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• WARFORDSBURG, pv. Bedford co. Pa. 85 sw H. Warwick, pt. Orange co. N. Y. 24 sw of • WARMINSTER, tp. Bucks co. Pa. 17 x Phila. Newburg

Warminster, pv. Nelson co. Va. on James T. Warwick, tp. Bucks co. Pa. 21 N of Phila. WARM SPRINGs, pv. Buncombe co. N.C.34 Warwick, tp. Lancaster co. Pa. 9 N of Lanxxw of Ashville.

(w of M.

caster. Warm Springs, pv. Meriwether co. Ga. 110 Warwick, pv. Cecil co. Md. 15 s of Elkton. WARNER, pt. Merrimack co. N. H. 17 Www Warwick, pv. cap. of Warwick co. Va. 80 of Concord.

Warwick, tp. Tuscarawas co. O. (ESE of R. WARBEN, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 37 SE of A. WASHINGTON, pl. Lincoln co. Me. 31 E of A. Warren, pt. Grafton co, N. H. on Baker's r. Washington, pi. Sullivan co. N. H. 33 w Cd. Warren, pt. Wn. co. Vt. 31 se of Burlington. Washington, pt. Orange co.Vt. 15 SE of Mtr.

Warren, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 66 wsw B. Washington, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. 128 w B. - Warren, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. 8 w of Washington, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. 47 Wow Litchfield. (dence. of Hartford.

[Poughkeepsie. Warren, pt. Bristol co. R. I. 14 sk of Provi. Washington, pt. Dutchess co. N.Y. 12 E of

Warren, pt. Herkimer co. N.Y. 64 xw of Al. Washington, ip. Bergen co. N. J. on Hack- Warren, tp. Somerset co. N. J. 6 NE of So ensack river

(Woodbury: merville

anda. Washington, tp. Burlington co. N. J. 22 s of Warren, ip. Bradford co. Pa. 17 Ne of Tow- Washington, ip. Gloucester co. N. J. 12 w Warren, ip. Franklin co. Pa. 20 sw of Cham of Woodbury

(Morristown. bersburg

(Alleghany r. Washington, ip. Morris co. N. J. 18 w of
Warren, borough, cap. of Warren co. Pa. on Washington, ip. Berks co. Pa.
Warren, pv. Baltimore co. Md. 45 N An. Washington, tp. Cambria co. Pa. on a branch
Warren, pv. Albemarle co. Va. on James r. 80 of Kiskiminetas river.
Warren, pv. Bibb co. Ga. 43 sw of M. (NW R. Washington, ip. Erie co. Pa.
Warren, tp. Belmont co. O.

Washington, ip. Fayette co. Pa.
Warren, tp. Jefferson co. O.

Washington, ip. Franklin co. Pa. 11 sw of
Warren, pv. cap. of Trumbull co. O. on the Chambersburg
Pennsylvania and Ohio canal.

Washington, tp. Greene co. Pa. (cr.
Warren, tp. Tuscarawas co. O.

Washington, tp. Indiana co. Pa. on Crooked
Warren, tp. Washington co. O. on Ohio r. Washington, tp. Jefferson co. Pa.
Warren, tp. Macomb co. Mich.

Washington, tp. Luzerne co. Pa.
Warren, pv. Huntington co. Ind. 123 NNE Is. Washington, ip. Lycoming co. Pa.
Warren, ip. Putnam co. Ind.

(City: Washington, tp. Union co. Pa.
Warren, pv. Marion co. Mo. 105 NNE of Jef. Washington, borough, cap. of Washington
Warren, tp. Marion co. Mo. (Hudson. co. Pa. 209 w of Harrisburg.
WARRENSBURG, pl. Warren co. N.Y. on the Washington, tp. Westmoreland co. Pa. 16 x
Warrensburg, pv. Greene co. Tenn. 242 E Ne. of Greensburg
Warrensburg, pv. cap. of Johnson co. Mo. on Washington, ip. York co. Pa. [NNW of R:
Blackwater river.

[of Sd. Washington, py. Rappahannock co. Va. 123 WARBENSVILLE, pv. Du Page co. !II. 180 NNE Washington, N. C. See GAZETTERR. WARRENTON, pv. cap. of Fauquier co. Va. Washington, pv. cap. of Wilkes co. Ga. 78 NE 102 x of Richmond.

[NNE of Rh. of Milledgeville. Warrenton, pv. cap. of Warren co. N. C. 62 Washington, pv. Autauga co. Ala.on Alabama Warrenton, pv. Abbeville dist. S. C. 103 w of river, 102 SE of Tuscaloosa.

[of T. Columbia

(ENE Of M. Washington C. H. pv. Wn. co. Ala. 146 ssw Warrenton, pv. cap. of Warren co. Ga. 44 Washington, pv. Adams co. Miss. 6 Ne of Warrenton, pv. cap. of Marshall co. Ala. 135 Natchez.

(Bayou Teche. NE of 'Tuscaloosa.

