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(Aw Al.

Williamsburg, pv. Iredell co. N. C. 157 w of | WILMORE, Pv. Cambria co. Pa.

(82 SE of J. Wilmot, pi. Merrimack co. N. H
Williamsburg, pv.cap. or Covington co. Miss. WiLMURT, tp. Herkimer co. N.Y
Williamsburg, pv. Mason co. Ky. 90 ENE of F. Herkimer.
Williamsburg, pv. cap. of Whitley co. Ky. on Wilna, pl. Jefferson co. N.Y. on BI
Cumberland river.

(Cincinnati. Wilua, pv. Houston co. Ga. 60 SW O Williamsburg, pl. Clermont co. O. 28 E of Wilson, pl. Piscaiaquis co. Me. Williamsburg, pv. Wayne co. Ind. 73 E of Is. Wilson, pi. Niagara co. N.Y. 10 NW Williamsburg, pv. Callaway co. Mo. 37 NNE WILSONVILLE, pv. Bath co. Va. 198 of Jefferson City.

(xw of Cs. Wilsonville, pv. Lincoln co. N. C.
WILLIAMS CENTRE, pv. Williams co. 0. 170 of Raleigh.
WILLIAMS COLLEGE GRANT, tp. Aroostook co. Wilsonville, pv. Shelby co. Ala.

[of Cs. Wilsonville, pv. Spencer co. Ky
WILLIAMSFIELD, pt. Ashtabula co. 0. 200 NE WILTON, pt. Franklin co. Me. 38
WILLIAMsox, pt. Wayne co. N. Y. on Lake Wilton, pi. Hillsborough co. N. H.4
Ontario, 200 wxw of Albany.

Wilton, pr. Fairfield co. Conn. 74 sy
WILLIAMSPORT, boro', cap. l. coming co. Pa. Wiltou, pt. Saratoga co. N.Y. 43 N O

160 xw of Philadelphia. Liomac r. Wilton, pv. Granville co. N. C. 34 N
Williamspori, pv. Washington co. Md. on Po- WINCHENDOX, pt. Worcester co.
Williamsport, pv. Hardy co. Va. 180 nw of R. www of Bostou.
Williamspori, pv. Maury co, Tenn. 45 ssw WINCHESTER, pt. Cheshire co. N.H.
Williamsport, v. Columbiana co. O. (of Ne. Winchester, pt. Litchfield co. Conn. 24
Williamspori, pv. Pickaway co. 0.35 8 Cs. Winchester, Va. See GAZETTEER.
Williamsport, pv. cap. of Warren co. Ind. on Winchester, pv. cap. of Wayne co.
the Wabash.

[Tuscaloosa. Chickasawha r. 150 ESE of J., (918. 90 WILLIAMSTON, pv. Barbour co. Ala. 186 se or Winchester, pv. cap. of Franklin cey. 116 WILLIAMSTOWN, pt. Orange co.Vi. 11 se Mtr. Winchester, pv.cap. Clarke cn. Ky. 4 cut t. Williamstown, pl. Berkshire co. Mass. on Winchester, ip. Adams co. O.

Mas. Hoosick river. It is the seat of Williams Winchester, pv. Guernsey co. 0.87 Mass. College.

(Oswego. Winchester, pv. cap. of Randolph corkshire Williamstown, pt. Oswego co. N.Y. 28 E of ENE of Indianapolis.

of B. Williamstown, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 50 ESE Winchester, pv. cap. of Scott co. III of Harrisburg

(on Roanoke r. Winchester, pv. Clarke co. Mo. 165 Williamstown, pv. cap. of Martin co.N.C. Winchester, pv. Van Buren co. Iowa Williamstown, pv. cap. of Grant co. Ky. 50 WINCHESTER CENTRE, Py. Litchfield cask B. NNE of Frankfort.

(Indianapolis. 30 xw of Hartford. Williamstown, pv. Decatur co. Ind. 55 SE of WINDHAM, pl. Cumberland co. Me. 5tPhila. WILLIAMSVILLE, pv. Windham co.Vi. 120 s of Windham, pt. Rockingham co. N.H. 4 Montpelier.

