A Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer: Containing Topographical, Statistical, and Other Information, of All the More Important Places in the Known World, from the Most Recent and Authentic Sources

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Lindsay & Blakiston, 1846 - 648 էջ

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Էջ 453 - But thou, of temples old, or altars new, Standest alone, with nothing like to thee — Worthiest of God, the holy and the true. Since Zion's desolation, when that He Forsook his former city, what could be, Of earthly structures, in his honour piled, Of a sublimer aspect? Majesty, Power, Glory, Strength, and Beauty all are aisled In this eternal ark of worship undefiled.
Էջ 437 - Indian, who, in pursuit of a llama up the steep, to save himself from falling caught hold of a shrub, which being torn from the soil exposed a mass of solid silver at the roots; it was that mountain, incapable of producing even a blade of grass, which yet...
Էջ 143 - WHO has not heard of the Vale of Cashmere, With its roses the brightest that earth ever gave, Its temples, and grottos, and fountains as clear As the love-lighted eyes that hang over their wave...
Էջ 231 - German kingdoms have each four votes, and the other states, in proportion to their importance, three, two, or one vote each The Federative government is composed of seventeen votes, out of which eleven principal states have each a single vote, and the remaining twenty-seven only six joint votes. Austria presides in both the assemblies, and decides in case of equality. The Federative government has the initiative, and Deliberates on the projects which are presented to the Plenum, where they are not...
Էջ 37 - It may be observed that the French language has no accent in the sense in which we employ this term. The marks called accents, that are placed over the different vowels, serve only to indicate some particular sound of these letters, and not that peculiar impulse of the voice, which characterizes an accented syllable in the English and most other European tongues. Thus, the accent over the e in parle serves to show that this vowel has its first French sound...
Էջ 64 - Mediterranean, upon the declivity of a hill, on which the houses rise gradually in the form of an amphitheatre, and terminate nearly in a point at the summit. It is not above a mile and a half in circuit.
Էջ 289 - Aguasarco assert that flames were seen to issue forth for an extent of more than half a square league, that fragments of burning rocks were thrown up to prodigious heights, and that through a thick cloud of ashes, illumined by the volcanic fire, the softened surface of the earth was seen to swell up like an agitated sea.
Էջ 274 - Delaware. Dubois. Elkhart. Fayette. Floyd. Fountain. Franklin. Fulton. Gibson. Grant. Greene. Hamilton. Hancock. Harrison. Hendricks. Henry. Howard. Huntington. Jackson. Jasper. Jay. Jefferson. Jennings. Johnson. Knox. Kosciusko. Lagrange. Lake.
Էջ 176 - Zarsahuman, many parts of the wall of which are even now in perfect preservation. They consist of stones of extraordinary size, and of polygonal shapes, placed one upon another without cement, but fitted with such nicety as not to admit the insertion of a knife between them. This stupendous work was erected by the Incas for the protection of their capital.
Էջ 107 - Bernard stands, at the height of about 7,963 feet, being the most elevated fixed habitation in Europe, and close upon the limits of perpetual snow.

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