Washington, pv. St. Landry par. La. on Warrenton, pv.Warren co. Miss. on Miss. r. Washington, pv. cap. of Hempstead co. Ark. Warrenton, pv. Jefferson co. O. on Ohio r. 111 sw of Little Rock. (Tennessee river. Warrenton, pv. Gibson co. Ind.

Washington, pv. cap. of Rhea co. Tenn. on Warrenton, pv.cap. of Warren co. Mo.70 ENE Washington, pv. cap. Mason co. Ky.77 ESE F. of Jefferson City.

for Cs. Washington, ip. Clermont co. O. on Ohio r. ARRENVILLE, pi. Cuyaboga co. 0. 154 NNE Washington, tp. Clinton co. O. (50 sw Cs. WARRINGTON, pt. Bucks co. Pa.

Washington C. H. pv. cap. of Fayette co. O.
Warrington, tp. York co. Pa. (w of H. Washington, pv. Guernsey co. O. 85 B of Cs.
WARRIOR Mark, pt. Huntingdon co. Pa. 108 Washington, ip. Harrison co. O.
WARSAW, pv. cap. of Wyoming co. N.Y. 250 Washington, tp. Holmes co. O.
w of Albany

Washington, tp. Licking co. O.
Warsaw, pt. Jefferson co. Pa. 169 nw of H. Washington, tp. Marion co. O.
Warsaw, pv. cap. of Richmond co. Va. 58 NE Washington, tp. Miami co. O.
of Richmond.

Washington, tp. Muskingum co. O.
Warsaw, pv. Duplin co. N. C. 80 sse of Rh. Washington, tp. Preble co. O.
Warsaw, pv. Gwinneft co. Ga. on Chatta- Washington, tp. Richland co. O. (Scioto 1:
hoochee river.

Washington, ip. Scioto co. O. on Ohio and
Warsaw, pv. cap. of Gallatin co. Ky.on Ohior. Washington, tp. Shelby co. O.
Warsaw, pv. cap. of Kosciusko co. Ind. on Washington, tp. Tuscarawas co. O.
Tippecanoe river.

Washington, pt. Macomb co. Mich. 30 xx D.
Warsaw, pv. Hancock co. III. on Miss. r. Washington, pv. cap. of Daviess co. Ind. 106
Warsaw, pv. cap. of Benton co. Mo. on sw of Indianapolis.
Osage river.

Washington, tp. Harrison co. Ind.
WARWICK, pt. Fra klin co. Mass. 80 www B. Washington, tp. Marion co. Ind.
Warwick, pt. Kent co. R. I. 11 sw Providence. Washington, tp. Putnam co. Ind.

54 *

Washington, tp. Randolph co. Ind. | WATERVILLAGE, pv.Carroll co. N.H.48 NE Cd. Washington, tp. Washington co. Ind. WATERVILLE, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 18 * A. Washington, ip. Wayne co. Ind.

Waterville, tp. Graston co. N. H. 60 * of Cd. Washington, py. Tazewell co. 111.71 N of Sd. Waterville, pl. Lamoille co. Vt, 43 sw Mu. Washington, pv. Franklin co. Mo. 76 E of Waterville, pv. Oneida co. N.Y. 90 wsw Al. Jefferson City.

Waterville, pt. Lacas co. O. 130 xw of Ca Washington, py. cap. of Washington co. WATERYLIET, pt. Albany co. N.Y. 5 x or Al Iowa, 30 s of Iowa City.

WATKINSVILLE, pv. Goochland co. Va ? Washington, a co. in the se central part of WNW of Richmond.

(x of Texas, w of, and bordering on the Brazos Watkinsville, pv. cap. of Clarke co Ga. 1. The soil consists chiefly of a deep rich WATSON, pt. Lewis co. N.Y. 10 ye of Mer. Ioam, very fertile, especially on the bottom tinsburg

177 * of 1 lands.

WATSONTOWN, pv. Northumberland en de Washington, the seat of justice of the above WATTSBOROUGH, pv. Lunenburg co. Va 11 co. and the temporary capital of Texas, on sw of Richmond.

(creet the Brazos r., about 100 m. in a straight WATTSBURG, borough, Erie co. Pa.on Frenda line E of Austin. Pop. 1,200.

WAUPUN, pv. Fond du Lac co. Wis. SO WASHINGTONVILLE, V. Oswego co. N.Y. WATSHARA, pv. Dane co. Wis. (Madison Washingtonville, v. Orange co. N.Y. 10 w WAVERLEY, pv.Humphreys co. Tenn du w Ne of Newburg:

(of H. WAWARSING, pt. Ulster co. N. Y. N sw Washingtonville, pv. Columbia co. Pa. 80 NNE Kingston Washingtonville, pv. Columbiana co. O. Wawatosa, tp. Milwaukie co. Wis. WASHITA S. Ark. and La. See GAZETTEER. WAYLAND, pe Middlesex co. Mass. 17 WB WATAUGA I. N. C. unites with the S. Fork of WAYLANDSBURG, pv. Culpepper co. Ve. Is the Holston.

