 w Ne. Christiansburg, pv. Shelby co. Ky. 13 w of Chesterville, pv. Knox co. O. 52 NNE of Cs. Christiansburg, pv. Champaign co. O. 60 w CHESUNCOOK LAKE, Me. See GAZETTEER. of Columbus.

[97 sw of R. CHETI MACHES LAKE, LA. See GAZETTEER. CHRISTIANSVILLE, pv. Mecklenburg co. Va. CHEVIOT, pv. Hamilton co. 0.7 nw Cincinnati. Christiansville, pv. Carroll co. Tenn. 113 w of Chew's LANDING, pv. Gloucester co. N.J. 38 Nashville.

(of R. SSE Of Trenton.

(NW of An. CHUCKATUCK, pv. Nansemond co. Va. 75 SE CHEWSVILLE, pv. Washington co. Md. 105 Church Hill, py. Queen Anne co. Md. 48 E CHEYENNE. See CHIENXE.

of Annapolis.

(of Ca. CHIAPA, che-ah'pă, a state in the sea part of Church Hill, pv. Abbeville dist. S. C. 109 w

Mexico, bordering on the Pacific. Area, CHURCHILLSVILLE, pv. Dearborn co. Ind. 77 38,500 sq. in. Pop. estimated at 130,000. SE of Indianapolis.

Capital, Ciudad Real. [into L. Mich. CHURCH TOWN, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 52 E of H. Chicago r. III. flows by the t. of this name CHURCHVILLE, pv. Hartfor: co. Md. 60 An. Chicago, III. See GAZETTEER,

Churchville, v. Clark co. Mo.on Mississippi r. CHICHESTER, pt. Merrimack co. N.H. 8E Cd. CICERO, pt. Onondaga co. N.Y. on Oneida L. CHICKAROMINY r. Va. Aows into James r. Cicero, pt. Hainilton co. Ind. 32 N of Is. CHICKAMAUGA r. rises in Ga. and flows into CIENFUEGOS. See GAZETTEER. Tennessee r. in the state of Tenn.

CIN-A-Lo'a, a province of Mexico, bordering CHICK-A-PEE' r. Mass. flows into Conn. river, on the Gulf of California. It forms, toin the n part of Springfield co.

gether with Sonora (which bounds it on Chickapee Falls, pv. Hampden co. Mass. on the n), the state of Occidente. (del Fuerte.

Chickapee river. [torm the Pascagoula. Cinaloa, a t. of the above prov. 70 s of Villa CuckASA WHA T. Miss. unites with Leaf r. to CINCINNATI, v. Ralls co. Mo. on Salt r. CHICKTAWAGA, 1p. Erie co. N. Y. GE Buffalo. Cincinnati, a v. of Texas, on Trinity r. about CHIENNE (she-enu') INDIANS, a tribe found 180 ENE of Austin. Pop. 200.

chiefly in the E part of Missouri Territory. CincinNATUS, pt. Courland co. N.Y. CHIHUAHUA, che.wah'wă, a state in the n CIRCLEVILLE, pv. cap. of Picka way co. O. on

part of Mexico, E of Sonora. It formerly Scioto r. 26 8 of Columbus. (James r. extended eastward beyond the Rio del City Point, pv. Prince George co. Va. on Norie. Area, 72,500 sq. m. Pop. 120,000. CITY West, pv. Porter co. Ind. on L. Mich. Chihuahua, the capital of the above, is a CIUDAD REAL, se-00-dad' ra-al', a small t. of

handsome city, with a pop. of 30,000. (B.) Mexico, cap. of the state of Chiapa. lat. CHILDSBURG, pv. Fayette co. Ky. 32 E or F. 16% 50% N, Lon. 93° 10' w. Cuili, pl. Monroe co. N. Y. 10 sw Rochester. CLAIBORNE, pv. Monroe co. Ala, on Alabama r. CHILICOTHE, O. See GAZETTEER.

Claiborne, ip. Union co. O. (Jackson, Chilicothe, pv. Peoria co. III. on Peoria L. CLAIBORNEVILLE, pv. Yazoo co. Miss. 57 x of Chilicothe, pv. cap. of Livingston co. Mo. CLAIR, Bedford co. Pa. 110 w of H. 150 nw of Jefferson City.

Clair, Si. py. Burke co. Ga. 68 E M. CHILLISQUAQUE, pl. Northumberland co. Pa. Clair, St. ip. Butler co. 0. CHILMARK, pl. Dukes co. Mass. on the sw Clair, St. tp. Columbiana co. O. (of D. part of Martha's Vineyard.

Clair, St. pv. cap. of St. Clair co. Mich. 48 NE CHILO, pv.

Clermont co. 0. on the Ohio r. CLAIRSVILLE, Sr. pv. cap. of Belmont co. O. 18

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