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GrBson, tp. Clearfield co. Pa.

Goliad, the cap. of the above co. is a little Gibson, pi. Susquehanna co. Pa.

village situated on the w or right bank of GILBERTSVILLE, pv. Otsego co. N.Y. 95 W Al. the San Antonio. GILBOA, pv. Schoharie co. N.Y. 51 w of Al. Gonaives, Hayti. See GAZETTEER. Gilead, pt. Oxford co. Me. on Androscoggin r. GON-ZAL'ÉS, a co. in the sor s central part Gilead, pv. Tolland co. Conn. 21 ESE of Hd. of Texas, intersected by the Guadalupe. Gilead, ip. Marion co. O.

Soil generally very rich, producing cotton, Gilead, pv. Wood co. O. on Maumeer.

sugar, grapes, corn, &c. in abundance. Gilead, pt. Branch co. Mich. 128 wsw of D. Gonzales, the cap. of the above, on the r, Gilead, pv. Calhoun co. III. 105 sw of Sd. Guadalupe, 70 m. $ of Austin, was forGILES C. H. pv. Giles co. Va. on New r. merly a place of some importance, but it GILFORD, pv. cap. of Belknap co. N. H. on was burnt during the revolution. It now Winnipiseogee Lake.

(of ca. contains only a few dwellings. GILFORD VILLAGE, pv. Belknap co. N.H. 33 N GOOCHLAND C. H. pv. cap. of Goochland co. GILL, pt. Franklin co, Mass. on Connecticutr. Va. 30 wxw of Richmond. GILMAN, pt. Hamilton co. N.Y. 69 NXw of Al. Good GROUND, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y.on Long I. GILMANTON, pt. Belknap co. N. H. 20 N of Cd. Goose cr. Va, a branch of Roanoke r. GILMANTON IRON Works, pv. Belknap co. GORDONSVILLE, pv. Orange co. Va. 74 NW R. N. H. 23 n of Concord.

GORHAM, pt. Cumberland co. Me. 60 sw of A. GIlsum, pt. Cheshire co. N. H. 56 wsw of Ca. Gorham, pt. Coos co. N. H. at the base of the GIRARD, tp. Clearfield co. Pa.

White Mountains. Girard, pt. Erie co. Pa. 260 xw of H. Gorham, pt. Ontario co. N.Y. on Flint cr. Girard, pv. Trumbull co. 0. 170 NE of Cs. Gorham, pt. Lucas co. O. on Tiffin's r. Girard, pt. Branch co. Mich. 110 wsw of D. Goshex, pt. Sullivan co. N. H. 40 w of Cd. GLASCO, pv. Ulster co. N.Y. on Hudson r. Goshen, tp. Addison co. Vl. 31 sw of Mtr. GLASGOW, pv. New Castle co. Del. (of F. Goshen, pt. Hampshire co. Mass. 12 nw of Glasgow, pv. cap. of Barreu co. Ky. 123 sw Northampton. Glasgow, pv. Howard co. Mo. on Missouri r. Goshen, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. 6 x Litchfield. GLASSBOROUGH, pv. Gloucester co. N. J. 47 s Goshen, pv. Orange co. N.Y. 60 nrw of NY, of Trenton.

Goshen, py. Cape May co.N. J. on Goshen cr. GLASS LAKE, tp. Jackson co. Mich.

Goshen, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 58 ESE of H. GLASTENBURY, tp. Bennington co. Vt. 9 NE of Goshen, pv. Lincoln co. Ga. 58 NE of M. Bennington.

(necticut r. Goshen, pv. Benton co. Ala. Glastenbury, pt. Hartford co. Conn. on Con- Goshen, ip. Belmont co. O. GLAZE, Ip. Miller co. Mo.

Goshen, tp. Champaign co. O. GLENBURN, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 77 NE Of A. Goshen, pt. Clermont co. O. 100 sw of Cs. GLEN Cove, pv. Queen's co. N.Y. on Long I. Goshen, ip. Columbiana co. O. was cr. GLENHAM, pv. Dutchess co. N.Y. 88 s of Al. Goshen, ip. Tuscarawas co. O. on TuscaraGLENN, pi. Montgomery co. N.Y. 43 wnw of Goshen, pv. cap. of Elkhart co. Ind. on Elk. Albany.

(Hudson r. hart river. GLENN's Falls, pv. Warren co. N.Y. on the Goshen, pv. Putnam co. III. GLENNVILLE, pt. Schenectady co. N.Y: 30 w GOSHEN GORE, Ip. Caledonia co. Vt. GLOUCESTER, Mass. See GAZETTEER. (of Al. GoSPORT, 'p. Rockingham co. N. H. Gloucester, ip. Providence co. R. I. 15 wsw Gosport, v. Norfolk co. Va. on Elizabeth r. of Providence.

[Phila. Gospori, pv. Owen co. Ind, on White r. Gloucester, tp. Gloucester co. N. J. 10 SE of GOUVERNEUR, pv. St. Lawrence co. N.Y. on Gloucester C. H. pv. cap. of Gloucester co. Va. Oswegaichier. 85 E of Richmond.