(York. NNE of Richmond. WATERBOROUGH, pt. York co. Me. 25 N of WAYMART, pv. Wayne co. Pa. 168 Ne of 1. Waterborough, pv. Chautauque co. N.Y. WAYNE, pl. Kennebec co. Me. 15 w of A WATERBURG, pv. Calhoun co. Mich. on Kala- Wayne, pl. Steuben co. N.Y. on Crooked L mazoo river.

(Montpelier. Wayne, tp. Armstrong co. Pa. WATERBURY, Pt. Washington co. Vt. 12 Nw of Wayne, tp. Clinton co. Pa. Waterbury, pt. New Haven co. Conn. 52 ssw Wayne, tp. Crawford co. Pa. on Sugar r. of Hartford.

(15 nw of Mtr. Wayne, pi. Erie co. Pa. on French er. (berg WATERBURY CENTRE, Py. Washington co. Vt. Wayne, ip. Greene co. Pa. 15 sw of Wayao WATERFORD, pt. Oxford co. Me. 33 w of A. Wayne, tp. Mitffin co. Pa. on Juniata r. Waterford, pt. Caledonia co. Vt. on Conn. r. Wayne, tp. Schuylkill co. Pa. Waterford, pv. Worcester co. Mass. 42 w B. Wayne, pt. Ashtabula co. 0. 17 sg at Cs Waterford, pt. New London co. Conn. 46 Se Wayne, ip. Belmont co. O. of Hartford.

Wayne, ip. Butler co. O. Waterford, pt. Saratoga co. N.Y. 10 N of Al. Wayne, tp. Champaign co. O. Waterford, tp. Gloucester co. N. J. 12 w of Wayne, ip. Clermont co. O. Woodbury

Wayne, tp. Clinton co. O. Waterford, pt. Erie co. Pa. 13 SE of Erie. Wayne, tp. Jefferson co. O. on Cross er, Waterford, pv. Loudon co. Va. 160 x of R. Wayne, tp. Knox co. O. Waterford, pv. Marshall co. Miss. 184 x of J. Wayne, tp. La Fayette co. O. Waterford, pv. Gibson co. Tenn. 120 w of Ne. Wayne, ip. Montgomery co. O. on Miami r. Waterford, pt. Washington co. O. on Mus. Wayne, ip. Pickaway co. O. kingum r.

Wayne, ip. Scioto co. 0. Waterford, pt. Oakland co. Mich. 32 nw D. Wayne, tp. Tuscarawas co. O. Waterford, pv. Fulton co. III. 50 NW or Sd. Wayne, ip. Warren co. O. on Lille Miami r. WATERLOO, pv. Seneca co. N.Y. 170 w of Al. Wayne, tp. Wayne co. O. Waterloo, pv. Juniata co. Pa. 70 ww of H. Wayne, tp. Cass co. Mich. Waterloo, pv. Carroll co. Md. 60 NNW of An. Wayne, tp. Allen co. Ind. Waterloo, pv. Granville co. N. C. 50 s of Rh. Wayne, tp. Henry co. Ind. Waterloo, pv. Laurens dist. S. C. 80 w Ca. Wayne, ip. Marion co. Ind. Waterloo, pv. Lauderdale co. Ala. on Tenn. r. Wayne, tp. Wayne co. Ind. _(55 wsw of L. Waterloo, pv. Point Coupee par. La. on Mis- WAYNESBOROUGH, borough, Franklin coPa sissippi river.

Waynesborough, pv. Augusta co. Va, a Waterloo, tp. Athens co. O. ou Racoon cr. South river.

(on Neager Waterloo, pi. Fayette co. Ind. 60 E of Is. Waynesborough, pv. cap. of Wayne co N.C. Waterloo, py. cap. of Monroe co. III. 115 8 of Waynesborough, pv.cap. of Burke co. Gia 69 Springfield. (w of Mississippi s. E of Milledgeville.

(on Greear. Waterloo, pv. cap. of Clarke co. Mo. a little Waynesborough, pv. cap. of Wayne co. Tenn WATER STREET, pv. Huntingdon co. Pa. on WAYNESBURG, boro', Greene co. Pa. 222 w H. Juniata river.

Waynesburg, pv. Lincoln co. Ky. 67 ssk F. WATERTOWN, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 7 w B. Waynesburg, pv. Stark co. O. on Sandy et. Watertown, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. 42 ssw of WAYNESVILLE, pv. cap. of Haywood co. N.C Hartford,

(Black 1. 30 w of Raleigh. Watertown, pv. cap. of Jefferson co. N.Y. on Waynesville, pv. Wayne co. Ga. 247 SE of M. Watertown, pi. Wn. co. O. 92 ESE of Cs. Waynesville, pv. Warren co. O. on Laitie Watertown, pv. Clinton co. Mich. 112 WNW Miomi river. of Detroit.

Waynesville, pv. M'Lean co. III. 55 NE of Sư Watertown, pt. Jef. co. Wis. on Rock r. Waynesville, pv. cap. of Pulaski co. Moon WATERYALE, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y. 125 W Gasconade river. of Albany.

