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Monterey. Also a littlet. of California, on the Pacific. Lat. 34° 20' N, Lon. 119°w. SAN DIEgo, de-à'go, a sea-port of California, on the Pacific, noted for the mildness of in climate. Lat. 32°40' N, Lon. 117s w. Pop from 1,200 to 1,500. SAN FELIPE DE AustiN, san sa-lee'pay is austin, (familiarly called San Philip,) the cap, of Austin co. Texas, on the wor right bank of the Brazos, 120m. ENE of Austi SAN FERNANDo. See TIGRE. SAN FRANcisco, a small t. of California at the entrance of a bay of its own name, win one of the finest harbours on the w coast of America. Lat. 37° 45' N, Lon. 122-25 r SAN JAcinto, a r. of Texas, flowing inso Galveston Bay, 25 ENE of Houston. Near its mouth was o: (April 21st, 1836,)the battle which established the independence of Texas. SAN. JoAQUIN (Sp. pron. san Ho-ah-keen'), at of California, flows northerly, and joins the Sacramento at its entrance into San Fras. cisco Bay. The valley of this river is one of the best parts of California. San Juan (Sp. pron. san Hoo-an' or Hwan), a t, on the Pacific coast, 30 m. s of the Puebe de los Angeles, important as being the head quarters of the Mexican forces in Califor. Ilia. SAN Ju'an De Ulva (oo-loo'à), or ULoa (so ron.san hoo-anda oo-loo'a), the citadeo era Cruz, and the most important for. tress of all Mexico, is situated on a unio island immediately N of Vera Cruz. Its eas: struction is said to have cost more than 30,000,000 dollars. SAN Jose DEL PARRAL. See PARRAL. SAN, Luis, v. of Brazoria co, Texas, on an island at the w extremity of Galveston Bay SAN Luis de Potosí (da po-to-see'), a state in the E part of Mexico, w of and border.

ing on Tamaulipas. Area 18,000 sq. m. Pop. 220,000.

San Luis de Potosi, the cap. of the above, is on
the river Tampico, near its source. Lat. 232
N, Lon. 1002 40 w. Pop. variously esti-
mated from 12,000 to 40,000.
SAN Patricio, a large co, occupying the
southernmost portion of Texas. The soil
along the Nueces, and Corpus Christi Bay,
is generally very fertile; farther south
towards the Rio del Norte, there is an ex-
tensive tract of desert. Capital, corpus
Christi. Nueces r
San Patricio, v. of Refugio co. Texas, on the
SAN SALvador (sal-vá-dore'), a city of cets-
trul America, cap. of the state of Saiva-
dor, about 35 m. from the Pacific, and 120
sk of Guatemala. Lat. 13° 50' N, Lon. SS-
50' w. Pop. stated at about 40,000.
SANBornton, pt. Belknap co. N. H. 21 N. Cd.
SANBornton BRIDGE, pv. Belknap co. N. H.
17 N of Concord. [tucket I
SANcory HEAD, Mass, the E point of Nan-
SANDERsville, pv. Chester dist. S. C. GG x Ca
Sandersville, pv. cap. of Washington co. Ga
28 sk of Milledgeville.
SANDFord, tp. York co. Me.
Sandford, pt. Broome co, N.Y. 120 so of Al.
SANDGATE, pt. Bennington co, Vt. [of B.
SAN disfield, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. i26 w
SAND LAKE, pt. Rensselaer co. N.Y. 17 is Al

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SANDown, pt. Rockingham co. N. H.26 se Cd.
SANDs.ToxE, tp. Jackson co. Mich.
SANDsville, pv. Clinton co. Mo.
SANDrox, pv. Kershaw dist. S. C. 55 NE Ca.
SAND Town, pv. Kent co. Del. 19 sw Dover.
Saud Town, pv. Campbell co, Ga. 100 Nw M.
SANDUsky, r. and t. O. See GAzetteeR.
SANDwich, pt. Carroll co. N. H. 50 N of Cd.
Sandwich, pt. Barnstable co. Mass. 58 sse B.
SANDY r. Me. flows into the Kennebec r.
Sandy cr. N.Y. flows into Lake Ontario in
Monroe co.
Sandy r. Va. and Ky. See Big SANDY r.
Sandy, tp. Tuscarawas co, Ohio.
SANDY BAY, v. Essex co. Mass. on Cape Ann.
SANDY CR. pt. Qswego co, N.Y. 160 www Al.
Sandy Cr. pt. Mercer co. Pa. 228 www of H.
Sandy Cr. tp. Venango co, Pa. Hudson.
SANDY HILL, pv. Washington co. N.Y. on the
Sandy Hill, pv. Wo'ster co. Md. 124 se of An.
SANDY Hook, N.J. a sandy beach extending
from Monmouth co. 6 m. N into the Atlan-
tic. It encloses Sandy Hook Bay.
SANdy Lake, pt. Mercer co, Pa. on Sandy cr.
SANDY Poixt, Mass. the N extremity of Nan-
tucket Island.
SANDyston, pt. Sussex co. N. J. 87 N of Tn.
SANDyville, pv. Tuscarawas co. O. 123 NE
of Columbus.
SANFord, pt. York co. Me. 83 sw of A.
SANGERFIELD, pt. Oneida co, N.Y. 15 s Utica.
SANGER villr, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. 77 Nw
of Augusta.
SANTA BAR'BARA, a small t. of California, on
the Pacific. Lat. 34° 15' N, Lon. 119° 50' w.
The SANTA BARBARA Islands consist of 7 or
8 small islands off the coast of California, s
of Santa Barbara.
SANTA CRUz, san'tá crooce, a sea-port on the
s side of Cuba, 45 m. s of Puerto Principe.
SANTA Fe (Mexican pron. san'tà sa), the
chief t. of New Mexico. It has a pop. of
between 5,000 and 6,000, and is the great
emporium of the overland trade that has
been carried on from the state of Missouri
since the year 1822.
SANTA Rosalia (ro-sal-ee'a), a t. of Mexico,
in Chihuahua, 40 in x of San Bartolomé.
Pop. said to be 4,000.
SANTANDER (Sp. pron. san-tan-dair'), a r. of
Mexico, flowing into the Gulf of Mexico
in 23° 40' N. Lat.
SANT1AGo (de Cuba), a sea-port and archie-
piscopal t. on the s coast of Cuba, not far
from the E end of the island.
harbour and considerable trade, but its situ-
ation is very unhealthy. Pop, unknown.
SAPPING to N, pv. St. Louis co. Mo. 140 E of
Jefferson City.
SAR Ansville, pv. Morgan co. O. 100 Ese of Cs.
Sarahsville, R’. Franklin co. Ill. 180 s of Sd.
SARANAc r. N.Y. flows into Lake Champlain.
Saranac, lake, Hamilton co. N.Y. 10 m. long,
and 2 or 3 wide.
Saranac, pt. Clinton co. N.Y. 15 w Plattsburg.

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