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MOULTONBOROUGH, pr. Carroll co. N. H. 48 N / Mount Pleasant, pv. cap. of Henry co. Iowa, of Concord.

on Big creek.

(of H1 MOUNT BETHEL, pv. Northampton co. Pa. Mount REPUBLIC, pv. Wayne co. Pa. 170 ss Mount BLANCHARD, pv. Hancock co. 0. 76 MOUNT SIDNEY, pv. Augusta co.Va. 127 www NW of Columbus.

(sse of J. of Richmond. Mount CARMEL, pv. Covington co. Miss. 94 MOUNT SEWARD, a group of the Adirondack Mount Carmel, pv. Fleming co. Ky. 96 E of F. Mis. N.Y. in the se part of Franklin co. Mount Carmel, pv. cap. of Wabash co. III. on Mount STERLING, Ala. 110 ss* Ill. r. 166 SE of Sd. (Mich. 18 ne of D. of Tuscaloosa.

(Ky. 60 E of F. Mount CLEMENS, pv. cap. of Macomb co. Mount Sterling, pv. cap. of Montgomery co. MOUNT CRAWFORD, pv. Rockingham co. Va. Mount Sterling, pv. Madison co. O. 32 w Cs.

on North river, 130 nw of R. and 12 wide. Mount Sterling, v. Muskingum co. O. MOUNT DESERT, i. Hancock co. Me. 15 m. long Mount Sterling, pv. cap. of Brown co. Il. 77 Mount Desert, pt. Hancock co. Me. on the w of Springfield.

(Bennington. above.

MOUNT TABOR, tp. Rutland co. Vi. 36 NE of MOUNT EATON, pv.Wayne co. O. 104 NE of Cs. Mount Tabor, pv. Union dist. S. C. 76 sw Ca. Mount GALLAGHER, pv. Laurens dist. S. C. Mount Tabor, pv. Monroe co. Ind. 45 ssw Is. 90 wnw of Columbia.

Mount UNION, pv. Stark co. 0. 138 NE of Cs. Mount GILEAD, Pt. Loudon co.Va. 144 n of R. Mount UPTON, pv. Chenango co.N.Y. 100 W Mount Gilead, pv. Mason co. Ky. 90 ENE Of F. of Albany.

[of A. Mount Gilead, pv. Marion co. O. 40 n of Cs. MOUNT VERNON, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 15 NW Mount HEALTHY, pv. Hamilton co. O. 118 sw Mount Vernon, pt. Hillsborough co N. H. N of Columbus.

SSW of Concord. Mount HOLLY, pt. Rutland co. Vt. 80s of Mır. Mount Vernon, pv. Chester co. Pa. 72 ESE H. Mount Holly, pv. cap. of Burlington co. N.J. Mount Vernon, Va, the former residence of 18 8 of Trenton.

Gen. Washington, on the Potomac r. 6 m. Mount HOPE, hill, R. I. on Mount Hope Bay, below Alexandria. [Ga. 112 SE of M.

an arm of Narraganset Bay, which receives Mount Vernon, pv. cap. of Montgomery co. Taunton river.

(Goshen. Mount Vernon, pv. Mobile co. Ala. 184 s of T. Mount Hope, pt. Orange co. N.Y. 11 w of Mount Vernon, pv.cap. of St. Francisco. Ark. Mount Hope, pv. Oldham co. Ky.

Mount Vernon, pv. cap. of Rock Castle co. Mount INDEPENDENCE, Vt. 2 m. sE of old Fort Ky. 75 sse of Frankfort. (Vernon r. Ticonderoga.

Mount Vernon, pv. cap. of Knox co. O. on MOUNT JACKSON, pv. Beaver co. Pa. 240 w H. Mount Vernon, pv. Macomb co. Mich. 32 N D. Mount Jackson, pv. Shenandoah co. Va. 146 Mount Vernon, pv. cap. of Posey co. Ind. on NW of Richmond. (burg. Ohio river.

(130 sse of Sd. Mount Joy, ip. Adams co. Pa. 6 s of Gettys- Mount Vernon, pv. cap. of Jefferson co. II. Mount Joy, pi. Lancaster co. Pa. 25 se of H. Mount Vernon, pv. Dade co. Mo. MOUNT LIBERTY, pv. Knox co. 0. 41 NE Cs. Mount VERNON VILLAGE, pv. Kennebee co. Mount Marcy, Essex co. N.Y. is the highest Me. 17 xw of Augusta.

peak of the Adirondack Mis., being 5,467 MOUNTVILLE, pv. Loudon co. Va. 140 x of R. fect above the sea.

Mountville, pv. Laurens dist. S. C. 74 xw Ca. MOUNT MEGs, pv. Montg. co. Ala. 125 se T. Mountville, pv. Troup co. Ga. 112 w of M. MOUNT MERIDIAN, pv. Augusta co. Va. 125 MOUNT Vision, pv. Otsego co. N.Y. 80 w Al. Ww of Richmond.