(of Is WAYNETOWN, pv. Montg. co. Ind. 55 www

WEA, pv. Tippecanoe co. Ind. 60 nw of Is. WESTBOROUGH, pt. Wo'ster co. Mass. 30 w B. WEARE, ware, pt. Hillsboro' co. N. H. 14 sW WEST BOYLESTON, pt. Worcester co. Mass. of Concord.

42 w of Boston.

(Phila. WEARE's BRIDGE, pv. Belknap co. N. H. 34 WEST BRADFORD, ip. Chester co. Pa. 33 w of NE of Concord.

(river. West BRATTLEBOROUGH, pv. Windham co. WEATHERSFIELD, pt. Windsor co. Vt. on Black Vt. 123 s of Montpelier. [25 s of B. Weathersfield, tp. Trumbull co. O. on Ma- WEST BRIDGEWATER, pt. Plymouth co. Mass. honing river.

WEST BROOK, tp. Comberland co. Me. 52 ssw
WEAVERSVILLE, pv. Northampton co. Pa.

of Augusta.
WEBSTER, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 31 s of A. West Brook, pt. Middlesex co. Conn. 47 s Hd.
Webster, pi. Worcester co. Mass. 56 wsw B. WEST BRUNSWICK, 1p. Schuylkill co. Pa.
Webster, pe. Monroe co. N.Y. 214 w of Al. WEST BUFFALO, ip. Union co. Pa. 8 NW of
Webster, pt. Washtenaw co. Mich. 50 w D. New Berlin.

(nw of B. WEEDSront, pv. Cayuga co. N. Y. 7 N of WEST CAMBRIDGE, Pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 6 Auburn.

E of T. WEST CAMP, pv. Ulster co. N.Y. on Hudson T.
WEEWAKAVILLE, pv. Talladega co. Ala. 107 West Cals, ip. Chester co. Pa. 44 w Phila.
WEISSENBURG, wi'cen-burg, tp. Lehigh co. WEST CANAAN, pv. Madison co. 0.22 w Cs.
Pa. 72 B of Harrisburg.

WEST CANADA cr. N.Y. flows into the Mo-
WBISESBURG, pv. Baltimore co. Md. 55 n An. hawk about 15 m. below Utica. On it are
WELD, pt. Franklin co. Me. 47 www of A. the celebrated Trenton Falls. [of Cs.
WELDOX, pv. Halifax co.N.C. on Roanoke r. WEST CARLISLE, pv. Coshocton co. O. 72 XX
WELLERSBURG, pv. Somerset co. Pa. 129 w WEST CARROLLTON, pv. Fairfield co. O.
of Harrisburg:

(Cod. West CHARLESTON, pv. Penobscot co. Me. WELLFEET, pt. Barnstable co. Mass, on Cape 93 NNE of Augusta.

(Clyder. WELLINGTON, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. 62 N A. West Charleston, pv. Orleans co. Vt. on Wellington, pt. Lorain co. O. 100 NNE of Cs. West Charleston, pv. Miami co. O. 78 w Cs. Wellington, pv. Ia Fayette co. Mo. on Mo.r. WEST CHARLTON, pv. Saratoga co. N.Y. 33 WELLS, pt. York co. Me. 30 sw of Portland. xnw of Albany.

(Chazy r. Wells, p. Rutland co. Vt. 83 ss of Mr. WEST Crazy, pv. Clinton co. N.Y. on Little Wells r. Vt. flows into Connecticut r.

WEST CHESTER, pv. New London co. Conn. Wells, pt. Hamiltou co. N.Y. 70 nxw of Al. 30 SSE of Hartford.

(Bronx r. Wells, ip. Bradford co. Pa. on South cr. WESTCHESTER, pt. Westchester co. N.Y. on Wells, tp. Jefferson co. O. on Ohio r. West Chester, borough, cap. of Chester co. Pa. WELLSPOROUGH, pv. cap. of Tioga co. Pa. 27 w of Philadelphia. 145 x of Harrisburg.

(Ohio r. West Chester, pv. Butler co. 0. 106 wow Cs. WELLSBURG, pv. cap. of Brooke co. Va. on West Cocalico, tp. Lancaster co. Pa. WELLSVILLE, pv. Alleghany co. N.Y. on Ge WEST DEDILAM, pv. Norfolk co. Mass. 16 sw B. nesee river.

West DEER, tp. Alleghany co. Pa. 16 ns of Wellsville, pv. Columbiana co. O. on Ohio r. Pittsburg.

[of Lancaster. Wellwood, pv. Haywood co. Tenn. 154 wsw WEST DONEGAL, Ip. Lancaster co. Pa. 17 xw of Nashville,

WEST DRYDEN, pv. Tompkins co. N. Y. 170 w WENDELL, pt. Sullivan co.N. H. 44 nw of Ca. of Albany.