Windham, pl. Windham co. Vt. 104 s Williamsville, pv. Erie co. N.Y. 278 w of Al. Windham, pt. Windham co. Conn. 31 Amon r. Williamsville, pv. Kent co. Del. 22 ssw Dover. Windham, pt. Greene co. N.Y. 45 swWheelWilliamsville, pv. Person co.N.C.60 nxw Rh. Windham, pr. Bradford co. Pa. 162 x umbus. WILLIMANSET, pv. Hampden co. Mass. on Windham, ip. Luzerne co. Pa. 25 1065

Connecticut r. [r. to form the Shelucket. Wilkesbarre. WILLIMANTIC r. Conn. unites with Natchaug Windharn, pt. Portage co. 0. 160 NE n. 40 Willimantic, pv. Windham co. Conn. 28 E HD. WINDHAM CENTRE, pv. Greene co. N WILLINGBOROUGH, Ip. Burlington co. N. J. 7 sw of Albany Nw of Mount Holly.

WINDSOR, pl. Kennebec co. Me. 10 E mon r. WilliNGTON, tp. Piscataquis co. Me. Windsor, tp. Hillsborough co. N.H. Willington, pt. Tolland co. Conn. 28 w of Hd. Windsor, pv. cap. of Windsor co. Vt.o Willington, pv. Abbeville dist. S. C. 100 w Ca. Windsor, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. 123 of Cs. WILLISTON, pt. Chittenden co. Vt. 32 nxw Windsor, pt. Hartford co. Conn. 7 NO of Montpelier.

Windsor, pt. Broome co. N.Y. on Suso nw of Williston, pv. Barnwell dist. S. C. 98 ssw Ca. Windsor, ip. Berks co. Pa. on Schuyle of B. Williston, pv. Callaway co. Ky. 265 wsw F. Windsor, pt. York co. Pa. 42 s or H. Mass. 49 Willistowx, tp. Chesier co. Pa.20 nw Phila. Windsor, pv. cap. Bertie co.N.C. 100 WILLOUGHBY, pv. Lake co. 0. 164 NNE of Cs. Windsor, pv. Walton co. Ga. 70 NNW of Phila. WILLOW Grove, pv. Pa. 13 N Phila. Windsor, pt. Ashtabula co. O. 126 NE Pa. 26 w WILLSBOROUGH, pt. Essex co. N.Y. 15 NE of Windsor, pt. Lawrence co. 0. 110 ss. co. N. A. Willsborough, ip. Tioga co. Pa. (Elizabeth. Windsor, pv. Randolph co. Ind. 71 E: WILLS, tp. Guernsey co. O.

Windsor, pv. Bureau co. III. 120 x orpa. 152 N WILLSHIRE, pl.Van Wert co. O. 130 wxw Cs. WINDSOR Locks, pv. Hartford co. WILMINGTON, pt. Windham co. Vt. 17 E of x of Hartford. Bennington.

(of B. WINESBURG, pv. Holmes co. O. 105 AD SE of B. Wilmington, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. JÔ NNW WINFIELD, pt. Herkimer co. N.Y. 76 Wilmington, pt. Essex co. N.Y. on Saranacr. WINGVILLE, pv. Grant co. Wis. 67 W Wilmington, Del. See GAZETTEER. WINHALL, pt. Bennington co. VI. 97 ann. 4 s Hd Wilmington, pv. Fluvanna co. Va.58 WXwR. WINNEDAGO, lake, Wis. 24 m. long, 19. on TonWilmington, N.C. See GAZETTEER. WINNEMAC, pv. cap. of Pulaski co, 11 (ning r. **Pilmington, pv. M'Cracken co. Ky. (of Ce. of Indianapolis.

ington, pv. cap. of Clinton co. 0. 72 sw WINNICUT r. N.H. a tributary of Pis Weston, ny i boru co. Ind. 84 se of Is. the cliuyixill, ll co. III. 152 XE of Sd.

river, which it enters through

Gregoming co. WEST POINT, pv.

WINNITISIOGEE, lake and r. N.H. S

[S. C. 30 N son 1. Here is ir Ga. in Savannah 1.6

WINNSBOROUGH, pv. cap. of Fairt

le. 983

of Is.

of Al.