GOVENSTOWN, pv. Baltimore co. Md. 34 x An. GLOUCESTER FURNACE, pv. Atlantic co. N.J. Governor's ÍSLAND, N.Y. in N.Y. harbour. 74 s of Trenton.

GOWANUS, v. King's co. N.Y. on Long Island. GLOver, pt. Orleans co. Vt. 39 NNE of Mtr. GOWENSVILLE, pv. Spartanburg dist. S. C. 130 GLOVERSVILLE, py. Fulton co. N.Y.40 nw Al. xw of Columbia. GRADEXHUTTEN, pv. Tuscarawas co. O. GRACELAM, pv. Frederick co. Md. 87 nw An. Goat Island, an island in Niagara r. at the GRACE HARBOUR, a l. on the E side of New.

falls, which it divides into two unequal foundland, with an excellent harbour. Pop. parts.

estimated at 6,000. Goave, Petit, peh-tee' go-av', a sea-port on GRAFTON, pt. Grafton co. N. H. 33 nw of Ca.

the x side of Hayti, 35 m. Wsw of Port-au-Grafton, pt. Windham co. Vt. 109 s of Mır. Prince.

Grafton, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 36 sw of B. GOBLINTOWN, pv. Patrick co. Va. 208 Wsw R. Grafton, pt. Rensselaer co. N.Y. 20 ne of Al, GODERICH, a t. of Canada West, on L. Huron, Grafton, pt. Lorain co. 0. 118 NNE of Cs.

at the mouth of Maitland r. Lat. 43° 50' Grasion, pv. Jersey co. III. 85 s of Sd.
N, Lon. 820 w.

[of Cd. GRAHAM'S STATION, 'pv. Meigs co. 0. 103 se GOFFsTown, pl. Hillsborough co. N. H. 16 s of Columbus.

[of Ca. GOLCONDA, pv. cap. of Pope co. III. on Ohior. GRAHAMSVILLE, pv. Beaufort dist. S. C. 144 s GOLDEN, Ip. Erie co. N.Y.

GRANBY, tp. Essex co. Vt. (Northampton. GOLDSBOROUGH, pl. Hancock co. Me. 110 E A. Granby, pi. Hampshire co. Mass. I se of Goldsborough, pw. Wayne co N.C. 50 se Rh. Granby, pt. Hartford co. Conn. 16 NNW of Hd. GO-LI-AD', a co. in the southern part of Tex: Granby, pt. Oswego co. N.Y. on Oswego r.

as, intersected by the San Antonio r. Soil GRAND, pi. Marion co. 0. 58 N of Cs.
a black mould, well adapted to raising cot. GRAND BLANC, pt. Genesee co. Mich. 53 xw D.
ton, sugar, corn, grapes, &c. The land, GRAND DETOUR, pv. Ogle co. Ill. on Rock r.
however, in some parts, often suffers from GRAND GULF, pv. Clairborne co. Miss. on the

Mississippi river.

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GRAND HAVEN, pv. cap. of Ottawa co. Mich. | GREECE, Pt. Monroe co. N.Y. 6 x Rochester, on Grand river.

BAY, pv. Brown co.

Wis. on Faxi. GRAND ISLE, pt. Grand Isle co. Vt. 66 nw Mt. GREENBRIER, T, Va. See GAZETTEER (AL GRAND ISLAND. See NIAGARA, GAZETTEER. GREENBURG, tp. Westchester Co. N.Y. 1391 GRAND PRAIRIE, Ip Marion co. O.

GREENBUSH, tp. Penobscot co. Me. GRAND r. Mich. and Mo. See GAZETTEER. Greenbush, pv. Rensselaer co. N.Y.1 E of AL. Grand r. California, one of the head branches Greenbush, pv. Warren co. III. 92 xw of S! of the Colorado.

GREEN CAMP, ip. Marion co. O. (sw of 1 Grand 1. or Ouse, a r. of Canada West, which GREEN Castle, borough, Franklin co. Pas flows into L. Erie about 40 m. w of Buffalo. Green Castle, pv. cap. of Putnam co. Ind. 97 Near its mouth it communicates with the w of Indianapolis. Welland canal.

GREENE, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 25 sw of A. GRAND View, pt. Washington co. O. on Ohior, Greene, pv.Chenango co. N.Y. on Chenangor. Grand View, pv. Edgar co. Ill. 114 E of Sd. Greene, ip. Sussex co. N. J.7 sw of Newios. Grand View, pv. Louisa co. Iowa.

Greene, ip. Beaver co. Pa. 12 sw of Beaver, GRANDVILLE, pv. Kent co. Mich. 175 w of D. Greene, tp. Franklin co. Pa. 5 Se of ChamGRANGER, grain'ger, pt. Alleghany co. N.Y. bersburg.

[burg. 10 n of Angelica.