(Lancaster. Wendell, pi. Franklin co. Mass. 78 w of B. West Earl, tp. Lancaster co. Pa. 13 nw of WENHAM, pt. Essex co. Mass. 20 x of B. WESTERLOO, pt. Albany co. N.Y. 22 sw Al. WENLOCK, tp. Essex co. Vt. 53 NE of Mir. WESTERLY, pt. Washington co. R. I. 42 ssw WENTWORTH, pt. Grasion co. N. H. 56 xsW of Providence. of Concord,

(116 yw of Rh. WESTERN, ip. Oneida co. N.Y. 18 sw Utica. Wentworth, pv. cap. of Rockingham co.N.C. WESTERNPORT, pv. Alleghany co. Mol. on the WESAW, tp. Berrien co. Mich.


WESLEY, pt. Washington co, Me. 170 E of A. WESTERNVILLE, pv. Oneida co. N.Y. on the
Wesley, pv. Haywood co. Tenn. 171 wow Ne. West FAIRFIELD, Pv. Westmoreland co. Pa.
Wesley, pt. Washington co. 0. 91 Ese of Cs. 160 w of Harrisburg. (Montpelier.
Wesley, pv. Fulton co. Ind. 107 N of le. West FAIRLEE, pt. Orange co. Vi. 36 se of
WESLEYVILLE, pv. Erie co. Pa. [Conn.r. WEST FALLOWFIELD, ip. Chester co. Pa. 37
WEST r. Vt. called also Wantasticook, enters w of Philadelphia.
WEST, tp. Huntingdon co. Pa. 8n Huntingdon. WESTFALL, tp. Pike co. Pa. (of New York.
West, tp. Columbiana co. O.

WEST FARMS, pv. Westchester co. N.Y. 11 NR
WEST ALEXANDRIA, pv. W.. co. Pa 225 w H. WESTFIELD, pt. Orleans co. VI. 50 N of Mur.
West Alexandria, pv. Preble co. O.188 w Cs. Westfield, pt. Hampden co. Mass. 100 w of B.
WEST ALMOND, pt. Alleghany co. N.Y. 6 x Westfield, pt. Chautauque co. N.Y.On L. Erie.
of Angelica

Westfield, tp. Richmond co. N.Y.on Staten I.
WEST ALTOx, pv. Belknap co. N. H. 36 NE CD. Westfield, pt. Essex co. N. J. 45 NE of Tn.
WEST ARLINGTON, pv. Benuinglon co. VI. 106 Westfield, pt. Tioga co. Pa. 168 N of H.
sw of Montpelier

(68 sse of B. Westfield, ip. Delaware co. 0.29 N of Cs. WEST BARNSTABLE, pv. Barnstable co. Mass.' West FINDLEY, pt. Washington co. Pa. West BEDFORD, pv. Coshocton co. 0. 73 NE WEST FLORENCE, py. Preble co. O. 100 w Cs. of Columbus

(noe r. WESTFORD, pt. Chittenden co. VI. 56 NW Mtr West Bedford, pv. White co. Ind. on Tippeca. Westford, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 32 nw of B. WEST BETHLEHEM, tp. Washington co. Pa. Westford, pv. Windham co. Conn. 30 E Hd.

12 se of Washington. (Honeoye er. Westford, pt. Otsego co. N.Y. 65 w of Al. WEST BLOOMFIELD, pt. Ontario cu. N.Y. on West Fork, tp. Washington co. Ark. West Bloomfield, pv. Essex co.N. J. 56 NE Tn. WEST FRANKLIN, pv. Posey co. Ind. 182 swls. West Bloomfield, pt. Oakland co. Mich.32 NW WEST GOSHEN, tp. Chester co. Pa. 21 w Phila. of Detroit.

WEST GRANVILLE, pv. Hampden co. Mass.

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WEST GREENVILLE, Pt. Mercer co. Pa. West Point, pv. Orange co. N. C. 30 W Rh WEST GREENWICH, pt. Kent co. R. I. 18 sw West Point, pv. Troup co. Ga. 136 w of M.

of Providence. (North r. 100 w of B. West Point, pv. Hardin co. Ky. on Ohio r. WEST HAMPTON, pt. Hampshire co. Mass. on West Point, py. Columbiana co. O. 158 NE Cs. WEST HANOVER, pv. Dauphin co. Pa. 16 se H. West Point, pv. Tippecanoe co. Ind. 77 swl. WEST HARTFORD, pv. Hartford co. Conn. 4 w WEST Port, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 38 8 of A. of Hartford,

(xw of Hd. West Port, pv. Cheshire co. N. H. 60 sw Cd. WEST HARTLAND, pv. Hartford co. Conn. 31 West Pori, pt. Bristol co. Mass. 60 s of B. West Haver, pt. Rutland co. Vt. 90 sw Mtr. West Port, pt. Fairfield co. Conn. 64 sw Hd. WEST HEMPFIELD, tp. Lancaster co. Pa. 8 w West Port, pt. Essex co. N.Y. on Black er. of Lancaster.