Miss. 55

6. Me. 19

(of H.

co. 0.90

Co. Mass.
Co. O

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W SLOW, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 20 n of A. WONASQUA TUCKET r. Providence co. R. I.
Winslow, pv. Gloucester co. N.J. 54 s of Tn. flows into Providence Cove.
Winslow, pv. Pike co. Ind. 146 ssw of Is. Wood cr. N.Y. Aows into Oneida Lake.
WINTERSVILLE, pv. O. 134 ENE of Cs Wood cr. Washington co. N.Y. flows into L.
WINTHROP, pt. Kemebec co. Me. 10 w of A. Champlain.

(of Al. W NTON, pv. cap. of Hertford co. N. C. on WOODBOURNE, pv. Sullivanco. N.Y. 103 sw Chowan river.

Woodbourne, pv. Knox co, Tenn. 200 E of Ne. W.OTA, pv. Iowa co. Wis. 75 x of Madison. WOODBRIDGE, tp. New Haven co. Conn. 6 nw W Re Town,pv. Monmouth co. N.J. 50 e Tn. of New Haven. WRT, tp. Alleghany co. N.Y.

Woodbridge, pt. Middlesex co. N.J.43 NE Tn. W SCASSET, Me. See GAZETTEER.

Woodbridge, ip. Hillsdale co. Mich. WisconISCO, ip. Dauphin co. Pa.

WOODBURY, pv. Macoupi.. co. III. 63 s of Sd.

WOODBURY, Pt. Litchfield co. Conn. 50 w Hd. WISCONSIN, State of. An aet was passed Woonbury, v. Queen's co. N.Y.oslong I. the last session of Congress providing for the Woodbury, pv. cap. Glu'ster cu. N. nission of Wisconsin into the Union as a of Trenton. sovereign state, with the following bounda: Woodbury, pt. Bedford co. Pa. 113 w ornese Ves-Beginning at the north-east corner of Woodbury, ip. Huntingdon co. Pa. (se of Ne. he state of Illinois-That is to say, at a point Woodbury, pv. cap. of Cannon co. Tenn. 54 unthe centre of Lake Michigan where the line Woodbury, pv. Wood co. O. 104 xnw of Cs. i 42° 30' x Lat. crosses the same; thence, Woodbury, pv. Madison co. Ind. 22 NE of Is. running with the boundary line of the state Woodbury, pv. Coles co. III. 105 ESE of Sd. of Michigan, through Lake Michigan, Green Woodcock, pt. Crawford co. Pa. 213 xw H. Bly, to the mouth of the Menomonie river; WOODFORD, pt. Bennington co. Vt. 120 : Mır. ilence up the channel of said river to the Woodford, pv. Woodford co. III. on MackiBrulé river; thence up said last mentioned naw river. river to Lake Brulé; thence along the south- WOODHULL, pt. Steuben co. N.Y. 20 w of Al en shore of Lake Brule in a direct line to the Woodhull, ip. Shiawassee co. Mich. centre of the channel between Middle and WOODLAND, pv. Hamilton co. Flor. Sath islands, in the Lake of the Desert; Woodland, pv. East Feliciana par. La. 120 thence in a direct line to the head waters of xw of New Orleans. the Montreal river, as marked upon the survey Woodlawn, pv. Lincoln co. N. C. 173 w Rh. made by Captain Cramm; thence down the Woodlawn, pv. Edgefield dist. S. C. 98 w Ca. miin channel of the Montreal river to the WOODSBOROUGH, pv. Frederick co. Md. 85 ididdle of Lake Superior; thence through the Nw of Annapolis.

(E of Cs. entre of Lake Superior to the mouth of the WOODSFIELD, pv. cap. of Monroe co. 0. 117 & louis river; thence up the main channel Wood's HOLE, pv. Barnstable co. Mass. $0 $

said river to the first rapids in the same, of Boston.
ve the Indian village, aecording to Nicol. WOODSONVILLE, pv. Hart co. Ky.on Greener.

map; thence due south to the main Woodstock, pt. Oxford co. Me. 50 w of A. b.auch of the river St. Croix; thence down Woodstvek, pr. Grafton co. N. H. 57 n or ca. Coy the main channel of said river to the Missis- Woodstock, pv. cap. of Windsor co. Vt. 50 g sippi; thence down the centre of the rain of Montpelier.