Greene, tp. Greene co. co. Pa. 11 se Waynes Granger, pl. Medina co. 0. 131 NE of Cs. Greene, tp. Indiana co. Pa. GRANTHAM, pt. Sullivan co. N. H. 54 www ca. Greene, tp. Pike co. Pa. GRANVILLE, Pt. Addison co. Vt. 35 ssw of Mr. Greene, tp. Adams co. O. on the Ohio r. Granville, ip. Hampden co. Mass. 120 s of B. Greene, tp. Clinton co. O.

(Lisbon. Granville, pt. Washington co. N.Y. on Paw. Greene, ip. Columbiana co. 0.9 x of New Granville, pł. Bradford co. Pa. (let i. Greene, tp. Fayette co. O. Granville, ip. Mifflin co. Pa.

Greene, tp. Hamilton co. O Granville, pv. Monongalia co. Va. 300 NW R. Greene, ip. Harrison co. O. Granville, pv. Jackson co. Tenn. on Cumber. Greene, ip. Hocking co. O. land river.

Greene, ip. Richland co. 0. Granville, pt. Licking co. 0. 34 NE of Cs. Greene, tp. Ross co. O. Granville, pv. Delaware co. Ind. 68 NE of Is. Greene, tp. Summit co. O. Granville, py. Plaite co. Mo. on Missouri r. Greene, ip. Wayne co. O. Granville, ip. Milwaukie co, Wis.

Greene, ip. Iowa co. Wis. GRAPE GROVE, pt. Ray co. Mo.

GREENFIELD, tp. Hancock co. Me. GRASS r. N.Y. flows into the St. Lawrence. Greenfield, pi. Hillsboro'co.N.H.35sw of Ca Grass LAKE, pl. Jackson co. Mich. 67 sw D. Greenfield, pv. cap. of Franklin co. Max. on Grassy Point, pv. Rockland co. N.Y. 109 s the Connecticut river.

(ston Spa. of Albany.

(of Cs. Greenfield, ip. Saratoga co. N.Y. 10 N of RafGRATIOT, grash'e-ot, pv. Licking co. 0.42 E Greenfield, ip. Bedford co. Pa. 22 x of Bedford GRATIS, pt. Preble co. 0. 92 w of Cs. Greenfield, pt. Erie co. Pa.

[barre GRATZ, pv. Dauphin co. Pa. 48 n of H. Greenfield, tp. Luzerne co. Pa. 30 x Tilk GRAVES, Mt. Lincoln co. Ga. a conical peak, Greenfield, borough, Washington co. Pa. about 800 feet high.

Greenfield, pv. Nelson co. Va, 107 w of R. GRAVESEND, Ip. King's co. Long I. 9 s of N.Y. Greenfield, pv. Sullivan co. Tem. 200 x of Ne. GRAY, pt. Cumberland co. Me. 47 sw of A. Greenfield, tp. Fairfield co. O. GRAY&ON C. H. py. cap. of Grayson co. Va. Greenfield, pv. Highland co. 0.72 sw of Ca. on New river.

Greenfield, ip. Huron co. 0. 106 x of Cs. Grayson, pv. cap. of Carter co. Ky. 128 E of F. Greenfield, pt. Wayne co. Mich. 6 nw of D. GRAYSPORT, pv. Muskingum co. 0.68 E of Cs. Greenfield, pv. cap. of Hancock co. Ind. GRAYSVILLE, pv. Huntingdon co. Pa. 100 w H. of Indianapolis. Graysville, pv. Todd co. Ky. 155 sw of F. Greenfield, pv. Greene co. m. 60 sw of Sd. Graysville, pv. White co. Ill. 140 SE of Su. Greenfield, pv. cap. of Dade co. Mo. 150 st GREAT BARRINGTON, pv. Berkshire co. Mass. of Jefferson City.

(City: GREAT Basin. See CALIFORNIA, UPTER. Greenfield, pv. Shelby co. Mo. 136 x of Jei. GREAT BEAR cr. Canada West, runs into r. Greenfield, pv. Milwaukie co. Wis. 92 x of St. Clair. (Black r. Madison.

(of Cd. GREAT Bend, pv. Jefferson co. N. Y. on GREENLAND, pt. Rockingham co. N. A. 45 ESE GREAT BRIDGE, pv. Norfolk co. Va. 115 SE R. GREEN MOUNTAINS. See GAZETTEER, P. 24. GREAT CROSSINGS, pv. Scott co. Ky: 15 xx F. GREEN OAK, pl. Livingston co. Mich. 40 w D. GREAT Falls, pv. Strafford co. N. H.34 E Cd. GREENOCK, pv. Crittenden co. Ark. on Miss I. GREAT SALT LAKE, California, is situated on GREENPORT, ip. Columbia co. N.Y. 2 s or the e margin of the Great Basin, more than Hudson.