MOUNT WASHINGTON, N. H. the highest peak Mount Meridian, pv. Putnam co. Ind. 36 w Is. of the White Mts. Height, 6,423 feet. Mount Moriau, pv. Wilcox co. Ala. 122 s T. Mount Washington, ip. Berkshire co. Mnss. Mount Morris, pt. Livingston co. N.Y. on Mount Washington, pv. Washington co. Ga. Genesee river.

38 ESE of Milledgeville. (Wsw of F Mount Morris, pv. Greene co. Pa.230 w of H. Mount Washington, pv. Bullitt cn. Ky, 60 Mount PLEASANT, !p. Westchester co. N. Y. Mount WILLING, pv. Edgefield dist. S. c. 6 N of White Plains. [of Tn. 40 w of Columbia.

{of T. Mount Pleasant, pv. Hunterdon co. N. J. 38 N Mount Willing, pv. Lowndes co. Ala. 120 ssr Mount Pleasant, tp. Adams co. Pa. 17 E of Mount Zion, py. Hancock co. Ga. 30 NE of N. Gettysburg:

MOURYSTOWN, pv. Highland co. 0.87 sw Cs. Mount Pleasant, tp. Columbia co. Pa. MOYAMENSING, ip. Philadelphia co. Pa. s of Mount Pleasant, borough, Tioga co. Pa. the city, of which it forms one of the subMount Pleasant, tp. Washington co. Pa.

urbs. Mount Pleasant, tp. Wayne co. Pa.

MUDDY CR, tp. Butler co. Pa. Mount Pleasant, pt. Westmoreland co. Pa. Muddy r. Ky flows into Green r. Mount Pleasant, py. Frederick co. Md. 80 NW MUHLENBURG, tp. l'ickaway co. O. 12 sw of of Annapolis.

[of R.

Circleville. Mount Pleasant, pv. Spottsylvania co. Va. 64 MULBERRY T. Ala. a br. of the Black Warrior Mount Pleasant, v. Cabarrus co. N.C. MULLICA, Tp. Atlantic co. N.J. Mount Pleasant, pv. Maury co. Tenn. 53 ssw MullIcA HILL, pv. Glo'ster co. N.J.45 s Tn of Nashville.

MUL'LICAS . N.J. See EGG HARBOR, LITTLE Mount Pleasant, pv. cap. of Harlan co. Ky. MULTONA SPRINGS, Attala co. Miss. 13 x of on a branch of the Cumberland.

Kosciusko. Mount Pleasant, pv. Jefferson co. 0. 20 sw MUNCY, borough, Lycoming co. Pa. 85 x H. of Steubenville,

[of D. Muncy, tp. Lycoming co. Pa. 13 nk of WilMount Pleasant, pv. Oakland co. Mich. 40 NW liamsport.

(Williamsport. Mount Pleasant, pv. cap. of Martin co. Ind. 'Muncy Cr. tp. Lycoming co. Pa. 13 se of

on the East Fork of Whiter. (Jef. City: MUNCYTOWN, pv. cap. of Delaware co. Ind. Mount Pleasant, pt. Barry co. Mo. 212 sw of on White river.

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MUNDY, tp. Genesee co. Mioh. [Green r.| NASHAWx, i. Masy, one of the Elizabeth is. 9
MUNFORDSVILLE, pv. cap. of Hart co. Ky. on miles long, and 2 broad.
MUNSON, pt. Geauga co. 0. 166 ne of Cs. NASHPORT, pv. Muskingum co. 0.54 E of Cs.
MUNSTER, pv. Cambria co. Pa. 133 w of H. Nasu's STREAM, N. H. a br. of Upper Am-
MURDER Kill, hundred, Kent co. Del.

monoosuc river.

MURDOCKSVILLE, pv.Wn. co. Pa. 230 w of H. NASHUA I. N.H. flows into the Merrimack at
MURFREESBOROUGH, pv. Hertford co. N. C. Nashua, pi. Hillsborough co. N. H. on Mer-
on Chowan river.

rimack river.
Murfreesborough, Tenn. See GAZETTEER. NASHVILLE, pv.cap. of Nash co.N.C.44 E Rh.
MURPHY, pv: cap. of Cherokee co. N. C. 367 Nashville, pv. Lowndes co. Miss. on Tombig-
w of Raleigh.

bee river.
MURRAY, pt. Orleans co. N.Y. on Sandy cr. Nashville, pv. Holmes co. 0. 82 NE of Cs.
Murray, pv. Wells co. Ind. 110 NE of Is. Nashville, pv. cap.of Brown co. Ind. 54 s of Is.
MURRAY's Mills, pv. Dearborn co. Ind. 100 Nashville, pv. cap. of Wn. co. III. 118 s of Sd.
SE of Indianapolis.

(w of H. Nashville, pv. Boone co. Mo. 24 nw Jef. City.
MURRAYSVILLE, pv. Westmoreland co. Pa. 160 Nashville, cap. of Milam co. Texas, on the
Murraysville, pv. Hall co. Ga. 130 nnw of M. Brazos 1.75 m. NE of Austin. Pop. near 100.
MUSCATINE, pv. Muscatine co. Iowa.