[of Augusta. West Port, pv. Oldham co. Ky: 43 xw or F West JEFFERSON, pv. Lincoln co. Me. 16 SSB West Port, pv. Decatur co. Ind. 70 sx of Is. West Jefferson, pv. Madison co. O. 14 w Cs. West Port, pv. Jackson co. Mo. 158 www of WEST Kill, pv. Greene co. N.Y. 60 sw of AI. Jefferson City.

(w of Al West KILLINGLY, pv. Windham co. Conn. 48 West RICHMOND, pv. Ontario co. N.Y. W E of Hartford.

West R. tp. Randolph co. Ind. for Phila WESTLAND, pv. Halifax co. N. C. 86 NE Rh. WEST ROCKHILL, tp. Bucks co. Pa. 33 NNW Westland, tp. Guernsey co. 0.70 E of Cs. West ROXBURY, pv. Norfolk co. Mass. 10 sv WEST LEBANON, pv. Warren co. Ind. 84 nw Is. of Boston.

(of Mr. WEST LIBERTY, pv. Ohio co. Va. 357 NW R. WEST RUTLAND, pv. Rutland co. VI. 66 SsW West Liberty, pv. cap. of Morgan co. Ky. on West SAND LAKE, pv. Rensselaer co. N.Y. Licking river.

14 E of Albany.

(ssw of B. West Liberty, pv. Logan co. O. on Mad r. WEST SANDWICH, pv. Barnstable co. Mass. 56 WEST MANCHESTER, Ip. York co. Pa. WEST SALEM, tp. Mercer co. Pa. 17 sw of West MARLBOROUGH, tp. Chester co. Pa. 33 Mercer.

(SE of B. sw of Philadelphia.

(Nw of Al. WEST SCITUATE, pv. Plymouth co. Mass. 9 West MARTINSBURG, pv. Lewis co. N.Y. 137 West SOMERS, pv. Westchester co. N.Y. 116 WEST MIDDLEBOROUGH, pv. Plymouth co. s of Albany.

[on Connecticut r. Mass. 43 s of Boston.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, pt. Hampden co. Mase. West Middleborough, pv. Logan co. O. 56 nw WEST STOCKBRIDGE, PL Berkshire co. Mas of Colombus.

(Pa. 220 w of H. WEST STOCKBRIDGE CENTRE, pv. Berkshire WEST MIDDLETOWN, boro', Washington co. Co. Mass. 140 w of B

(wsw of B WEST MILFORD, pt. Passaic co. N.J. 100 NNE WEST SUTTON, pv. Worcester co. Mass. 50 of Trenton.

(Albany: West THOMPSON, pv. Windham co. Conn. 46 West Miltox, pv. Saratoga co. N.Y.31 N or ENE of Hartford. WESTMINSTER, pt. Windham co. Vi. on Con- WEST TISBURY, pv. Dukes co. Mass. 96 ssx B. necticut river

(of B. West Town, pv. Orange co. N.Y. 116 ssw AL Westminster, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 53 www West Town, tp. Chester co. Pa. 20 w Phil. Westminster, pv.Windham co. Conn. 38 E of West Trenton, pv. Hancock co. Me. 3 Hartford.

(nw of An. of Augusta. Westminster, pv. cap. of Carroll co. Md. 58 West TURIN, Ip. Lewis co. N.Y.on Salmon r. WESTMINSTER WEST, pv. Windham co. Vt. WEST Union, pv. Marshall co. Va, on Wbeel106 s Montpelier. (creek. ing river.

(of Columbos. West Monroe, pt. Oswego co. N.Y. on Bog West Union, pv. cap. of Adams co. O. 106 $ WESTMORE, tp. Orleans co. Vt. (sw Cd. West Union, pv. Knox co. Ind. 108 sw of Is. WESTMORELAND, pt. Cheshire co. N. H. 65 WESTVILLE, pv. New Haven co. Conn. 40 Westmoreland, pt. Oneida co. N.Y.

wsw of Hartford. Westmoreland C. H.pv.cap. of Westmoreland Westville, pv. Otsego co N.Y. 68 w of Al.

co, Va, 70 NE of Richmond. (of Phila. Westville, ip. Franklin co. N.Y.on Salmon s. WEST NANTMEAL, tp. Chester co. Pa. 34 nw Westville, pv. cap. of Simpson co. Miss. 58 WEST NEEDIAM, pv. Norfolk co. Mass. 14 SSE or Jackson. WSW of Boston.

(rimack r. Westville, pv. Champaign co. O. 50 w of Co. WEST NEWBURY, Pt. Essex co. Mass. on Mer- Westville, v. Columbiana co. O. WEST NEWTON, pv. Middlesex co. Mass. 9 w West VINCENT, ip. Chester co. Pa. 30 xw of of Boston

(sw of Phila.

(sse or B. WEST NOTTINGHAM, ip. Chester co. Pa. 45 WEST WAREHAM, pv. Plymouth co. Mass. 49 WEstox, pl. Aroostook co. Me. 260 NE of A. West WATERVILLE, pv. Kennebec co. Me 19 Weston, pt. Windsor co. VI. 91 s of Mir.

x of Augusta.