(Long I. 500 m. from the Pacific: being intersected Greenport, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. NE end of by the 41st parallel of x Lat. and between GREEN r. Ky. flows into the Ohio r. the 112th and 113th meridians of w Lon. Green r. California, one of the head branches Length about 90 m.; breadth, 30 or 40 m. of the Colorado. The surface of this lake is 4200 feet above GREENSBORO', pt. Orleans co. Vt. 30 NNE M, the level of the sea. Its waters are a satu Greensboro', pv. Greene co. Pa. 196 w of H. rated solution of common salt. At its se Greensboro', pv. Caroline co. Md. 59 x of An. extremity is the Ulah Lake. This appears Greensboro', pv. cap. of Guilford co. N.C. 89 like an arm or bay of the former; but its www of Raleigh.

[of M. waters are said to be fresh, and 'to flow Greensboro', pv. cap. of Greene co. Ga. 44 x into the Great Salt Lake.

Greensboro', pv. Greene co. Ala. 40 s of T. GREAT VALLEY, pt. Cattaraugus co. N.Y. Greensboro', pv. cap. of Choctaw co. Niss. GREAT WORKs, pv. Penobscoi co. Me. 80 E A. 110 NE of Jackson.


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Greensboro, tp. Greene co. Ky. 90 88W of F. GROTOX, pt. Grafton co. N. H. 42 NNW of Cd. Greensboro', pv. Henry co. Ind. 40 E of Is. Groton, pi. Caledonia co. Vt. 30 E of Mtr. GREENSBURG, borough, cap. or Westmoreland Groton, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 33 Nw of B. co. Pa. 168'w of Harrisburg.

| Groton, pt. New London co. Conn. 45 se Hd. Greensburg, pv. cap. of St. Helena par. La. on Groton, pt. Tompkins co. N.Y. on Fall cr. Tickfaw river.

Groton, pt. Erie co. O. 95 n of Cs. Greensburg, pv. Trumbull co. O. 185 NE Cs. GROVE, pi. Alleghany co. N.Y. 260 Wow Al. Greensburg, pv. cap. of Decatur co. Ind. 47 Grove, tp. Clinton co. Pa. nesus Lake. SE of Indianapolis.

GROVELAND, tp. Livingston co. N.Y. on CoGREEN'S F'ork, tp. Randolph co. Ind. Groveland, pt. Oakland co. Mich. 44 nw of D. GREENSTOwx, pv. Stark co. 0. 1:30 NE of Cs. Groveland, pv. Tazewell co. III. 62 x of Sd. GREENUPSBURG, pv. cap. of Greenup co. Ky. GUADALUPE r. Texas, flows into the San Anon the Ohio river.

[of A. tonio. Length 250 m. GREEN VILLAGE, pv. Franklin co. Me. 00 NW GUANAXUATO Or GUANAJUATO, gwan':-#wah' GREENVILI.E, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. 90 NE A. to (see Introduction XXVII.

9, 10 and 17), Greenville, pv. Providence co. R. I. 9 w of a small but populous state in the central Providence.

part of Mexico, ww of the city of Mexico. Greenville, pt. Greene co. N.Y. 29 s of Al. Area 8,600 sq. m. Pop. 450,000. For GUA: Greenville, pv. Sussex co. N. J. 70 n of Tn. NAXUATO, the capital of ihe above, see Greenville, tp. Erie co. Pa.

GAZETTEER. Greenville, pe, Somerset co. Pa.

Guarama, gwi-ah'mă, a sea-port on the . Greenville, pv. Augusta co. Va. 120 www R. coast of Porto Rico, almost due s from San Greenville, pv. cap. of Pili co.N.C. on Tarr. Juan. Greenville C. H. pv. cap. of Greenville dist. Guaymas, gws'inas, a sea-port of Sonora, S. C.

(100 w ot' M. on the Gulf of California, with one of the Greenville, pv. cap. of Meriwether co. Ga. best harbours on the western coast of Greenville, pv.cap. of Butler co. Ala. 140 SSE Mexico. Lat. about 29° x, Lon. 110° 10' w. of Tuscaloosa.

(of Little Rock Pop. between 3,000 and 4,000. Greenville, pv. cap. of Clark co. Ark. 78 sw GUAŻACUALCO or HUASACUALCO, gwas-o Greenville, pv. cap. of Greene co. Tenn. 258 kwal'ko, a small r. of Mexico, forming a k of Nashville.

part of the boundary between the states of Greenville, pv. cap. of Muhlenburg co. Ky. Vera Cruz and Tabasco, At its mouth, in on an affluent of Green river.

the Gulf of Mexico, there is a tolerable Greenville, py. cap. of Darke co. O. 90 w Cs. harbour. Greenville, pv. Floyd cr. Ind. 110 $ of Is. GUILDERLAND, Pt. Albany co. N.Y. 9w of Al. Greenville, pv. cap. of Bond co. III. 74 , sd. GUILDHALL, pv. cap. of Essex co. Vt. on Greenville, pv. cap. of Wayne cu. Mo. on St. Connecticui river.

Itaquis r, Francis river.