Nassau r. Flor. enters by Nassau inlet into
MUSCLE RIDGE ISLAND, 1p. Lincoln co. Me. the Atlantic.
MUSCLE SHOals, in Ala. on Tenn. r., which Nassau, pt. Rensselaer co. N.Y. 12 SE of Al.

is here 2 or 3 m. wide; named from the NATCHAUG T. Conn. joins Shetucket r.
fresh water clams found here.

MUSKEGO, tp. Milwaukie co. Wis.

NaTCHITOCHES, pv. cap. of Natchitoches par.

LA. on Red river.
Muskingum, pl. Muskingum co. 0.60 E of Cs. NATHANSVILLE, pv. Conecuh co. Ala. 190 s T.
Mystic, pv. New London co. Conn. 52 SE of Natick, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 17 wsw of B.

(56 SE of Hd. Natick, pv. Kent co. R. I. 9 Sse of Providence.
Mystic BRIDGE, pv. New London co. Conn. NATURAL BRIDGE, py. Jef. co. N.Y. 150 NW

of Albany.

NACOGDOCHES, a co. in the E part of Texas, Natural Bridge, Va. See ROCKBRIDGE, GA-

on the r. Neches. It is mostly woodland. NAUGATUCK 1. Conn. flows into the Housa-
Soil rich, well adapted to the cultivation of tonic.

(of Hd.

Naugaluck, pv. New Haven co. Conn. 53 sw
Nacogdoches, a t. of Texas, cap. of the above Nauvoo City, a famous Morinon settlement,

co., about 250 m. ENE of Austin. A uni. Hancock co. II. on the Mississippi. (Vacca.
versity was incorporated here, February NAV-ID-AD', a r. of Texas, flowing into the La
1815. Pop. from 1,000 10 1,200.

NEATSVILLE, pv. Adair co. Ky. 81 s of F.
Na-llant', ip. and celebrated watering-place Neches, netch'es, a r. in the e part of Texas,
of Essex co. Mass. 14 XE of Boston.

flowing into Sabine Lake. (coast.
NANJEMOY, pv. Charles co. Md. 88 sw of An. NEDDOCK, cape, York co. Me. on the Atlantic
NANKIX, pv. Richland co. 0.83 N of Cs. NEEDHAM, pi. Norfolk co. Mass. 12 sw of B.
Nankin, pt. Wayne co. Mich. 20 w of D. NEFFSVILLE, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 40 SE of H.
NANSEMOND 1. Va. enters by a wide estuary Nelson, pt. Cheshire co. N. H. 44 sw of Cd.

into Hampton Roads. (Binghamton. Nelson, pi. Madison co. N.Y. 110 w of Al.
NANTICOKE, ip. Broome co. N.Y. 11 nw of Nelson, pt. Portage co. 0. 164 NE of Cs.
Nanticoke r. rises in Sussex co. Del. and Nelson FACTORY, pv. Cheshire co. N. H. 38
enters Fishing Bay, an arm of the Chesa sw of Concord.

(hocking r.
peake, in Md.

NELSONVILLE, pv. Athens co. O. on Hock-
Nanticoke, hundred, Sussex co. Del.

Neosho r. Indian Territory, enters the Ar-
NANTICOKE FALLS, Pa. in the Susquehanna, kansas 3 or 4 m. s of Fort Gibson.

8m. below Wilkesbarre. (142 wsw of All Neosho, pv. cap. of Newton co. Mo. 175 NW
NANTICOKE SPRINGS, pv. Broome co. N.Y. of Jefferson City.


NEPONSET T. Mass. flows into Boston Har-
NAPIER, tp. Bedford co. Pa.

NEPONSET VILLAGE, pv. Norfolk co. Mass. 5
NAPIERVILLE, pv. cap. of Du Page co. III. s of Boston.

176 NNE of Springfield.

NESCOPECK er. Luzerne co. Pa. enters the
NAPLES, pl. Cumberland co. Me. 66 sw of A. Nescopeck, pt. Luzerne co. Pa, on Nesco-
Naples, pt. Ontario co. N.Y. 18 s of Canan peck creek.

NESHAMINY cr. Bucks co. Pa. enters the Del-
Naples, pv. Gwinnett co. Ga. 90 ww of M. aware 3 m. below Bristol.
Naples, pv. Scoli co. III. on Illinois r. NESHA NOCK, Ip. Mercer co. Pa. (w of Phila.
NAPOLEOX, pv.Chicotco. Ark.on Mississippi r. NETHER PROVIDENCE, pi. Delaware co. Pa. 12
Napoleon, pv. Gallatin co. Ky.50 s of F. NESAQUAKE T. Suffolk co. N.Y. enters Long
Napoleon, pv. cap. of Henry co. O. on Mau Island Sound.

mee river.