(of Phila Weston, pl. Middlesex co. Mass. 14 w of B. WEST WHITELAND, pt. Chester co. Pa. 26 w Weston, pi. Fairfield co. Conn. 63 sw of Hd. WEST WINCHESTER, pv. Cheshire co. N. H. Weston, pv. Somerset co. N. J. 20 ~ of Tn. 67 sw of Concord.

(of H. Weston, pv. cap. of Lewis co.Va. on Monon WEST WINDHAM, pv. Bradford co. Pa. 152 x galiela river.

WEST WINDSOR, 1p. Mercer co. N. J. Weston, pt. Wood co. O. on Manmce r. West WOODVILLE, pv. Clerinont co. O. 90 Westin, pv. Platte co. Mo, on Missouri r. sw of Columbus.

(80 se of B WEST PEN, Pt. Schuylkill co. Pa. 80 NE of H. WEST YARMOUTH, pv. Barnstable co. Mass WEST PENNSRORO', ip. Cumberland co. Pa. West ZANESVILLE, ip. Muskingum co. O. 8 w of Carlisle.

WETHERSFIELD, pt. Hartford co. Conn. 4 s Hd. WEST PIKELAND, Ip. Chester co. Pa.

Wethersfield, pi. Wyoming co. N.Y. on TorWest Pike Run, tp. Washington co. Pa. awanda creek.

[ning r. WEST PHILADELPHIA, pv. Phila. co. Pu. on Wethersfield, pt. Trumbull co. O. on Maho

the Schuylkill, opposite Philadelphia. Wethersfield, pv. Henry co. III. West Point, pv. Orange co. N.Y.on Hud- WETHERSFIELD SPRINGS, pv. Wyoming co.

sonr. Here is the U.S. Military Academy. N.Y. 258 w of Albany.


WETUMPKA, city, Montg. co. Ala. on Coosa r. Va. 205 w of Richmond. Many thousand WŁYBRIDGE, tp. Addison co. Vi. 30 s of Bur persons visit these springs annually, and lington,

large quantities of the water are exported. WEYMOUTH, pt. Norfolk co. Mass. 12 sse of B. WHITESVILLE, pv. Alleghany co. N.Y. 265 W Weymouth, tp. Atlantic co. N.J. [town. of Albany.

[125 s of Rh. WHARTON, tp Fayette co. Pa. 11 se of Union- Whitesville, pv. cap. of Columbus co. N. C.

Whitesville, py. Harris co. Ga. 148 wsw M. WHATEL, pt. Franklin co. Mass. 9 N North Whitesville, pv. Duval co. Flor. on Black r. ampton

(Lockport. Whitesville, pv. Wilkinson co. Miss. 136 sw WHEATFIELD, tp. Niagara co. N.Y. 12 w of of Jackson

(of Ne. Wheatfield, tp. Perry co. Pa. WHEATLA

[ Rochester. Whitesville, py. Hardeman co. Tenn. 172 wsw D, pt. Monroe co. N.Y. 14 sw of WHITEWATER 1. Ind. flows into Great MiaWheatlane

pt. Hillsdale co. Mich. 88 sw of D. mi river, O. WHEELER

(water r. pt.

Steuben co. N.Y. 216 w of Al. Whitewater, ip. Hamilton co. O. on White-
WHEELERSBURG, pv. Scioto co. O. 100 s of Cs. WHITFIELD, tp. Indiana co. Pa.
WHEELEEG er. rises in Pa. and flows into the WHITFORD, IP. Monroe co. Mich.
Ohio i Va. just below Wheeling.

WHITING, pt. Washington co. Me. 170 ENE A.
Wheeling, Va.

See GAZETTEER. [river. Whiting, pi. Addison co. Vt. 70 sw of Mtr. Wheelic

g, pv. Holmes co. Miss. on Big Black WHITINGHAM, pt. Windham co. Vt. on DeerWheelin

8, pv. Giles co. Tenn. 74 s of Ne. field river. Wheelir

[w of B. 1g, tp. Belmont co. O.

WHITINSVILLE, pv. Worcester co. Mass. 40 Wheelinh

ag, pv. Delaware co. Ind. 70 NNE of Is. WHITLEY C. H. Ky. See WILLIAMSBURG. WHEELCK, pt. Caledonia co. Vt. 43 NE Mt. Whitley, pv. Whitley co. Ind. on Eel r. 120 WHETSTONE T. O. flows into the Scioto T. NNE of Indianapolis. Whetste pne, tp. Crawford co. O. 18 se Bucyrus. WHITLOCKSVILLE, pv. Westchester co. N. Y. WHITE r. Vt flows into Connecticut r.

125 s of Albany

[248 w of Al. White Ark. See GAZETTEER.

WHITNEY'S VALLEY, pv. Alleghany co. N.Y

WUITPAINE, tp. Montgomery co. Pa.

itp. Cambria co. Pa. [Little Rock. WatTINGTON, pv. Hot Springs co. Ark. 40
H. pv. cap. White co. Årk. 50 NNE of w of Little Rock.

