Not Religion but Love: Practicing a Radical Spirituality of Compassion

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Wipf and Stock Publishers, 01 փտվ, 2012 թ. - 218 էջ
In his acclaimed book In his acclaimed book Christi-Anarchy, Dave Andrews explored the ugly ruins of Christian history, and outlined the radical vision of Jesus for personal and community renewal.

In Not Religion but Love he shows how that vision can become a reality. With poignant, real-life stories drawn form his Brisbane backyard, Dave Andrews gives us a practical guide to working out Jesus' agenda for love and justice in our own lives and neighborhoods.

Complete with group exercises and an ample collection of extra resources for study, Not Religion but Love is a book to read at your own risk: it might change your life.

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This is a book of praxis. It is not a theological work, nor is it a nuts and bolts handbook. It inspires and points the reader towards following Jesus' example of activism in the community. You don't ... Read full review


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A Heart for Bringing Growth and Change
Bringing About Problem Resolution
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Dave Andrews is an Australian Christian anarchist author, speaker, social activist, and community worker who, along with his wife, Ange, and their family have lived and worked in intentional communities with marginalized groups of people in Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India for over forty years. Along with friends, Dave and Ange started Aashiana, Sahara, and Sharan--three Christian community organizations working with slum dwellers, sex workers, and people with HIV/AIDS in India. He is also a part of Waiters Union, an inner-city Christian community network working with Indigenous Australians, refugees and people with disabilities in Australia. Dave is also an Elder for Servants to Asia's Urban Poor, an educator for TEAR Australia, a Christian international aid and development agency, and a lecturer at the University of Queensland and Christian Heritage College.

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