Nesaquake, v. Suffolk co. N.Y. on Nesaquake Napoleon, pt. Jackson co. Mich. 66 w of D. NEVERSINK, pt. Sullivan co. N.Y. on Never Napoleon, pv. Ripley co. Ind. 60 SE of Is. sink river.

[co. N.J.
NAPOLI, pt. Cattaraugus co. N.Y.308 w of Al. NEVERSINK Hills, in then part of Monmouth
NAPONOCH, v. Uister co. N.Y.on Rondout cr. NEVILLE, pv. Clerinont co. 0. on Ohio r.
NARRAGANSET BAY, R. I. extends n from the NEW ALBANY, pv. Bradford co. Pa. 136 N H.

Atlantic, between Point Judith on the w, New Albany, py. Pontotoc co. Miss.
and Seaconnet Rocks on the E. Length 29 New Albany, v. Columbiana co. O.
m., breadth from 3 to 12 m.

New Albany, city, and cap, of Floyd co. Ind.
NARRAGUA'GUS T. and bay, Washington co. Me. on Ohio r. Pop. 5,000.


NEW ALBION, pt. Cattaraugus co. N.Y. 207 w Newburg, tp. Miami co. O. of Albany.

Newburg, pv. Warwick co. Ind. on Ohio r. NEW ALEXANDEB, pv. Columbiana co. O. 146 Newborg, pv. Pike co. III. 65 w of Sd. NE of Columbus.

New BURLINGTON, pv. Clinton co. 0.70 5W New ALEXANDRIA, pv. Westmoreland co. Pa. of Columbus.

(of Is. on r. Loyalhannah, 170 w of Harrisburg, New Burlington, pv. Delaware co. Ind. 66 KL NEW ALSTEAD, pv. Cheshire co. N. H. 54 sw NEWBURY, Pt. Merrimack co. N. H. 30 WNW of Concord.

(Ohio r. of Concord. NEW AMSTERDAM, pv. Harrison co. Ind. on Newbury, pl. Orange co. Vt. on Conn. r. NEWARK, pt. Caledonia co. Vt. 57 NE of Mir. Newbury, ip. Essex co. Mass. 31 x of B. Newark, tp. Tioga co. N.Y. 8 N of Owego. Newbury, tp. York co. Pa. 12 of York. Newark, pv. Wayne co. N.Y. 186 w of Ål. NEWBURYPORT, Mass. See GAZETTEER. Newark, pv. New Castle co. Del. 60 ~ Dover. New CANAAN, pt. Fairfield co. Conn. 74 sw Newark, pv. Worcester co. Md. 123 SE of An. of Hartford

(of R. Newark, pv. cap. of Licking co. 0.40 ENE of New Canton, pv. Buckingham co. Va. 64 Columbus.

(river. New Canton, pv. Hawkins co. Tenn. 264 of Newark, ip. Allegan co. Mich. on Kalamazoo Nashville. Newark, pv. Warwick co. Ind.

NEW CARLISLE, pv. St. Joseph co. Ind. 166 x Newark, pv. La Salle co. III. 150 NNE of Sd. of Indianapolis. (nw of New Orleans. Newark, pv. Knox co. Mo. 44 s Jef. City. NEW CARTHAGE, pv. Madison par. La. 284 NEWARK VALLEY, pv. Tioga co. N.Y. on East NEW CASTINE, pv. Darke co. O. 100 w of Cs. Owego cr.

(of Lenox. New CASTLE, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 35 SE of A. NEW ASHFORD, tp. Berkshire co. Mass. 18 N New Castle, i. and tp. Rockingham co. N.H. NEW ATHENS, pv. Harrison co. O. 115 e of Cs. New Castle, pt. Westchester co. N.Y. on CroNEW BALTIMORE, pt. Greene co. N.Y. 15 8 ton river. of Albany.

New Castle, borough, Mercer co. Pa. 234 New Baltimore, pv. Fauquier co.Va. 108 N R. WNW of Harrisburg, New Baltimore, pv. Stark co. 0. 138 se Cs. New Castle, pv. cap. of New Castle co. Del. New BARBADOES, tp. Bergen co. N. J.

5 ssw of Wilmington. New BEDFORD, pv. Mercer co. Pa. 244 WNW New Castle, pv. Boietourt co. Va. 192 w of R. of Harrisburg.

(of Cs. New Castle, pv. Wilkes co.N.C. 157 w of Rh. New Bedford, pv. Coshocton co. 0. 100 NE New Castle, pv. Fayette co. Tenn. 174 wst NEWBERG, pt. Cass co. Mich. 157 w of D. of Nashville.

[of F. NEW BERLIN, pt. Chenango co. N.Y. 8 NE of New Castle, pv. cap. of Henry co. Ky. 25 NW Norwich.