(Hartford. channel of that river to the north-west cor. Woodstock, pl. Windham on, Coun: 43 ENE of Wir ner of the state of Illinois; thence due east Woodstock, pt. Ulster co. N.Y. 70 8 of Al.

with the northern boundary of the state of Woodstock, pv. Anne Arundel co. Md. 50 NW * Illinois to the place of beginning.

of Annapolis. (on N. Fork of Shenandonnr. Wisconsin comprises a portion of a rich Woodstock, pv. cap. of Shenandoah co. Va. Wux mineral region which extends into Illinois Woodstock, pv. Cherokee co. Ga. on Little r.

and lowa. Lead ore is abundant; copper Woodstock, pv. Champaign co. 0.37 nw Cs. WC curs in considerable quantities. Antimony Woodstock, pt. Lenawee co. Mich. 73 wsw o is said to have been recently discovered in of Detroit. Lan great abundance, near Helena, in Buchanan WOODSTOWN, pv. Salem co. N. J. 53 s of Tn, county.

WOODSVILLE, pv. Middlesex co. Mass.

Woodsville, pv. Mercer co. N. J. 13 n of Tn. WISEXBURG, pv. Lehigh co. Pa.

WOODVILLE, pv. Litchfield co. Conn. 40 w *** WISSA HICKON cr. a small stream falling into Hartford.

[Albany. che Schuylkill 6 m. above Philadelphia, no Woodville, pv. Jefferson co. N.Y. 170 NW of ted for the wild and picturesque scenery Woodville, pv. Rappahannock co. Va 118 along its banks. for Cs. w of Richmond.

(of Rh. WITRAMSVILLE, pv. Clermont co. 0. 128 sw Woodville, pv. Perquimans co. V.C. 203 ENE WOBURN, pl. Muddlesex co. Mass. 10 nw of B. Woodville, pv. Abbeville disi S ( 93 w Ca. VOLCOTT, pt. Lamoille co. VI. 23 N of Mır. Woodville, py. Greene co Ga 53 N of M.

Voleoul, pl. New Haven co. Conn. 51. of Hd. Wirodvilie, pv. Jackson en Ala. 103 Ne of T. Win Volcott, pt. Wayne co N.Y. on L Ontario. Woodville, pv. cap. oi Wilkinson co Miss.

VOLCOTTSVILLE, py. Litchfield co. Conn. 26 135 sw of Jack
W of Hartford.

Woodville, pe Sandusky co. () • Portager, 113 Volf, ip. Lycoming co. Pa. (Mercer. Woodville: pv. Jackson co: Ind 74 s of ls.

VOLF CREEK, tp. Mereer co. Pa 10 de of Woodville, pv. Huneuek ro. III. 106 PTW Sd. VOLEYBOROUGH, pl. Carroll co. X. FL 40 W Woodville, pv. Muon Co. MO. 90 x Jet City of Concord.

(Wxw of Rh. WowDWARDVILLE, pv. Murengo co. Ala. 104 VOLESVILLE, pv. Mecklenburg co. V. C. 178 * D Tusculoosa VOLVERTON, Pv. M Minn co. Tem 155 Es WOOLWICHI, pt. Lancoln co. Me 35 8 Of A of Naslıville.

[Reading: Woelwich, in Gloucester ce, N. J 11 sw of VOMELSDORY, pv. Berks co. Pa. 14 w of Woodbury,

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WOONLOCKET Yatls, pv. Providence co. R. I. (YOCUMTown, py. York co. Pa 215

15 XNw or Providence. [Cleveland. YUNKERS, pt. Westchester co. N.Y.
WOOTER, pv. cap. of Wayne co. O. 50 s of Son river.
WORCESTER, pt. Washington co. VI. 8x Mir. YORK T. Me. flows into the Atlantic by a bun
Worcester, Mass. See GAZETTIER.