[Providence WHITE CREEK, py. N.Y.43 ne of Al. Wickford, pv. Washington co. R. I. 22 s of WHITE DEER, pv. Lycoming co. Pa. 78 N H. WICOMICO r. Del, and Md. flows into ChesaWhite Speer, tp. Uniou co. Pa.

peake Bay.
WHITE/Eyes, ip. Coshocton co. O.

WICONISCO, pt. Dauphin co. Pa. 53 x of H.
W WTF FIELD, Pt. Linculn co. Me. 16 se of A. WILBRAHAM, pt. Hampden co. Mass. 83 wswB.
Whiteffield, pt. Coos co. N. H. 93 N of Cd. Wilcox C. H. pv. cap. of Wilcox co. Ala. 97
WHITE HÁLL, pv. Washington co. N.Y. on s s of Tuscaloosa.

[of Sd. end of Lake Champlain, 73 x of Albany, WILCOXVILLE, pv. Schuyler co. II. 51 WNW White Hall, pv. Columbia co. Pa 87 n of H. WILFONG's

Mills, pv. Lincolu co. N. C. 173 White

Hall, pv. Frederick co. Va. 154 NNW w of Raleigh. of Richmond.

(wsw of Rh. WILKESBARRE, pv. cap. of Luzerne co. Pa. White Hall, pv. Mecklenburg co N. C. 166 on the Susquehanna, 127 NE of Harrisburg. White Hall, pv. Abbeville dist. s. C. 93 w Ca. WILKESBOROUGH, pv.

cap. of Wilkes co. N. Č.
White Hall, pv. Marengo co. Ala. 91 s of T. on Yadkin river.
White Hall, pv. Fayette co. Tenn. 190 sw Ne. Wilkesborough, pv. M'Lean co. III. 74 ne Sd.
White Hall, pv. St. Joseph co. Ind. 133 N Is. WILKESVILLE, pt. Gallia co. O. 84 sse of Cs.

Hall, pv. Greene co. III. 60 sw of Sd. WILKINS, Pt. Alleghany co. Pa. 10 e of Pitts-
Wurk Haven, pv. Luzerne co. Pa. 114 NE H. burg

[of H. White Haven, pv. Somerset co. Md. on Wi- WILKINSBURG, pv. Alleghany co. Pa. 192 w comico river.

(NNW of Tn. WILKINSONVILLE, py, Worcester co. Mass. 40 Wat House, pv. Hunterdon co. N.J. 40 w of Boston.

[ssw of R. Wher Lake, pt. Oakland co. Mich.43 NW D. Wilkinsonville, pv. Chesterfield co. Va. 32 WHITELEY,

pt. Greene co. Pa. on Whiteley cr. WILKINSVILLE, pv. Union dist. S. C. 98 NW WairleLEYSBURG, pv. Kent co. Del. 20 sw of of Columbia.

(Phila. Wilkinsville, v. Clarke co. Ga. NETI MARSH, pt. Montg. co. Pa. 11 NW of WILLAMMETTE, wil-lam'met, written also WHITE Mrs. a group in the n central part of WAL-AM'MUTTE, a r. of Oregon, falling into N.H. The highest summit, called Mt. Wash the Columbia near Ft. Vancouver. The valangtd 11, has an elevation of 6,428 feet above ley of this river is regarded as the finest and

most fertile portion of the whole territory. VN HIT OAK, tp. Inglam co. Mịch.

WILLEMSTADT, a pretty sea-port 1., cap. of
WTI OAK SPRINGS, pv. Iowa co. Wis. 92 Curaçoa, in the West Indies. Pop. esti-
SW Sf Madison
(wsw of D. mated at 7,000.

[land. WHITI PIGEON, pv. St. Joseph co. Mich. 148 Willet,

pt. Cortland co. N.Y. 18 SE of CortE PLAINS, pv. Westchester Co. N.Y. on WILLIAMS r. Vt. flows into the Connecticut. Bronx river, 30 NNE of New York. Williams, tp Northampton co. Pa.

un Post, pv. Clarke co. Va. 140 NNW R. WILLIAMSBOROUGH, pv. Granville co. N.C. WHITI R. tp. Izard co. Ark,

48 N of Raleigh.

[Pleasant r. Thite R. ap. Randolph co. Ind. (wrw Al. WILLIAMSBURG, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. on RUTHSBOROUGH, pv. Oneida co. N. Y. 96 Williamsburg, pt. Hampshire co. Mass. 100 w

ESBURG, pv. Madison co. Ala. 143 NNE T. of Boston.
UITIESTown, pt. Oneida co. N.Y. 96 wnw Williamsburg, Long I. See GAZET

Williamsburg, borouglo. Mestisadf A.
Whitestown, pv. Benton co. Mo.

on the Juniata. ico. N. J. 11 sw of Wuit SULPHUR SPRINGS, pv. Greenbrier co. Williamsburg, pv. car



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