(70 n of H. New Castle, pt. Coshocton co. 0.70 ENE OR Cs. New Berlin, borough, cap. of Union co. Pa. New Castle, pv. cap. llenry co. Ind. on Blue r. New Berlin, pv. Stark co. 0. 130 NE of Cs. NEW CHESTER, pv. Adams co. Pa. 31 sw of H. New Berlin, pv. Milwaukie co. Wis. 90 g of New COLUMBIA, pv. Union co. Pa. 72 N of H. NEWBERN, N. C. See GAZETTEER. (Madison. New COMERSTOWN, pv. Tascarawas co. O. Newbern, pv. Greene co. Ala.

on Tuscarawas river, 93 ENE of Cs. Newbern, pv. Bartholomew co. Ind. 50 s Is. NEWCOMB, 'p. Essex co. N.Y.92 x of Al. NEWBERRY, pv. Lycoming co. Pa. 95 N of H. New Concord, pv. Muskingum co. 0.68 Cs. Newherry, ip. York co. Pa.

New CUMBERLAND, boro', Cumberland co. Pa. Newherry C. H. pv. cap. of Newberry dist. 4 sw of Harrisburg.

(ENE of Cs. S.C. 40 wxw of Columbia.

New Cumberland, pv. Tuscarawas co. 0.123 Newberry, pv. Wayne co. Ky. 120 s of F. NEW DERRY, pv. Westmoreland co. Va. Newberry, pt. Geauga co. O. 160 nw of Cs. NEW DAEHAM, pt. Strafford co. N.H.323 XE Cd. NEWBERRYTOWN, py. York co. Pa. 19 s of H. New Durham, v. Bergen co. N. J. NEW BETHEL, pv. Marion co. Ind. 8 SE of Is. New ECHOTA, pv. Cass co. Ga. 166 kw of M. New BLOOMFIELD, borough, Pa. See Bloom- New Egypt, pv. Monmouth co. N. J. 18 se FIELD. [of Jef. City. of Trenton.

(Mass 38 w of B. New Bloomfield, pv. Callaway co. Mo. 11 N New England VILLAGE, pv. Worcester co. NEWBORN, pv. Newton co. Ga. 55 xw of M. New F'AIRFIELD, pl. Fairfield co. Conn. 74 sw New Bostox, pt. Hillsboroco. N. H. 22 s Cd. of Hartford.

[N of Mt. New Boston, pv. Berkshire co. Mass. 122 w B. NEW FANE, v. cap. of Windham co. Vi. 100 New Boston, pv. Windham co. Conn. 48 NE New Fane, pt. Niagara co. N.Y.on L.Ontario. of Hartford.

(Ware r. NEWFIELD, pt. York co. Me. 80 sw of A. NEW BRAINTREE, pt. Worcester en. Mass. on Newfield, pt. Tompkins co. N.Y 290 w of Al. NEW BREMEN, pv. Mercer co. 0.97 Www Cs. | NEWFOUND LAKE, Grafton co. N. H. 6 m. long NEW BRIDGE, pv. Lumpkin co. Ga. 136 NNW and 2 broad. of Milledgeville.

for New York. New FRANKFORT, pv. Scott co. Ind. 80s of Is. New Brightox, v. Richmond co. N.Y. 6 w New FRANKLIX, pv. Stark co. (). 140 NE of Cs. NEW BRITAIN, pv. Hartford co. Conn. 10 sw New Franklin, pv. Carroll co. Ind. 75 NXw Is. of Hartford.

NEW GARDEN, Pt. Chester co. Pa 32 sw Phila. New Britain, pt. Bucks co. Pa. 25 x Phila. New Garden, pv. Guilford co. N. C. 99 wxw NEW Buffalo, pv. Berrien co. Mich. on Lake of Raleigh. Michigan.

New Garden, pv. Columbiana cô.0.150 NoCs NEWBURG, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 50 ne of A. New Garden, pt. Wayne co. Ind. 78 E of Is. Newburg, pv. Cumberland co. Pa. 41 w of H. NEW GENEVA, pv. Fayette co. Pa. on MononNewburg, pv. Pilsylvania co.Va. 138 wsw R. gahelar. Newburg, pv. Franklin co. Ala. 120 n of T. New GEORGETOWN, v. Columbiana co. O. Newburg, pv. Jefferson co. Ky. 63 w of F. NEW GERNANTOWN, pv. Hunterdon co. N. J. Newburg, pt. Cuyaboga co. O. 150 NE of Cs. 44 N of Trenton. Newburg, ip. Geauga co. O.

New Germantown, pv. Perry co. Pa. 46 w H.

NEW GILEAD, pv. Moose co. N. C. 100 sw Rh. New London, pv. Oneida co. N.Y. on the Eria New Glasgow, pv. Amherst co. Va. 120 w R. canal.

[Philadelphia. New GLOUCESTER, pt. Cumberland co. Me. 41 New London, tp. Chester co. Pa. 36 sw of sw of Augusta.

[of Cs. New London, pv. Frederick co. Md. 70 nw An. NEW GUILFORD, pv. Coshocton co. O. 67 NE New London, pv. Campbell co.Va. 127 w of R. New HAGERSTOWN, pv. Carroll co. 0.114 ENE New London, pt. Huron co. 0.96 x of Cs. of Columbus.