York r. Va. See GAZETTEKR.
Worcester, pv. Otsego co. N.Y. 57 sw of Al. York, Me. See GAZETTEER.
Worcester, pt. Montgomery co. Pa. 90 % of H. York, pt. Livingston co. N.Y. 238 w of AL
Worcester, pv. M'Donough co. III. 98 Nw Sd. York, Pa. See GAZETTEER.
WORTHINGTON, pt. Hampshire co. Mass. 17 York, ip. York co. Pa. 5 sw of York,
WNW of Northampton.

York, pv. Fayette co. Ga. 87 WNW M. Worthington, pv. Armstrong co. Pa. 190 w H. York, ip. Athens co. O. on Hockhocking r. Worthington, pv. Mohlenburg Co Ky, 172 York, tp. Belmont co. O. on Ohio r. sw of Frankfort.

York, ip. Morgan co. O. Worthing, pv. Franklin co. 0.9 x of Os. York, tp. Sandusky co. O. Warreun, ip. Richland co. O.

York, pk. Washiena co. Mich. 46 w of D. 1*WM, pi. Norfolk co, Mass. 32 ssw B. York, ip. Switzerland co. Ind. WKIGHTSBOROUGH, pv. Columbia co. Ga. 95 York, pv. Clarke co. III. on Wabash r. ENE of Milledgeville.

YORK HAVEN, pv. York co. Pu, on Susqa. T. WRIGHTSTOWN, pl. Bucks co. Pa. 94 Phila. YORKSHIRE, Pt. Cattaraugus eo. N.Y.on Care Wrightstown, pv. Burlington co. N. J. 23 taraugus creek.

16 of Ft of Trenton.

(quehauna r. YoRK SULPHUR SPRINGS, pv. Adams co. .. WBIGHTSVILLE, borough, York co Pa. on Sus- YORKTOWN, pl. Westchester eo. N.Y.oa Cn. Wrightsville, py. Roane co. Tenn. 154 x Ne. ton river FUTEBOROUGH, pv. Sullivan co. N.Y. 97 sw Yorktown, Va. See GAZETTEER. of Albany

Yorktown, pv. Delaware co. Ind. 50 nr af WYALUSING er. Pa. flows into Susquehanna r. YORKVILLE, V. New York co. N.Y. 5 x al Wyalusing, pt. Bradford co. Pa. on Wyala the City Hall.

(or C Bing creek

(hatchee r. Yorkville, pv. cap. of York dist. S. C. 901 Wyatt, pv. la Fayette eo. Miss. on Talla- Yorkville, pv. Pickens co. Alu. 68 waw of L Wy8r. Md. rans between Talbot and Queen Yorkville, pv. Gibson co. Tenn. 143 w of Ne.

Anne counties into Chesapeake Bay. Yorkville, pv. Racine co. Wis. 96 Ese of Me WYKERTOWX, pv. Sussex co N. J. 80 x Tn. dison. WYNANT'S KILL, pv. Rensselaer co. N. Y. 10 YOUGHIOGNENT, yoh ho-gå'ne, a r. what E of Albany,

rises in Preston co. Va., and flowing through WYOMING, pv. Wyoming co. N.Y. 248 w Al. Md. into Pa., falls into the Monongabel Wyoming, pv. Luzerne co. Pa. on Susqa. r. 18 m. sx of Pittsburg. It is navigable

to the Wyoming, pv. Dinwiddie co. Va. 60 s of R. Ohiopyle falls, 30 m. from its mouth. Wyoming, pv. Stark co. III. 100 x of Sd. this obstruction the river has a perpendic Wyoming, pv. Wayne co. lowa.

lar descent of 20 feet. Wysox, pt. Bradford co. Pa. 136 N of H. Young, tp. Indiana co. Pa. WYTHEVILLE, pv. Wythe co. Va. 248 w of R. Young, ip.Jefferson co. Pa.

YOUNGESVILLE, pv. Fairfield dist. S. C. 40 XALISCO. See JALISCO.

YOUNGSTOWN, pt. Niagara co. N.Y. on Ni XENIA, pv. cap. of Greene co. O. 60 wsw Cs.