GUILFORD, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. on PiscaGREENWICH, pt. Hampshire co. Mass. 75 w B. Guilford, pi. Windham co. VI. 124 s of Mır. Greenwich, pi. Fairfield co. Com 82 sw Hd. Guilford, pt. New Haven co. Conn. 50 & Hd, Greenwich, it. Wil. co. NÀY. 35 NNE of Al. Guilford, pl. Chenango co. N.Y. 100 w of AI, Greenwich, pt. Cumberland co. N. J. 73 ssw Guilford, ip. Franklin co. Pa, 6 SE of Chamof Trenton.

(Woodbury: bersburg. Greenwich, ip. Gloucester co. N. J. 7 sw of Guilford, v. Columbiana co. O. Greenwich, pt. Warren co. N. J. 10 s vf Bel- Guilford, tp. Medina co. O. videre.

GUINEs, ghe-nes', an inland town of Cuba, Greenwich, tp. Berks co. Pa. 18 NE Rending. 45 m. *e from Havana. The climate is fine, Greenwich, pt. Huron co. 0. 93 N of Cs. and invalids from the United States freGREENWICH VILLAGE, pv. Hampshire co. quently winter here. It is the southern Mass. 73 w of Boston.

termination of the principal railroad in the GREENWOOD, pt. Oxford co. Me. 54 w of A. island. Pop. between 3,000 and 4,000. Greenwood, pt. Steuben co. N.Y.

GOLLITSVILLE, pv. Monroe co. Ga. 60 w M.
Greenwood, pt. Columbia co. Pa. 92 NXE H. GCITIVIS. See MAYO.
Greentwoud, ip. Crawford co. Pa.

GustavUS, pi. Trumbull co. O.
Greenwood, tp. Juniata co. Pa. on Susqa. r. Guyan, gbi'an, ip. Gallia co. O.
Green wond, tp. Perry co. Pa. 10 Ne of GUYANDOTTE r. Va. See GAZETTEER.

GUYANDOTTE, LITTLE, r. Va. flows into the
Greenwood, pv. Laurens dist. S. C. 80 sw Ca. Ohio river.
Greenwood, pv. Caddo par. la. 150 W N.O. GUYANDOTTE, pv. Cabell co.Va. on the Ohior.
Greenwood, pv. Johnson co. Ind. 10 8 of Is. GwYX'NEDD, pi. Monigomery co. Pa.
GREGG, tp. Centre co. Pa. ou Sinking cr. HACKENBACK T. N.J. flows into Newark Bay,
Greig, greg, tp. Lewis co. N.Y. on Moose r. Hackensack, pv. cap. of Bergen co. N. J. on
GRENADA, pv. Yalabusha co. Miss. on Yala Hackensack river, 76 NE OP Tn. (York.
busha river.

| Hackensack, ip. Bergen co.N. J. 13 x of New GRIFFIN, pv. Pike cn. Ga. 80 w of M. (of R. HACKETTSTOWN, pv. Warren co. N.J.60n Ta. GRIFFINSBURG, pv. Culpepper co. Va. 106 NW HADDAM, pt. Middlesex co. Conn. 22 s of Hd. Griffin's Mills, pv. Erie co. N.Y. in Au- HADDON FIELD, pv. Camden co. N. J. 35 sw rora township.

[of Tn. of Trenton. GRIGGSTOWN, pv. Somerset co. N. J. 20 NNE HADDONSVILLE, pv. Todd co. Ky. 190 sw F. GRIGGSVILLE, pv. Pike co. III. 60 w of $d. HADLEY, pl. Hampshire co. Mass. on Conn. r. GRISWOLD, pl. New London co. Conn. 50 ESE Hadley, pt. Saratoga co. N.Y. 58 N of Al. of Hartford.

(Missouri T. Hadley, pl. Lapeer co. Mich. 58 N of D. GRISWOLD CITY, pv. Franklin co. Mo. on the Hadley, pv. Will co. III. 174 NE of Sd.

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HADLYME, pv. New London co. Conn. 40 6 Hd.; HAMILTON VILLAGE, V. Philadelphia co. P.1
HAERLEM. See HARLEM. [36 www of Al. w of the Schuylkill river.

pv. Mifflin co. Pa. on Juniata r. Hagerstown, pv. Preble co. O, about 100 w Cs. HÁMLIN'S GRANT, tp. Oxford co. Me. Hagerstown, pv. Wayne co. Ind. 60 E of Is. HAMMOND, pt. St. Lawrence co. N.Y.oo the HAGUE, pt. Warren co. N.Y. 90 x of Al.

St. Lawrence. Hague, pv.Westmoreland co. Va. 76 NE of R. HAMMONDSPORT, pt. Steuben co. N. Y. m Hague, pv. Logan co. Ky. 174 sw of F.

Crooked Lake.

(DIYET. Hains, ip. Centre co. Pa 19 e of Belleronte. | HAMPDEN, Pt. Penobscot co. Me. on Penolccal HALE, Ip. Harden co. O.

Hampden, pt. Geauga co. O.

(of c£ HALF ACRE, V. Putnam co. Ga.