(Hudson r. New London, pv. cap. Ralls co. Mo. on Salt r. New HAMBURG, pv. Dutchess co. N. Y. on New London, pv. Henry co. Iowa. [Pa. NEW HAMPTON, pt. Belknap co. N. H. 30 NW New London Cross Roads, pv. Chester co. of Concord.

[of Tn. New LYME, pt. Ashtabula co. O. 195 Ne of Cs. New Hampton, py. Hunterdon co. N. J.47 N NEw Madisox, pv. Darke co. O. 100 w of Cs. New HANOVER, ip. Burlington co. N. J. New MADRID, pv. cap. of New Madrid co. New Hanover, pi. Montg. co. Pa. 74 E of H. Mo, on Missouri river. New HARMONY, pv. Monroe co. Ky. 113 ssw New Marion, pv. Ripley co. Ind. 73 se of Is. of Frankfort.

NEW MARKET, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. 38 New Harmony, pv. Posey co. Ind. 172 sw Is. SE of Concord.

[of Tn. New HARRISBURG, pv. Carroll co. 0. 130 ENE New Market, pv. Middlesex co. N. J. 36 NE of Columbus.

New Market, pv. Frederick co. Md. 67 NW An. NEW HARTFORD, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. 20 New Market, pv. Shenandoah co. Va. 140 nw w of Hartford.

(Utica. of Richmond. New Hartford, pt. Oneida co. N.Y. 4 w of New Market, pv. Randolph co. N. C. 85 w Rh. New Hartford, pv. Pike co. II. 76 w or Sd. New Market, pv. Abbeville dist. S.C. 90 w Ca. New HARTFORD CENTRE, pv. Litchfield co. New Market, pv. Madison Co. Ala. 170 N T. Conn. 18 w of Hartford.

New Markel, pv. Jefferson co. Tenn. 209 x Ne. New Haven, pt. Addison co. VI. 60 w Mtr. New Market, pv. Marion co. Ky. 65 ssw of F. New Haven, pi. Oswego co. N.Y.

New Market, pl. Highland co. 0.80 sw of Cs. New Haven, pv. Nelson co. Ky. 68 sw of F. New Market, pv. Vigo co. Ind. 82 w of Is. New Haven, pv. Huron co. 0. 82 x of Cs. New Markel, pv. Platte co. Mo. New Haven, pv. Gallatin co. III. on Little NEW MARLBORO', pt. Berkshire co. Mass. (Is. Wabash river.

(wsw of Mir. New MAYSVILLE, pv. Putnam co. Ind. 32 w of New Havex Mills, pv. Addison co. Vt. 54 New Mexico. See Nuevo Mexico. New HELVETIA. See NUEVA HELVETIA. NEW MILFORD, pl. Litchfield co. Conn. on NEW HOLLAND, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 50 x H. Housatonic river, 50 wsw of Hartford. New Holland, pv. Pickaway co. 0. 43 s Cs. New Milford, pl. Susqa. co. Pa. 185 n of H. New Hope, borough, Bucks co. Pa. on Del... New Mount PLEASANT, pv. Jay co. Ind. 97 New Hope, pv. Augusta co. Va. 130 wxw R. Ne of Indianapolis.

[of M. New Hope, pv. Iredell co. N. C. 163 w of Rh. NEW Nax, pv. cap. of Coweta co. Ga. 106 w New Hope, pv. Spartanburg dist. S. C. 110 NEW NANSVILLE, pv.cap. of Alachua co. Flor NW of Columbia.

NEW OXFORD, pv. Adams co. Pa. 33 s of H. New Hope, pv. Madison co. Ala. 146 xxe of T. New Paltz, pt. Ulster co. N.Y. 74 s of Al. New Hope, pv. Brown co. O. 100 sw of Cs. New Paltz LANDING, pv. Ulster co. N.Y.on New Hope, pv. Lincoln co. Mo. (Angelica. the Hudson. New Hudson, tp. Alleghany co. N. Y. 14 w of New Paris, py. Preble co. O. on WhitewaNEW HURLY, pv. Ulster co. N.Y.83 W of Al. ter river.

{$w of fai New IBERIA, pv. St. Martin's par. La. on New PETERSBURG, pv. Highland co. 0. 80 Teche river.

[of Cd., New PHILADELPHIA, pv. cap. of Tuscarawas NEWINGTOX, pt. Rockingham co. N. H.40 ESE CO. O. on Tuscarawas river. (96 s of Is. Newington, pv. Hartford co. Conn. 6 s of HD. New Philadelphia, pv. Washington co, Ind, New Ipswicil, pt. Hillsborough co. N. H. 47 New PITTSBURG, pv. Wayne co. 0.92 se Cs. SSW of Concord.

(Va. 30 E of R. New Plain, pv. Murray co. Ga. New Kent C. H. pv. cap. of New Kent co. NEW PORT, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 54 ne of A. NEW LANCASTER, pv. Warren co. III. 100 XW Newpori, pv. cap. of Sullivan co. N. H. 40 w of Springfield.