(150 w of H

Youngstown, borough, Westmoreland co. Pa YADKIN r. N. C. See GAZETTEER.

Youngstown, pt. Trumbull co. O. 177 XE Cs YAQUI, or HIAQUI, yah-kee', a r. of Mexico, YOUNGSVILLE, pv. Warren co. Pa. 218 xwH

which falls into the Gulf of California near | Youngsville, pv. Tallapoosa co. Ala. 140 mm the 28th parallel of n Lat. and the 110th of Tuscaloosa.

(134 of H meridian or w Lon.

(nw of Rh. Young WomaxBTOWN, pv. Clinton co. Pa YANCEYVILLE, pv. cap. of 87 Youta. See UTAN. YANKEE SPRINGs, pl. Barry

eo. Mich. 150 w YPSILANTI, pv. Washtenaw co. Mich. 30 w YANTIC r. Conn. Hows into the Thames. [D. YARDLEYVILLE, pv. Bucks co. Pa, on the De- ZACATULA, sac-d-looʻlă, a r. of Mexico, fali laware

(Boston ing into the Pacific about 18° N lat, ami YARMOUTH, pt. Barnstable co. Mass. 78 se or 102. 25 w Lon. Also, a liule town at the YAU MOUTH PORT, pv. Barnstable co. Mass. mouth of the above. 77 SE U Boston.

ZACATECAS, sah-ka-lâ'kas, a state in the cer YATES, pt. Orleans co. N.Y. 12 y of Albion. tral part of Mexico, immediately s of C Yazoo r. Miss. formed by the junction of huila. Area 20,000 sq. m. Pop. 275,00€

Tallahatchee and Yalabusha, flows into the Zacatecas, the capital of the above, 3 Mississippi river.

about 9,000 ft. higher than the sea, and he YAZOO CITY, pv. Yazoo co. Miss. on Yazoo r. a population of 25,000. (B.) YELLOW Ce: pr. Chariton co. Mo. 110 NW of ZANESFIELD, py, Logan co. O. 64 xw of Cs. Jefferson City,

ZANESVILLE, O. See GAZETTEER. YELLOW or CHYSTER SPRINGS, v. Chester co. Zanesville, pv. Montg. co. III. 38 # of St. Pa. 30 www of Philadelphia,

ZEBULOR, pv. cap. of Pike co. Ga. 77 W M. YELLOW SPRINGs, pv. Greene co. 0.52 sw Cs. Zebulon, pv. Pike co. Ark. 136 sw of Lin YELLOW WATER I Ala and Flor, flows into Rock. an arm of Pensacola Bay.

ZELIEXOPLE, pv. Butler co. Pa. 224 w of 21. YELLVILLE, pv. cap. of Marion co. Ark. 180 ZENAS, pv. Jennings co. Ind. 62 % of Is. N of Little Rock

Zx, pv. Iredell co. N. C. 155 w of Rh. YELVINGTON, pv. Davions co. Ky. 156 w or F. ZOAK, pv. O. on Tuscari YERBA Brera, yer'bă bwa'nă, a small 1. of

(ssk of RA California, on San Francisco Bay.

ZOAK BRIDGs, pv. New Haven co. Conn,

gara river.

Was river.



From Professor Hart.

CENTRAL High School, Philadelphia, July 15, 1845. I have examined, with some degree of care, the “Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer," by Thomas Baldwin and others, and am satisfied that it is å work of uncommon excellence and value. It is a book that has been very much needed, both in farnilies and in schools. Its general introduction would

greatly facilitate the study of geography, by prevenung the present confusion I in regard to the pronunciation of foreign names. Il ought to be in the hands

of every teacher, and of all pupils who can afford it. The principles of pronuncia. tion adopted by the compilers seem to be judicious, and, so far as I have seen, are caretully applied to the details of the book. The work in other respects also is deserving of high commendation. It contains, in a small compass, a large amount of important geographical and statistical information, accurate in its character, judiciously selected, and well arranged.

JOHN S. HART, Principal of Philadelphia High School. 1 I most heartily concur with Professor Hart in the above views.