HAMPSTEAD, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. 2 ses HALF Moon, pl. Saratoga co. N.Y. 13 x of Al. Hampstead, pv. Carroll co. Md. 56 nw of AE. Half Moon, pl. Centre co. Pa. 100 nw of H. Hampstead, pv. King George co. Va 90 NSER. HALIFAX, pt. Windham co. VI. on Green r. HAMPTON, pi. Rockingham co. N. H. on tie Halifax, pi. Plymouth co. Mass. 36 sse of B. Atlantic. Halifax, pt. Dauphin co. Pa. 23 n of H. Hampton, pl. Windham co. Conn. 40 E of Hd. Halifax (or BANISTER), pv. cap. of Halifax co. Hampton, v. Oneida co. N.Y.

Va. on Banister river. (Roanoke r. Hampton, pt. Washingtonco. N.Y.26x Salem. Halifax, pv. cap. of Halifax co. N.C. on the Hampton, pv. Adams co. Pa. 30 sw of H. Halifax, pv. Kemper co. Miss. 100 ENE of J. Hampton, pv. cap. of Elizabeth City co. Va. a Halifax, pv.Wilson co. Tenn. 24 E of Ne.

Hampton river. HALLETT's Cove, pv. Queen's co. N.Y. Hampion, pv. Rock Island co. III. 150 XX SL HALLOWELL, Me. See GAZETTEER. HAMPTON Roads, Va. an arm of Chesapeake HALL's STREAM, N. H. a small r. which flows Bay, near the mouth of James r. It is sor into the Connecticut river.

(Al. ficiently deep for the largest ships of war, HALL'S MILLS, pv. Albany co. N.Y.30 wsw of and is an important naval station. HALLSTOWN, pv. Jefferson co. Va. 172 x of R. HAMPTONBURG, pl. Orange co N.Y. A NE HALLSVILLE, pv. Duplin co. N. C.97 SE of Rh. Goshen.

(sw of Portsmouth Hallsville, pv. Chesier dist. S. C. 52 N of Ca. Hampton Falls, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. 15 HAMBURG, pv. New London co. Conn. 34 SSE HAMPTONVILLE, pv. Surry co. N. C. 145 WWW of Hartford.

HAMTRAMCK, tp. Wayne co. Mich.

(of Rh. Hamburg, pt. Erie co. N.Y. 300 w of Al. HANCOCK, pt. Hancock co. Me. 95 E O A. Hamburg, pv. Sussex co. N.J. 86 N of Tn. Hancock, pt. Hillsboro co. N. H. 31 sw Cd. Hamburg, pv. Berks co. Pa. 68 ENE of H. Hancock, pt. Addison co. Vt. 39 ssw of Nor. Hamburg, pv. Edgefield dist. S. C.on Savan. Hancock, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. 142 w B. nah river

Hancock, pi. Delaware co. N.Y. on Del. r. Hamburg, pv. Macon co. Ga. 88 sw of M. Hancock, pt. W11. co. Md. on Potomac i Harnburg, py. Perry co. Ala. 65 s of T. HANCOCK BRIDGE, pv. Salem co.N.J.855W TE. Hamburg, pv. Hardín co. Tenn. 140 sw of Ne. HANCOCK FACTORY, pv. Hillsboro' co N. H. Hamburg, pt. Livingston co. Mich. 50 wxw D. 30 sw of Concord.

1 Hamburg, pv. Calhoun co. I. ou Mississippir. HANCOCKVILLE, pv. Union dist. S. C. 85 xw Ca. Hamburg, pv. Clarke co. Ind. 120 s of Is.

HANDY, Ip. Living ion co. Mich, HAMBURG ON THE LAKE, pv. Erie co. N.Y. on HANGING Rock, pv. Hampshire co. Va. Lake Erie.

HANNAHSBURG, pv. Buuer co. Pa. 207 wywH. HAMDEN, pl. New Haven co. Conn. 33 ssw Hd, HANNIBAL, Pt. Oswego co. N.Y. 175 WNW Al. Hamden, pl. Delaware co. N.Y. on a branch Hannibal, pv. Marion co. Mo. on Miss. I. of the Delaware river.

HANNIBALVILLE, V. Oswego co. N.Y. HAMILTox, pt. Essex co. Mass. 22 NNE of B. HANOVER, pt. Grafton co. N. H. on Conn. 1. Hamilton, py. Madison co. N.Y. 96 w of Al. Hanover, pi. Plymouth co. Mass. 24 ssw of B. Hamilton, ip. Atlantic co. N. J. 30 se of Hanover, pt. Chautauque co. N.Y. on L. Erie. Woodbury

(burg. Hanover, ip. Burlington co. N. J. 12 ks of Hamilton, Ip. Adams co. Pa. 12 NE of Geilys Mount Holly:

(towi Hamilton, tp. Franklin co. Pa.

Hanover, pt. Morris co. N. J.5x of MorrisHamilton, ip. M'Kean co. Pa.

Hanover, ip. Beaver co. Pa.
Hamilton, ip. Monroe co. Pa.