(of Al.

of Concord. NEW LEBANOX, pt. Columbia co. N.Y. 23 se Newport, pt. Orleans co. Vt. 64 n of Mir. New Lebanon, N.Y. See GAZETTEER. Newpori, pt. Herkimer co. N.Y. 86 xw of Al. New Lebanon, pv. Pasquotank co. N. C. 237 Newpori, pv. Cumberland co. N.J. (barre. ENE of Raleigh.

Newpori, ip. Luzerne co. Pa. 8 sw of WilkesNew Lebanon, pv. Sullivan co. Ind. 103 sw Is. Newpori, py. Perry co. Pa. 28 NW of H. NEW LEBANON SPRINGs, pv. Columbia co. Newport, py. New Castle co. Del. 50 x Dover.

N.Y. 25 se of Albany, with warm mineral Newport, pv. Charles co, Md. 83 sw of An. springs.

Is or T. Newport, pv. cap. of Cocke co. Tenn. on NEW LEXINGTOX, pv. Tuscaloosa co. Ala. 21 French Broad river.

(Ohio r. New Lexington, pv. Perry co. 0. 52 e of Cs. Newpori, pv. cap. of Campbell co. Ky. op New LIBERTY, pv. cap. of Owen co. Ky. 36 Newpori, pv. Washington co. O. on Obio r. x of Frankfurt.

Newpori, pv. cap. of Vermilion co. Ind. on NEW LIMERICK, IP. Aroostook co. Me.

Vermilion river.

(son City. NEWLIN, tp. Chester co. Pa. 29 sw of Phila. Newport, pv. Franklin co. Mo.70 of JefferNEW LisBox, pt. Otsego co. N.Y.90 w of Al. New Portage, pv. Medina co. 0. 120 XE of New Lisbon, pv. cap. of Columbiana co. 0. Columbus.

(xxw of A. 130 ENE of Columbus.

New PORTLAND, pt. Somerset co. Me. 56 New Lisbou, pv. Henry co. Ind. 55 E of Is. NEWPORTVILLE, pv. Bucks co. Pa. on NeshaNew LONDON, pt. Merrimack co. N. H.30 nw miny creek. of Concord.

New PRESTOX, pv. Litchfield co. Conn. 43 w New London, Conn. See GAZETTEER.

of Hartford.


NEW PROSPECT, pt. Bergen co. N. J. 87 NE of Newtown, pv. Hamilton co. O. 120 sw of Cs. Trenton.

[nw of Ca. Newtown, pv. Hinds co. Miss. 10 8 of J. New Prospect, pv. Spartanburg dist. S. C. 117 Newtown, pv. Fountain co. Ind. 63 wnw la New Prospect, pv. Greene co. Ala. 57 sw T. Newtown cr. Queen's co. N.Y. Mows into the New PROVIDENCE, pt. Essex co. N. J. 13 sw East r. opposite New York. of Newark.

(47 xw of Ne. NEWTOWN SQUARE, pv. Delaware co. Pa. New Providence, pv. Montgomery co. Tenn. NEWTOWN STEPHENSBURG, pv. Frederick co. New Providence, pv. Clarke co. Ind. 107 s of Va. 154 xxw of Richmond.

(of Is. Indianapolis.

NEW TRENTON, pv. Franklin co. Ind. 80 ESE New READING, v. Perry co. O.

New TRIPOLI, pv. Lehigh co. Pa. 86 ENE H. New RICHMOND, pv. Clermont co. O. on New UTRECHT, pl. King' N.Y. 78 of Ohio r.

New York, New RIVER, Va, rises in N. C. In the lower New VERNOx, pv. Morris co. N. J. 50 N Tn.

part of its course it is called the Great Ka- New Village, pv. Suffolk co. N.Y. on Long I. nawha.

New Village, pv. Warren co. N. J. 54 NNW New r. Onslow co. N. C, enters the Atlantic of Trenton.

(of AL through New r. inlet.

[Sound. NewVILLE, pv. Herkimer co. N.Y. 68 Www New r. Beaufort dist. S. C. enters' Tybee Newville, boro', Cumberland co. Pa. 30 sw H. Newr. La. flows into Lake Maurepas. Newville, pv. Richland co. O. 74 NNE of Cs. NEW ROCHELLE, pv. Westchester co. N.Y. 18 Newville, pv. De Kalb co. Ind. 156 NXE of Is. NE of New York.

(Cs. New VINEYARD, pt. Franklin co. Me. 48 NW NEW ROCHESTER, pv. Wood co. O. 108 xw of

of Augusta.

(164 ssw of T. New Ross, pv. Montgomery co. Ind. 35 wnw New WAKEFIELD, pv. Washington co. Ala. of Indianapolis.

NEW Washington, pv. Clarke co. Ind. 97 s NEW RUMLET, pv. Harrison co. 116 E Cs. Indianapolis. NEWRY, Pt. Oxford co. Me. 64 w of A. New WILMINGTON, pv. Mercer co. Pa. Newry, pv. Huntingdon co. Pa. 122 w of H. NEW WINCHESTER, pv. Marion co. O. 62 x of NEW SALEM, pt. Franklin co. Mass. 73 wxw Columbus.