Principal of the Academical Department of the

University of Pennsylvania.
Extract of a Letter from Professor LIEBER, Editor of the Encyclopedia

Americana. "A Pronouncing Gazetteer is not only a necessary work in the literature of every nation, but it is particularly wanted in the present age." ** * It seems to me the teachers of whatever schools can scarcely do without hav. ing this book of reference near them."

From the Hon. John PICKERING. This work cannot fail to be highly useful, not only to instructors and pupils, but also to general readers."

From Professor Antiox.

New York, Sept. 10, 1845. “The subscriber has examined Baldwin's "Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer" with considerable care, having consulted it almost daily for at least a month past, and takes great pleasure in recommending it as a very superior work.

CHÅS. ANTHON. Having often referred to and examined the “Gazetteer," I fully concur with Professor Anthon.

G. C. VERPLANCK. Extract of a Letter from William Belden, Esq., Senior Teacher of the

Normal Schools, New York. " This is just such a book as every teacher in the country ought to possess, and I may add such would be a nosi useful addition to every private library."

From the PRINCETON Review for Octoher 1845. " We liave no hesitation in pronouncing this one of the most scholarliko productions of our native press. The authors show not only a familiar know. ledge of the modern languages, but a highly respectable acquaintance with general philology.''

" We look upon this work as full of entertain. mert and instruction 10 all who take an interest in orthoepy."

From the CHRISTIAN EXAMINER (Boston) for January 1846. “This is a good book in two ways. It was much wanted, and it is es ceedingly well done."

" The plan of it is in some respects quite new, requiring to be carried out with a wide search, and at the same time with the minutest accuracy. Both the diligence and the care, we think have been bestowed."

From the NORTH AMERICAN Review for January 1846. Having spoken of the importance of fixing the pronunciation of geographical names the reviewer proceeds to say:

“We are glad to find an attempt made in a very creditable manner in the work before us to effect this object. The principle followed is to adopt the true foreign sound explained as far as is practicable in English letters, in al cases except those few like Paris and Naples, which seem to have acquired a fixed Eoglish pronunciation. The practical value of a work of this sort depends entirely on the fulness and accuracy with which it is executed ; and in these respects we can commend this voluine in the strongest terms."

From JOHN GRISCOM, LL.D. “From a long acquaintance with the wants of schools, I am persuaded that this is a work which every good teacher will find it expedient to keep on bis desk."

• The authors have very judiciously added to the names of countries, the adjective and appellation of the inhabitants. I am no aware that this has ever been done in aliy former Gazetteer."

• The scientific acruracy of this book renders it in my opinion one of the most valuable contributions to the practical manuals of the teacher, the scho lar, and the general reader, which modern times have so liberally furnished.' Extract from a Report unanimously adopted by a mecting of the TEACHERS Institute of the CTY AND COUNTY OF NEW YORK, 'held the 24th of January, 1846.

"One distinguishing feature in which this differs from other gazetteers, is that it gives the true pronunciation of the names of cities, towns, &c. through out the world."

We consider ihat this one feature of the work is a sufficient recommendation for its admission as a book of reference into schools as well as private fainiiies throughout the country.

• Another advantage which it possesses over other gazetteers, is the judi. cious selection and condensation of its matter. Thus, instead of two ponderou octavos, the usual dimensions of such works, the present comprises all tha is really needed in a single volume of very moderate size ; which reduces i to a price that most can afford in the purchase of such a work." From a Report adopted by the COLLEGE OF TEACHERS of Philadelphia,

November 1845. "We regard this as a standard of sufficient nuthority to settle all disputer points in geographical orthoepy; and we hope its introduction into the library of every scholar and the parlour of every family will ere long banish that dis crepancy of pronunciation which constitutes one of the opprobria of ou language."

From Professor LEWIS, of the University of New York. "Such a book has long been wanted for all our institutions of learning, fror the college down to the common school. Most of our young men, even thos who rank among the best scholars in our colleges and academies, are exceea ingly deficient in the right pronunciation of foreign proper names."

" I should be rejoiced to see the work introduced into all the schools of the country. It would alo doubtless form a valuable addition to the library of every gentleman of business or of leisure."

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