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Havenhill, pt. Grafton co, N. H. on Conn. r. Henderson, tp. Huntingdon co, Pa. on Juniata
Haverhill, pt. Essex co. Mass. on Merrimack r. Henderson, pv. Granville co. N. C. 44 N of Rh.
HAversth Aw, pt. Rockland co. N.Y. on the , Henderson, pv. Ga. 68 sw of M.
Hudson river. Henderson, pv. cap. of Henderson co. Ky. on
HAvRE DE GRACE, Md. See GAzETTEER. Ohio river.
HAw CR. tr. Bartholomew co. Ind. [Ohio r. Henderson, pv. Knox co. Ill. on Henderson r.
HAwesville, pv. cap. of Hancock co. Ky, on Henderson, v. of Texas, cap of Rusk co, about

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Independence, tp. Warren co, N.J. 14 NE of
Independence, pv. Washington co, Pa.
Independence, pv. Autauga co. Ala, 94 se T.
Independence, pv. Henderson co. Tenn.
Independence, pv. cap. of Kenton co. o, 82
NNE of Frankfort. |[Cleveland.
Independence, pt. Cuyahoga co, O. 10 s of
Independence, tp. Washington co. O.
Independence, tp. Oakland co. Mich.
Independence, pv. Warren co. Ind. 85 Nw Is.
Independence, pv. cap. of Jackson co. Mo. 146
wow of jes. §. It is the general place
of departure of the Santa Fe traders.
INDIANA, ty. Alleghany co, Pa. 10 NE Pittsburg.
Indiana, borough, cap. of Indiana co. Pa. 155
wnw of Harrisbur.
INDIAN KEY, pt. Dade co, Florida.
INDIAN Lake, Hamilton co. N.Y. 4 m. long
and 1 wide.
INDIAN r. N. H. an upper br. of the Conn, r.
Indian r. N.Y. flows into the Oswegatchie r.
Indian r. Flor. a vast lagoon, 100 m. long.
Indian R. hundred, Sussex co. Del.
INDIAN SPRINGs, pv. Butts co, Ga. 52 w M.
INDIAN STREAM, tp. Coos co. N. H.

INDIAN or WESTERN TERRITORY, a tract which has been set apart by the U. S. government for the permanent residence of the Indian tribes who have been removed from the different states. It is bounded on the N by Platter., E by the Missouri r. and state, s by the Red r, and w by the desert country sometimes called the “Great American Desert.” It is about 600 m. in extent from N to s, and 400 or 500 from E to w. A large portion of the territory is prairie, but the margins of the streams are generally lined with wood. All the productions of the U. S. of the same latitude can be raised here, and the country seems to be also exceedingly well adapted for grazing.

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Iola, pv. Calhoun co. Flor.on Appalachicola r. Ioxia, pv. cap. of Ionia co. Mich. on Grand r. Ionia, v. Morgan co. Mo. on Moreau cr. Iosco, tp. Livingston co. Mich. Iowa Ciry, capital of the state of Iowa, and seat of justice of Johnson co., on the left or E bank of Iowa r., 70 or 80 m. from its mouth. . Pop. between 1,000 and 2,000. Iowa r. rises in Chapeau Lake, and after a course of above 300 m. in a general southeasterly direction, falls into the Mississippi. It rs navigable for boats at all seasons as far as Iowa City. Iowa INDIANs, a tribe in the southwestern part of Iowa.

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the Indian and Missouri Territories. The Missouri, r. marks nearly the whole of its western boundary. In the se part both climate and soil appear to be well adapted for agricultural settlements. In the E part of the territory, along the Mississippi r., both N and s of the Macoqueta r., is a valuable mineral region, abounding in lead, zinc, and iron. The people of Iowa, have recently accepted the proposition made by Congress (1845-6) to erect the s portion of the territory into a sovereign state. See Iowa, GAzETTEER.