(w of Is. of Boston.

New Winchester, pv. Hendric's co. Ind. 27 New Salem, pv. Albany co. N.Y. 12 w of Al. New Windsor, pt. Orange co. N.Y. on HudNew Salem, pv. Fayelte co. Pa. 167 w of H. son river. New Salem, pv. Randolph co. N. C. 80 w Rh. New Windsor, pv. Carroll co. Md. 65 NW An. New Salem, pv. Fairfield co. 0.40 SE of Cs. New WOODSTOCK, pv. Madison co. N.Y. 115 New Salem, pv. Rush co. Jud. 47 ESE of Is. w of Albany.

(Ohio. New SALISBURY, pv. Harrison co. Ind. 124 8 New York, pv. Switzerland co. Ind. On the of Indianapolis.

NEW YORK MILLS, pv. Oneida co. N.Y. on NEW SCOTLAND, pt. Albany co. N.Y. 9 w Al. Sadaquada creek, 96 www of Albany. NEW SEWICKLY, Ip. Beaver co. Pa. 5 E Beaver. Nez PERCE (usually pronounced nay per'cy) NEW SHAROX, pt. Franklin co. Me. 28 NW A. or SAPTIN INDIANs, a tribe dwelling in the New SUOREHAM, pt. or Block ISLAND, New E part of Oregon, between Clark's river port co. R. I. 15 ssw of Point Judith.

and the x branch of Saptin or Lewis r. NEW SPRINGFIELD, pv. Columbiana co. O. The name rez percé signifies in French NEW STANTON, pv. Westmoreland co. Pa. pierced nose." There does not, howNr'STEAD, pt. Erie co. N.Y. 20 NE of Buffalo,

ever, appear to be any peculiarity in their New SWEDEN, pv. Clinton co. N.Y. on Au customs to justify this appellation. Sable river.

NIAGARA, 1p. Niagara co. N.Y. 16 w of Lock NEWrox, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 7 w of B. port.

(Niagara r. at the falls. Newton, tp. Gloucester co. N. J. 6 XE of | NIAGARA FALLS, pv. Niagara co, NY, on Woodbury

(Trenton. Niagara (formerly Newark), a v. of Canada Newton, pv. cap. of Sussex co. N. J. 70 x of West, at the mouth of Niagara river. Newton, tp. Cumberland co. Pa. 16 w Carlisle. NICHOLAS C. H. pv. cap. of Nicholas co. Va Newton, tp. Delaware co. Pa. 14 nw of Phila. 310 w of Richmond.

(36 SE of F Newton, ip. Miami co. 0.

NICHOLASVILLE, pv. cap. of Jessamine co. Ky. Newton, pi. Muskingum co. O. 60 of Cs. Nichols, pt. Tioga co. N.Y. 8 sw of Owego. Newton, pt. Calhoun co. Mich. 114 w of D. NICHOLSOX, pt. Luzerne co. Pa. 160 NE of H. Newton, pv. cap. of Jasper co. III. on Em- NICHOLSVILLE, pv. St. Lawrence co. N.Y. on barrass river.

(w of B. St. Regis river. NEWTON CENTRE, pv. Middlesex co: Mass. 7 NICOLET, nik'o-la', a r. of Canada East, flow NEWrox Falls, pv. Trumbull co. 0. 162 NE ing into Lake St. Peters from the se, 75 m of Columbus.

below Montreal. Newtox LOWER FALLs, pv. Middlesex co. Niles, pl. Cayuga co. N.Y. 10 SE of Auburn Mass. 11 w of Boston.

Niles, pv. Berrien co. Mich.on St. Joseph's r NEWTON UPPER Falls, pv. Middlesex co. NIMISIILLEN, ip. Stark co. O. on Nimishit Mass. 9 w of Boston.

[of Cd.

len creek. Newtowx, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. 30 SE NIMISILLA, pv. Summit co. O. 120 NE of Cs. Newtown, pt. Fairfield co. Conn. 62 sw Hd. NINE MILE PRAIRIE, tp. Callaway co. Mo. Newtown, pt. Queen's co. N. Y. on Long I. NINevev, pv. Broome co. N.Y. on E. Branch Sound.

of the Susquehanna. Newtown, boro', Bucks co. Pa. 20 NE of Phila. Nineveh, pv. Johnson co. Ind. *s of Is. Newtown, ip. Delaware co. Pa. 14 w Phila. NIOBRARAU, a r. of Missouri Territory, which Newtown, pv. Worcester co. Md. 126 se An. falls into the Missouri near 420 40' x Lat. Newtown, pv. King and Queen co. Va. 38 NIPPENOSE, pl. Lycoming co. Pa. 96 N of H. ENE of Richmond.

NISINEBATONA rMo. flows into the MissouNewtown, pv. Scott co. Ky. 25 E of F.

ri river.

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