Hanover, tp. Dauphin co. Pa. 15 Se of H.
Hamilton, pv. Loudon co.Va. 160 x of R. Hanover, ip. Lehigh co. Pa. on Lehighr.
Hainilton, pv. Martin co. N. C. 127 E of Rh. Hanover, ip. Luzerne co. Pa, on Susqa. r.
Hamilton, pv. cap. of Harris co. Ga. 126 wsw Hanover, tp. Northampton co. Pa.
of Milledgeville.

Hanover, pt. Washington co. Pa.
Hamilton, pv. Autauga co. Ala. 92 SE of T. Hanover, borough, York co. Pa. 35 s of H.
Hamilton, pv. Monroe co. Miss. 156 NE of J. Hanover C.H. py. cap. of Hanover co. Va.
Hainilton, pv. cap. of Butler co. O. on Great 20 N of Richmond.
Miami river.

Hanover, tp. Butler co. O.

[Lisbon. Hamilton, tp. Franklin co. O. on Scioto r. Hanover, tp. Columbiana co. O. 10 I of New Hamilton, ip. Warren co. O.

Hanover, v. Harrison co. 0.8 sw of Cadiz. Harnilton, pl. Van Buren co. Mich.

Hanover, pt. Licking co. 0.48 NE of Cs. Hamilton, py. Hamilton co. III. [Sabine r. Hanover, ip. Richland co. O. Hamilton, a v. of Texas, in Shelby co.on the Hanover, pi. Jackson co. Mich. 90 w of D. Hamilton, a flourishing and important t. of Hanover, ip. Shelby co. Ind. [xw of Cd.

Canada West, situated a few miles s of Bus- HANOVER CENTRE, pv. Grafton co. N. H. 60 lington Bay, at the wextremity of Lake On- HANOVERTON, pv. Columbiana co. O. tario. Pop. estimated at 8,000.

HANSON, pt. Plymouth co. Mass. 28 ssk of B. HAMILTON BAN, tp. Adams co. Pa. HARBOR cr. pt. Erie co. Pa. 6 NE of Erie,

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HARDIN, pv. Shelby co. 0.85 www of Cs. Harrison, tp. Hudson co. N.J.
HARDINSBURG, pv. cap. of Breckenridge co. Harrison, tp. Potter co. Pa.

(Rock. Ky. 115 wsw of Frankfort.

Harrison, pv. Union co. Ark. 98 s of Little Hardinsburg, v. Dearborn co. Ind. on Great Harrison, pv. Hamilton co. Teno. Miami river.

Harrison, ip. Carroll co. O. Hardinsburg, pv. Wn. co. Ind. 106 $ of Is. Ilarrisou, tp. Champaign co. O. on Stony cr. HARDINSVILLE, pv. Shelby co. Ky. 9 w of F. Harrison, tp. Darke co. O. HARDWICK, pt. Caledonia co. Vt. 27 NE of Mır. Harrison, pv. Hamilton co. O. 126 wow of Cs. Hardwick, pv. Worcester co. Mass. 68 w of B. Harrison, ip. Perry co. O. Hardwick, ip. Warren co. N. J. 15 NE of Bel. Harrison, tp. Pickaway co. O. on Scioto r. videre.

Harrison, ip. Preble co. O. Hardwick, Ga. See GAZETTEER.

Harrison, op. Macomb co. Mich. HARDY, ip. Holmes co. O.

Harrison, tp. Fayette co. Ind. HABDYSTON, tp. Sussex co. N.J.on Wallkill r. Harrison, ip. Harrison co. Ind. HARFORD, pt. Susquehanna co. Pa.

Harrison, a co. in the ne part of Texas, on Harios, tp. Centre co. Pa.

the Sabine river. It is well timbered, and HARLEM, pv. N.York co. N.Y. on Harlem r. the soil in many parts is very fertile. CapiHarlem, pt. Delaware co. O. 27 N of Cs. tal, Marshall.

(Va. 130 xw or R. HARLANSBURG, pv. Mercer co. Pa.

HARRISONBURG, pv. cap. of Rockingham co. HARLESVILLE, pv. Marion dist. S.C. on Lit. Harrisonburg, pv. cap. of Catahoola par. La. ile Pedee river.

on Washita river. HARLINGEN, pv. Somerset co. N. J. 18 N of Tn. HARRISONVILLE, pv. Shelby co. Ky. 40 w of F. HARMAR, pv. Washington co. O. on Muskin. Harrisonvillc, pv. Meigs co. O. gum river.

Harrisonville, pv. Monroe co. III. on the Mise HARMONY, pt. Somerset co. Me. 57 x of A. sissippi river, 127 ssw of Springfield. Harmony, pt. Chautauque co. N.Y. Harrisonville, pv. cap. of Van Buren co. Mo. Harmony, pt. Warren co. N. J. 58 N of Tn. on Grand river. Harmony, v. Butler co. Pa. 12 NE of Beaver. HARRISVILLE, pv. Butler co. Pa. 224 www H. Harmony, ip: Susquehanna co. Pa. on Sus- Harrisville, pv. Dinwiddie co. Va. 52 s of R. quehanna river.