IPswich, Mass. See GAzert EER.
IRA, pt. Rutland Co. v. 70'ssw of Mir.
Ira, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y. 170 w of Al.
Ira, tp. St. Clair co. Mich.
IRAsBURG, pv. cap. of Orleans co.Vt. 45 NMtr.
IROQUois, pv. |...}. co. Ill. on Iroquois r.
IRoNDEQuoit, pt. Monroe co. N.Y. 5 N of Ro-
Irondequoit cr. and o Monroe co. N. Y.
communicating with Lake Ontario.
Inville, pv. Muskingum co. 9.56 s of Cs.
IRVINE, pv. cap. of Estill co. Ky, on Ky. r.
IRVING, pv. Chautauque co, N.Y. on L. Erie.
Irving, v. Westchester co, N.Y. 26 N of N.Y.
IRv1Ngsville, pv. Franklin co. Mass. 76 www.
of Boston.
Inwin, tp.Venango co, Pa. 12 sw of Franklin.
IRwinton, pv. cap. of Wilkinson co, Ga.20s
of Milledgeville.
Irwinton, pv. Barbour co. Ala. 200 NE of T.
IRw INville, pv. cap. of Irwin co. Ga. 105s M.
IsLAND CR. pt. Jefferson co. O.
IsLEBorough, pt. Waldo co. Me. 54 E of A.
Isle of Shoals, eight islets on the coast of
N. H. and Me.
Islip, pt. Suffolk co. N.Y. on Long Island.
Is RAEL, tp. Preble co. O.
IsrAEl's r. N. H. flows into Connecticut r.
ITALY, tp. Yates co. N.Y. 15 w of Penn Yan.
Ithaca, pv. Darke co. O. 104 w of Cs.
Ivy MILLs, pv. Delaware co. Pa. 88 E of H,
IzARD C. H. Ark. See ATHENs. -

JAcINto, pv. cap. of Tishainingo co. Miss.
230 NNE of Jackson.
Jacksox, pt. Waldo co, Me. 47 NE of A.

Jackson, pt. Coos co. N. H. 80 N of Cd.

| Jackson, to. Columbia co, Pa.
| Jackson, tip. Dauphin co. Pa.
| Jackson, tip. Greene co. Pa.

Jackson, tp. Lebanon co. Pa. 7 E of Lebanon.
Jackson, typ. Lycoming co. P.
Jackson, tp. Northumberland co. Pa.
Jackson, pt. Susquehanna co. Pa,
Jackson, tp. Tioga co. Pa.
Jackson C. H. py. cap. of Jackson co. Va,
Jackson, pv. Northampton co, N.C. 108 NE Rh.
Jackson, pv. cap. of Butts co, Ga. 67 w of M.
.Jackson, pv. Clarke co. Ala. 160 s of T.
Jackson C.H. py. aap. of Jackson co. Miss. 235
se of Jackson.
Jackson, py. East Feliciana par. La, 124 Nw
of New Orleans.
Jackson, py. Lawrence co, Ark.
Jackson, py, cap. of Madison co. Tenn. 134
wsw of Nashville.
Jackson, tp. Champaign co. O.
Jackson, to. Coshoctou co. O,

Jackson, tp. Guernsey co. O. *
Jackson, to. Highland co. O. [Chilicothe.
Jackson, pv. cnp. of Jackson co. O. 28 se of
Jackson, ip. Monroe co, O.
Jackson, tp. Montgomery co. O.
Jackson, to. Morgan co. O.
Jackson, tp. Muskingum co. O.
Jackson, tp. Perry co. O.
Jackson, tp. Pickaway co. O.
Jackson, tp. Pike co. O.
Jackson, ti). Preble co. O.
Jackson, tp. Sandusky co. O.
Jackson, to. Stark co. O.
Jackson, tp. Trumbull co. O.
Jackson, tp. Wayne co. O.
Jackson, pv. cap. of Jackson co. Mich. on
Grand river, 79 w of Detroit.
Jackson, tp. Dearborn co. Ind.
Jackson, typ. Hancock co. Ind.
Jackson, tp. Hamilton co. Ind.
Jackson, tip. Shelby co. Ind.
Jackson, tp. Washington co. Ind.
Jackson, tp. Wayne co. Ind.
Jackson, pv. cap. of Cape Girardeau co. Mo.
196 se of Jefferson City. Little Rock.
Jackson, pv. Lawrence co. Ark. 140 NE of
Jackson, a co. in the southern part of Texas,
on Matagorda Bay. Soil consisting of a

deep layer of black mould; very fertile. Indigo is produced in abundance. Capital, Texana. of Al.

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| Jefferson, tp. Fayette co, O.

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| Jefferson, tp. Logan co. O.

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Roo. Mexican state, Nw of the city of

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Jefferson, pv. Clinton co. Ind. 46 N of Is.
Jefferson, tp. Switzerland co. Ind.
Jefferson, tp. Wayne co. Ind.
Jefferson, tip. Cole co, Mo.

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