Harrisville, pv. Harrison co. O. 120 ENE of Cs. Harmony, pv. Halifax co. Va. 150 sw of R. HARRODSVURG, pv. cap. of Mercer co. Ky. 30 Harmony, pv. York dist. S.C. 100 x of Ca. s of Frankfori. Harmony, pv. Weakly co. Tenn. 132 w or Ne. HARTFIELD, v. Chautauque co. N.Y. Harmony, ip. Clark co. O.

HARTFORD, pt. Oxford co. Me. 34 w of A. Harmony, ip. Delaware co. O.

Hartford, pl. Windsor co. Vt. on Conn. r. Harmony, ip. Perry co. Ind. (Jefferson City: Hartford, pr. Washington co. N.Y. 14 n Salem. Harmony, pv. Washington co. Mo. 100 SE of Hartford, ip. Susquehanna co. Pa. HARMONY VALE, pv. Sussex co. N. J. 82 x Tn. Hartford, v. Pulaski co. Ga. on Ocmulgee r. HARNAGEVILLE, pv. Cherokee co. Ga. 140 sw Hartford, pv. cap. of Ohio co. Ky. 154 wsw F. of Milledgeville.

Hartford, ip. Licking co. O.
HARPER'S FERRY, pv. Jefferson co. Va, at the Hartford, pi. Trumbull co. O. 187 NE of Cs.

junction of the Shenandoah with the Po- Hartford, pv. cap. of Blackford co. Ind. 80
tomac, on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. NE of Indianapolis.
The scenery here is singularly picturesque Hartford, pv. Delaware co. Ind. 92 ne of Is.
and romantic, and the place is in couse Hartford, pv. Knox co. III. 93 NNW of Sd.

quence much visited by travellers. (Al. Hartford, pv. Des Moines co. Jowa. HARPERSFIELD, pv. Delawarc co. N.Y.61 w of HARTLAND, pt. Somerset co. Me. 47 N of A. Harpersfield, pi. Ashtabula co. O. on Grand r. Haruland, pt. Windsor co. Vt. on Conn. r. HARPERSVILLE, pv. Broome eo. N.Y. near the Hartland, pt. Hartford co. Conn. 24 NNE Hd. Susquehanna river.

Hartland, pt. Niagara co. N.Y. 270 w of Al. Harpersville, pv. Shelby co. Ala. 90 E of T. Hariland, pt. Huron co. O. 9 Se of Norwalk. HARPETH T. Tenn. flow's into Cumberland r. Harıland, pt. Livingston co. Mich. 52 w of D. ILARPSWELL, tp. Cumberland co. Me.

Hartland, pv. M'Henry co. III. 226 NNE of Sd. HARRIETTSTOWN, ip. Franklin co. N.Y. 35 8 IIARTLEY, tp. Union co. Pa. of Malone

(Narraguagus r. HARTLEYTOx, pv. Union co. Pa. 80 n of H. HARRINGTON, pt. Washington co. Me. on Hart's Grove, pl. Ashtabula co. O. 180 NE Cs. Harrington, ip. Bergeneo. X.J.on the Hudson. HARTSVILLE, pv. Berkshire co. Mass. 134 w B. Harrington, pv. Cumberland co.N.C.60 s Rh. Harisville, pv. Onondaga co. N. Y. 130 w of Al. HARRIS, pl. Centre co. Pu.

Harisville, pv. Bucks co. Pa. 109 E of H. Harris, a co. in the se part of Texas, bor. Harisville, pv. Sumner co. Tenn. on Cumber.

dering on Galveston Bay. Sevil, especially land river.
towards the x and w, extremely fertile. Harisville, pv. Bartholomew co. Ind. 54 s Is.
Houston is the capital.

Hartsville, v. cap. of Wright co. Mo, on a 1 HARUISBURG, pt. lewis co. X.Y. on Deer cr. branch of the Gasconade. ell Harrisburg, pv. Mecklenburg co. N.C. HARTWICK, pv. Otsego co. N.Y. 74 w of Al. 2. Harrisburg, pv. Franklin co. 0.23 sw of Cs. HartwiCK SEMINARY, pv. Otsego co.N.Y. on Harrisburg, ip. Medina co. O.

the Susquehanna river. Harrisburg, pv. Fayelle co. Ind. 56 e of Is. HARVARD, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 32 w B. Harrisburg, pv. Van Buren co. Jowa.

HARVEYSBURG, pv. Warren co. 0.80 NE Cs. CIlarrisburg, v. of Harris co. Texas, 5 E of HARVEYSVILLE, Pv. Luzerne co. Pa. 108 NEH. Houston.

HARWICH, pt. Barnstable co. Mass. on the AlHARRISOX, pt. Cumberland co. Me. 62 wsW A. lantic B. Harrison, 1p: Westchester co. N. Y. 3 E of HARWINTON, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. 24 w Hd. White Plains.

HASKINSVILLE, pv. Greene co. Ky. 97 ssw F.

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